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    BA Mentor brand 375CC textured anatomical/teardrop, dual plane/under the muscle, moderate plus profile
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    8 December Mr Anthony Williams at Assure in Perth
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    165cm 61kgs was a 12AA and now a bouncy 12DD :) :)
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    running, hiking, reading, my boyfriend and my dog :) :)

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  1. I found the forum really helpful too - so much good information and advice
  2. Thank you for sharing this article - both enlightening and reassuring re Plastic Surgeons as opposed to cosmetic surgeons!!
  3. That's good to hear @Cupcake85 Glad you are healing nicely
  4. Hey @Rose2019 A BA is major surgery - 24 hour recovery is nonsense. You have answered your own question - if it were genuine, then all surgeons would recommend it.
  5. Good to hear that things have gone so well for you this time
  6. Hey @CJ - your GP sounds awful! It's not up to him to judge you or your pain levels. Maybe it's time to find a new GP. I hope you're starting to sleep better and feel better xo
  7. Hey @CJ I returned to work at the 3 week mark, but my job does not include heavy lifting. Can you ask your manager to have lighter duties for a couple more weeks? You can say it's due to a short term medical condition. You can get your surgeon or gp to write a supportive med certificate without disclosing your BA xo
  8. Hey @CJ Is it back pain from sleeping on your back? If so, then yes it is incredibly painful. When did you surgeon advise you could sleep on your side? I'm sorry you're feeling so down, do you have any painkillers left? If your surgeon is unavailable make an appointment with your gp for help xo
  9. Hey hun, I am almost 2 years post op and I still wear a supportive crop top to bed most nights. I like the feeling of extra support and like you I want to keep them perky forever!! I didn't find I sweated too much over the summer months xo
  10. Hey @MellieMoo Glad to hear your surgery went so well The sleeping on your back is horrid and I hated it, but it won't be too long and you'll be able to sleep on your side. Sounds like you have awesome results already and the D & F will only make them better!! xo
  11. Thank you for the update and that sounds promising and treatable!
  12. So sorry to hear this @Cupcake85 I hope the antibiotics take effect soon and you start to heal. Thoughts are with you, take care xoxo
  13. Hey hun... no that does not look right. I hope you've been able to see your surgeon for advice. Let us know how you go xo
  14. Hey @Nic#460cc Your new breasts are looking fabulous already. You are healing really well, given all the things you've been through. So good that you're keeping a positive attitude to everything. xoxo
  15. Hey @MellieMoo There's a couple of threads on the forum re what to expect. Pre-op is fairly straightforward and your surgeon will advise what you need to do prior to arriving for your surgery. Post-op, pack your post-op bra and a button up loose fitting top and shorts or trackies to slip into. If you have long hair braid it as it might be a few days before you can wash your hair, unless your partner or a friend can help you. The surgeon will give you your post-op instructions and you need to follow them. They differ a bit from surgeon to surgeon. You can't lift anything for the first two weeks and definitely not a little one out of the cot. If your partner can't help, is there anyone else who can help you? Or get your little one to put their arms around your neck and legs around your waist, rather than you lifting them. Rest and recuperate and take it really easy and be gentle with yourself. Recovery differs from person to person. Some struggle and some cruise through. I was lucky to cruise through and I hope you do too :) Maybe have some pre-prepared meals you can take out of the freezer, it'll be hard to cut up veggies and things for a couple of weeks. You also can't lift your arms above your head for the first week or so. For me driving was out for the first week. In your other post you ask about what to say to your 4 year old. Not a lot really, just say mummy had an operation and they need to be gentle with you. They may not notice your boobs or they might - it's up to you how much you tell them. You could say mummy needed to get her boobs fixed after breastfeeding or something like that. Simple and not too complicated. Good luck with your surgery, we'll be thinking of you and keep us posted as to how you go xoxox
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