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    BA Mentor brand 375CC textured anatomical/teardrop, dual plane/under the muscle, moderate plus profile
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    8 December Mr Anthony Williams at Assure in Perth
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    165cm 61kgs was a 12AA and now a bouncy 12DD :) :)
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    running, hiking, reading, my boyfriend and my dog :) :)

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  1. Hey @RKN Dr Kollias is highly recommended. Please don't go on cost, this is major surgery and you want the absolute best. Even if it means saving for a bit longer... Plastic surgery is not something your should skimp on. xo
  2. You should be fine by then, however don't overdo it whilst on holidays - enjoy, but take it easy! xo
  3. My surgeon discussed my nipples prior to surgery as they were low. He talked about the position of the implants (anatomical) and the pockets and how he would position them so that the nipples were more central, which they are. Your breasts seem to be positioned quite low, which seems to have 'flicked' the nipples upwards. Did your surgeon recommend a breast lift? I know you said you had nothing much to start with and nor did I, but sometimes even with smaller breasts, they may require a lift at the time of augmentation. That being said, Dr Dona is reputable and so a revision would be worth considering. Do any bra's have the same effect as when you hold your breasts up? Good luck with your decision and I hope it can be rectified xo
  4. Hey hun, you need to relax and just give yourself time to heal and recover. If you incision site is clean you will not have an infecttion, if you are concerned call your surgeon for an appointment. Usually you will have a follow-up around 7 days after surgery and they will check all is well. Capsular contracture is a risk that we all take. Just be aware of your breast health and deal with anything IF it comes up. Stop worrying yourself sick over nothing. Take care xo
  5. Hope all goes well today, let us know when you're out and how you're feeling xo
  6. Good luck with your upcoming surgery @BethM The drop and fluff can take a while. What type of implants are you getting? Rounds/smooth usually D & F faster than anatomical implants. However, you should notice significant change from the 6 week mark (that's usually when it's best to go bra shopping!!) And they can continue to change for several months unti they settle into their final state xo
  7. I found the forum really helpful too - so much good information and advice
  8. Thank you for sharing this article - both enlightening and reassuring re Plastic Surgeons as opposed to cosmetic surgeons!!
  9. That's good to hear @Cupcake85 Glad you are healing nicely
  10. Hey @Rose2019 A BA is major surgery - 24 hour recovery is nonsense. You have answered your own question - if it were genuine, then all surgeons would recommend it.
  11. Good to hear that things have gone so well for you this time
  12. Hey @CJ - your GP sounds awful! It's not up to him to judge you or your pain levels. Maybe it's time to find a new GP. I hope you're starting to sleep better and feel better xo
  13. Hey @CJ I returned to work at the 3 week mark, but my job does not include heavy lifting. Can you ask your manager to have lighter duties for a couple more weeks? You can say it's due to a short term medical condition. You can get your surgeon or gp to write a supportive med certificate without disclosing your BA xo
  14. Hey @CJ Is it back pain from sleeping on your back? If so, then yes it is incredibly painful. When did you surgeon advise you could sleep on your side? I'm sorry you're feeling so down, do you have any painkillers left? If your surgeon is unavailable make an appointment with your gp for help xo
  15. Hey hun, I am almost 2 years post op and I still wear a supportive crop top to bed most nights. I like the feeling of extra support and like you I want to keep them perky forever!! I didn't find I sweated too much over the summer months xo
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