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  1. Thanks ladies! I’m looking forward to getting out of this compression bra and into something a bit nicer! Does anyone still wear compression bra to bed? I’m wondering if it’s beneficial long term to keep wearing it - I’ll have to ask my surgeon next week. I’ll definitely check out those bras recommended!
  2. Hi ladies - I’m going to get fitted on Thursday as I’ll be 6 weeks PO then (yay) - I’m pretty certain I’ll be a 10DD. I’m wanting to train for a half marathon next year and need recommendations for a REALLY supportive sports bra please! also any recommendations for every day T-shirt bras - preferably wire free? I’m going to check out bras n things soon - but cheaper options are also appreciated! thanks!!
  3. Yay so happy for you! I just got my textured ones taken out and replaced with smooth.
  4. Hi - I had my implants removed and replaced last Thursday and so far I’m really happy with them - mine had some rippling and the implants were textured so I wanted them replaced with smooth. I went to Dr Mark Doyle at Gold Coast Plastic Surgery. Best of luck
  5. hey - the ultrasound showed some rippling but no rupture or anything else - but I was also told that ultrasounds don’t necessarily pick up on everything either....
  6. They are charging me $200 for my compression bra so I figure I will want to wear it for three months straight to get my money’s worth!! oh - I got ahead of myself @Glissm lol good luck for tomorrow. My surgery is three weeks tomorrow - just want to fast forward to when I’m all healed and back at the gym!!
  7. So sorry to hear this - I can’t believe your surgeon won’t see you sooner! How long ago did you get the implants?
  8. Hi - when I had issues with my implants - I went to GP and they sent me for ultrasound and then I took the ultrasound to surgeon. Hope that helps. But yes suggest also calling your surgeon and see what they suggest - they may let you come in for free to check it for you? Good luck
  9. Hi @arahia from my understanding smooth implants have no association with the Breast implant related cancer. I’m getting mine replaced with smooth ones this month just to be on the safer side
  10. Hi - sorry to hear this. I’m getting mine replaced by Dr Doyle at Gold Coast plastic surgery. Haven’t had them done yet so can’t tell you with certainty that he is good but the reason I went with him was because someone else I know who had to get hers replaced went with him and she was very happy with the results. Best of luck - hope you get it sorted quickly
  11. Hi - they had this booklet that has all the different brands of implants and they took the details of my current implants and compared them to the ones they will be putting in and apparently the 400cc was the one that most closely matched what I have now. Seems strange I know! Hi @Glissm mine is booked for the 29th Aug! Did your surgeon give you the option to get smooth implants? Only reason I asked is that I’m getting my textured ones replaced with smooth for a number of reasons but one of them is that there is a higher risk of breast cancer with the textured implants (still a tiny percen
  12. Hi ladies - anyone else getting surgery in August? I had my consult last month - I’m getting my current tear drop textured implants replaced with smooth round implants. They did a comparison thingy to try and find the new implant size that will best match my current ones as I’m happy with the size - the weird thing is that I currently have 315cc tear drops high profile and the new implants are going to be 400cc!!!! Round high profile and apparently that is going to give me a similar size / projection. I’m getting the surgery done on a Thursday and plan to be back at work on the Tuesday.
  13. Hi! How did it go? I’m booked in for my replacement surgery in August. From what I’ve been told - the second time around is not as hard because the pocket is already there and stretched out so it shouldn’t be as painful.best of luck for your recovery!
  14. Thanks @sabP and @pink butterfly definitely sounds like you’ve raised your daughters right! Mine are only 8 and 10 - I just don’t want to have that conversation with them at this age when they are just starting to learn about their bodies. Sigh! We haven’t even had the Santa Claus talk yet!! Have a great day - I’ll hopefully find out my ultrasound results tomorrow and get my referral letter from my gp so I can get this process underway!
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