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Found 62 results

  1. Both my implants have ruptured and I need to have them removed. I am researching everything to find the right surgeon as my initial surgeon has retired (not that it matters because I wouldn’t go back to him anyway!). I obviously need the damaged implants removed, I have cc in one breast and my implants have migrated under my arm pits - so I need the pocket created under my arm closed etc. I also may need a lift but hoping to avoid. I have seen dr Tony Connell twice (prior to rupture occurring) and he was lovely. He talked through everything with me and gave me his recommendations. He does recommend a lift. I am pushing forward to go ahead with him but I want to be certain I’m making the right decision. My implant pockets are a mess so I’d hate to go through further surgery and come out with the same problems I’m also very worried as I am highly prone to keloid scarring so a lift will leave me looking horrendous for a good five years. Has anyone got any recommendations for Dr Watts? I’ve seen a lot for Dr Connell (and I understand why) but not so much for Dr Watts - his real self reviews are amazing however. any advice would be greatly appreciated! #feelingscared
  2. PPSI's guarantee:warranty -help

    Hi ladies, has anyone had to go back and get a revision under PPSI's warranty? I have major lateral displacement and my boobs are only 12 months old interested to hear your stories or advice
  3. Second breast augmentation

    Hey girls! So 2 years ago I got my breast augmentation at the time my surgeon told me that 275cc under the muscle, round, high profile would be the biggest I could go. I’m 5’8 and 53kgs. Before surgery I was a 8A now I’m a 10C/D I’m really unhappy with the way they are looking as they haven’t dropped properly and not as big as I would like. I have attached a photo of what I really would like to achieve. Can any one recommend how many ccs I should be going and what shape and profile? I love the hole “natural” dropped under boob look. I’m wanting to be at least a DD after my second surgery.
  4. Hi ladies, just posting to seek some solidarity and to know I'm not the only one going through this... I am nearly a month and a half post op with 450cc round HP overs, and I'm EXTREMELLY unhappy with my result. They're SO SMALL, they look so out of proportion still with my body and there's a huge gap inbetween my boobs. The outcome is not at all what my surgeon and I had discussed and now i have to pay all over again for a revision to go to a bigger size that'll actually look like I've had something done. I think I need around 700cc to get the look I want which is what I've posted the two other photos of.. they're my goal boobs!!! I'm so upset ☹️ I'd love to hear some stories and get some support. X
  5. Hi there, really looking for some solid advice or some experience stories from people who have had something similar. I know there are a lot of lurkers on these forums, but I'd really appreciate some advice because I have no one else to ask History: I had a rhino/septoplasty from a Melbourne-based very popular/well spoken of surgeon on these forums, one of the only surgeons who had very little criticism. This was my first surgery, so I researched for over a year before deciding to go ahead with it and spared no expense (since I'd be saving for so long) to have what I thought was the best surgeon work on me (just under 20k, including skin graph because of the thinness of my skin over my nose) Issues: I had some cosmetic concerns straight after the removal of the bandage initially, but I was told it was just swelling. I was told it will be about a year until I see my final results, and I'm pretty disappointed, my nose bridge appears wider (which was never discussed), and my nose is still very large side-on which was the initial issue I had with my nose. However, there is no doubt it looks better, but I'm still disappointed. The biggest issue, however, is that my breathing through my right-side nostril has slowly gotten even worse than it was pre-surgery, making it uncomfortable to sleep on my right side and often making me feel short of breath. Need advice: I'm unsure of what the best course of action would be now? I've already inquired about a consult about the issue now, it will have to be a Skype consult since I've moved from Melbourne to Sydney. I was told that my nose issues would be difficult, and I'm so worried now that now that I need a revision it could go even worse. Should I try to go back to the initial doctor to go under surgery again, given he has experience working on my nose and the complications around it, or should I see a different doctor for revision? The surgeon is known for doing revisions, and has been discussed/reccomended in the revision rhinoplasty forum. Not having a revision at this point doesn't really seem like an option given I'm disappointed with the look and functionality of my nose.
  6. Hi everyone, I am based in Australia and had a labiaplasty procedure (wedge method) done 1 year ago and I am very unhappy with the results. Before this procedure, the clitoral area was neat and tidy and the long labia was my only concern. I am unhappy because find it looks too messy and bulky compared to what it used to be . I read on many plastic surgery forums that it can take 6 months to a year for people to get their final results and for the area to even out, however I feel totally dissatisfied and disfigured 1 year post surgery. 6 weeks post surgery, I told my surgeon about my concerns and told her I'd like to tidy the clitoral area up and reduce the bulkiness. She said she could offer a revision, but she warned that this is a very risky procedure as there is potential for loss of clitoral sensation due to all the nerve endings in the area. She stated that she has never had this occur to any of her patients, however this is something I'd need to consider very carefully. Has anyone had the same experience as me and had a surgical revision in the clitoral area and if so, what were your results? I have disclosed some photos for you all to see. Thanks for your time!
  7. Hi ladies, just wanting to hear any recommendations for those that have had revision surgery done in Adelaide? Ive had one consultation with one surgeon but wanting to get some recommendations of some others. A lot of surgeons don't do revision surgery here just first time BA or so it seems anyway. many thanks! xx
  8. Revision to go bigger!!

    Hello everyone, So I havnt been on here in a while but am now 1 and a bit years post op and considering revision. Im about 162cm and weigh about 57kgs, I started out as a 10B, I got 375cc round high profile silicone textured implants under the muscle, I now measure about a 10e although I fee they definitely don't look that size. My base width at the beginning was 12 and a half. Although I was very happy with them I wanted bigger from the start of my post op as I felt they looked a lot smaller once inside compared to when you try them on. Does anyone have any experience with my situiation where they went bigger second time round? Will going bigger just make them go out to the sides more? We're you happier? Did you have any problems? Would changing to xhp make them perkier? I'm wanting to get around 500cc, but I've been warned about rippling and all kinds of other problems that could occur if going bigger so it's made me a bit confused as I just want them a bit bigger without looking to out of proportion as I am quite active in the gym so don't want to look to silly but still want big decent size boobs haha
  9. Hi just wondering who has teardrop implants? I currently have round and my surgeon wants to put in teardrop for my revision surgery. I'm just worried about losing the fullness at the top. I would love to hear anyones opinions on their teardrop implants...
  10. Dr. Zenia Chow?

    Hi, I have seen Dr. Chow a few times and she is very nice and knowledgeable but I was hoping to hear some first hand experiences before I book myself in for actual surgery. I cannot find an reviews on her so anything would be much appreciated!
  11. Dr Graeme Southwick Rhinoplasty

    I've noticed Dr Southwick has a LOT of good reviews but it is almost impossible to find any before/after photos of his work. I'm booked for mid May as I've done quite a bit of research and fairly confident he is the best I've found (probably explains his hefty price of $14K *ouch*) but it would definitely help ease my nerves to see his work Has anyone seen/booked in with him?
  12. Hi Girls I currently have 450cc moderates under the muscle. I got them done 4 years ago in Phuket. While i had great results im noticing changes and want to get them redone bigger and with a possible lift. Im wanting bigger and more upper pole fullness so the more round fake look but not too crazy. Im looking into surgery in Perth can anyone reccomend any amazing surgeons at a reasonable price? Ive heard of dr mark lee, dr anh, dr kailis...
  13. Hello everyone, 3 years ago I had a very stupid accident with my cat, well, my nose got a deep cut from one of his claws, there was blood, but it was 3AM in the morning and I didn't thought that the cut was so deep (but it was), so I didn't went to the hospiral for a wound cleaning and suture (I know, a bad from my part). The days passed and it got infected, when I managed to get rid of the infection it started to heal, and there it was! My extremely hated deep scar on the nose, I already tried A LOT of creams, oils, fraxel laser, Kelo-Cote, and even dermaflage, but nothing helps me enought, the scar it's still there, and I know that there are worse cases on other people, but it affects my personal confidence In a way that only I can understand, sometimes I can't even be face to face with someone without thinking that all they see is my scar. So, I decided that my best effort was to try a surgical revision with a plastic surgeon, I had the little surgery in june of 2015, everything was healing good for a month and a half, the scar almost disappeared, and the one day a spot there on the skin became reddish, it began to hurt a lot and raise, it was infected again, all the scar zone was very inflamed it looked like an under the skin pimple, actually I thought that it was a pimple, but some days later, a very little knot from the intradermal suture emerged from there, after that, the scar was ugly, deeper, bigger, and reddish again… But I can’t give up, a month ago I had a meet with the same surgeon, we analyzed my case, and he told me that my problem was, that my body wasn’t capable of degrade and absorb the knots of the indradermal suture, so the little knot was rejected after some time before the scar was fully healed, and that’s why it became ugly again… The surgeon told me that we can do the procedure again, basically he can cut and extract the scar, and then proceed with an intradermal suture again, but without using multifilament thread for the intradermal suture as before, using a thinner one, the post operatory care is going to be more delicate, but my body should degrade and absorb the thinner thread without problem, that is an adequate procedure, it is the only surgical option? If after the surgery the supperficial appearance of the scars is good, but still a little depressed, I suppose that I can got applied some filler like hyalluronic acid... I will be extremely happy to read some opinions, advice, and even better experiences from people who had surgical revision of facial scars. Thanks in advance.
  14. Can anyone suggest a very skilled revision rhinoplasty surgeon in Brisbane ? Does anyone have experience with Dr. David Thelie ? He does not seem to have any reviews on the internet, like most other plastic surgeons do. Is it true that to find an excellent revision surgeon, you have to travel to Sydney or Melbourne ?

    Hi all, Needing some advice on the correct terms to use when referring to the problems with my first rhinoplasty. Obviously one nostril is higher than the other but needing some clarification on what others think the problem is. I was meant to be getting married this year but have postponed it due to the state of my nose. I am not currently working either because of my insecurities of my nose. I am waiting advice on what surgeon would be best to hopefully fix my nose. Any advice is muchly appreciated. I have added photos to view.
  16. Hello Everyone and a big big thank you to everyone who shares their experiences here! It's so helpful!! My15 year old saline implants have started to play up due to back to back babies/nursing and dramatic fat loss. This has caused the port on one side to rub and become painful at various times. Ive had ultrasound/mammogram and consulted with Tony Connel who confirmed they should come out fairly soon. I have total faith in him and his expertise. Im in two minds as to whether I really want new implants as it seems saline is not used too often any longer. I'm not convinced there is enough data available on the safety of cohesive silicone and at 41 and having had no major issue yet from my current set, I just don't want to take the risk. Im 5'7 and 54kg so I have little body fat (particularly on my upper body) so an Explant only will leave me looking pretty sad. My current size has me at a 10DD. I have no sagging, which is unbelievable given I've fed 5 babies!!! But as mentioned I've lost volume at the top and my pockets allow for quite a bit of movement. So I'm wondering if anyone has had a similar decision to make or knows of a WA surgeon who uses saline still? Or any recommendations/advice? Any info will help! Xx
  17. How good are these puppies? 500cc high profile round implants submuscular. Thanks Richard Rahdon @ Body Recon. I love them!
  18. Hi ladies! I had my boobies done in September 2015... I was paranoid I would be going too big with 505cc moderates.... I am 6 foot tall & weigh an athletic 80-85kgs. My surgeon tried to push my to the 565's but I was worried about them making me look fat. Straight away after the op I wished I went bigger!! I actually re-booked in to go up to the 625cc xhp's a week after my op but then freaked out and cancelled it, thinking it would be best to let my 505's settle. 9 months on and everyone is obsessed with my boobs, my friends are all jealous, they look big and super natural... but I still wish I went bigger and want that semi "fake" look, which no one else seems to understand! and it's weird because I never thought I'd want big fake tits. ANYWAY, my surgeon is an absolute legend & I am going back in on Wednesday to get 700 or 750cc XHP's!! He says I could go up to 800's even but I won't do that. I like to exercise a lot and that is a concern for me. I have not told many people because I know they will try talk me out of it... But I am tall and I think they will look amazing! Just wondering if anyone else with similar stats has done a similar upgrade? Thanks xx
  19. Can anyone help me? Looking for a revision rhino surgeon in the Melbourne area. I have consulted with ****** and Andrew Greensmith.Does anyone have any experience with either of the two? Im leaning more towards Dr ****** but I haven't seen enough photos of his work to be convinced and I have this nagging feeling somethings not quite right. I had a terrible rhino experience with Dr Zacharia. Please if anyone has any details of your experience with him that would be great! Thank you in advance
  20. Hi ladies, I am a long time reader first time poster!!! I got breast implants 6 years ago in Sydney. Immediately after I had boobie creed and since then I have been on the quest to go bigger. So now that I am a certified adult I have the money to go Bigger, I would like to know if any of you lovely ladies would recommend a surgeon in Sydney. My first BA was 295cc UHP. I wanted bigger but my surgeon refused because I was nothing but bones but that has slightly due to life I have even thought about going to Thailand but I would be way to tempted to drink and that what totally fudge everything up. (looking into Thailand though). Thank you
  21. Hello! Literally out of the blue (as it always seems to happen- I met a guy- he is awesome - I've been single for about 16 months since separating from husband - but anyway- long story short we are totally dating and he doesn't know I'm having REVISION surgery for my boobs on 1 July. As the date gets closer I seem to be freaking out about telling him! A) I don't think he knows my boobs are fake to begin with (they are 10 years old and I've had two kids and look pretty natural anyway, we have only slept together twice and he hasn't asked yet! B ) bearing in mind above comment, how do I tell him? I need to, just tell him, I guess! It's been planned for about 6 months this surgery and of course Murphy's law I meet a guy right before! I guess just after advice or support ladies! Help! Lol
  22. Revision help!

    Hi ladies, so I need help in making a difficult decision. I had my BA with Dr Boonchai 325/350 HP through the armpit just under a year ago. However, my implants have not dropped (the have not dropped into the lower part of the boob and you can see the top of the implant meaning I can't wear strapless bras or tops because they just slide down) PIAC have reviewed my case and have offered me free revision surgery Dr Boonchai has offered discount surgery at 4K and, the last option is spending 12k on dr Miroshnik in Sydney (a bit much as I am a student but would save up just to have that peace of mind) what would you ladies do in this case? Would you let the same dr do your revision? help me! Big decision!
  23. Dr Alex Phoon reviews

    Hi all I've been looking for surgeons to have a revision breast lift and remove and replace, I have a doctor in mind but I'm still shopping around. I've been looking at photos from Dr Alex Phoon and the results look amazing! I'm now considering the above procedures also paired with a tummy tuck (I'm not sure if that still qualifies as a mummy makeover). I'm wondering if anyone has an experience they can share? His reviews are fantastic and I can't find a bad word about him anywhere, but I'd love to actually talk to someone and ask some questions. Thank you in advance
  24. Hello! I am getting revision breast surgery on July 1st with Dr Broadhurst in Brisbane! I am 165cm, 62kg. My implants are 10 years old (425cc, under the muscle) and after two babies breastfed for a year each and a dramatic change in body composition they feel so tiny and are under my armpits! I want more fullness through the centre of my chest and hoping to get back to a DD, but not much bigger, I was a DD/E when I first got surgery with easily achieved cleavage; and you'll see now how small they look, I have such a big gap now I don't really get much cleavage at all. Dr Broadhurst wants a scan done to determine the condition of my current implants and I had to show him proof I have 425 cc's in already lol, after 10 years and how active I am they do not look like that size now! I am a C in bras these days, but no cleavage and that's what I want back! So my next consult is on the 21st for more sizings; but he did say that if I want that fullness through the middle I'll have to go bigger than 425s so I'm guessing I'll be in the 500s for cc's....which kind of worries me a a little as it just sounds so big 😕 I can't go over the muscle due to my leanness and lack of breast tissue. First two pics are what they are now, Third pic onwards is wish boobs thanks for letting me introduce myself!
  25. I have had 2 BA's in 18 months....... The first was November 2014 - 450cc mod profile I had continuos pain mainly in the right breast/under arm and the breast implants were slipping out to the underarm. After I called prior to the 1 year post op appt, I had a consult and saw the Dr and was booked in within a few days free of charge for a revision. Due to constantly feeling like my arms were out off my body as the size implant was too wide for my chest, I asked for smaller implants however was advised that they would not fill out my breast. So they could change the profile and in November 2015 they replaced with 520cc high profile and did an internal bra. From around 3 weeks post op the pain started again on the right side. It has now been 6 months since the revision and the pain under my arm is 24hours a day. When i sleep i can not sleep on my right side as it hurts or on my back as it feels like the weight of the implant is crushing a nerve. I often i get pins and needles from my shoulder down to my hand on my right side. The nerve pain under my arm goes around to my back on my shoulder blade, which feels like a constant ache and quite warm also up my neck. I phoned them and they have booked me in tomorrow with the surgeon again for a consult. I just feel like cancelling the consult as honestly there is no way I can get them to do another surgery on me, no matter if its free. This pain is just not worth it. So it kind of seems a wast of time. I would like to get smaller implants (295 -350cc) as I still love the look however am sure that my chest is just not wide enough to cope with the cc's of larger implants. I have found 3 others Dr Miroshnik, Dr Tavakoli & Dr Perkins who I am currently contacting for info. Any advise or information from anyone who has had similar would be great. karen xxx