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    BA Mentor brand 375CC textured anatomical/teardrop, dual plane/under the muscle, moderate plus profile
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    8 December Mr Anthony Williams at Assure in Perth
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    165cm 61kgs was a 12AA and now a bouncy 12DD :) :)
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    running, hiking, reading, my boyfriend and my dog :) :)

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  1. They don't have the full VS range, but they did have bras the last time I went through
  2. There's a VS store in Perth at the airport - I've bought lingerie there whilst waiting for flights
  3. sabP

    Pain under right breadt

    Hey hun, please go to your doctor or surgeon for an examination. It may just be a cyst or it may be something more worrisome, the only way to find out is to have a medical examination. Hopefully it's nothing to worry about, however you need to have a check up. We'll be here for you if you need us xo
  4. sabP

    Painful over sensitive nipples

    Hey lovely, was your left nipple also sensitive prior to your BA or only afterwards? If it's a newish issue, maybe check back with your original surgeon to make sure all is ok. I always had really sensitive nipples (pre BA) and worried about breastfeeding my daughter, but when I actually had her I did get used to it, I massaged my nipples all through pregnancy to kind of prepare them and I must say it did make me wince at first, but they kind of toughened up over the first couple of weeks and then it was fine and I breastfed her for months There may be other ladies on here that have had a similar issue, have you tried a search through the threads for anything related to sensitive nipples and breastfeeding? That may bring up some helpful information.
  5. sabP

    Dr Edmund Ek and April 2019 BA

    Hi and welcome to the forum There will be a 2019 roll call group you can join for all the ladies having a BA this year and you will find lots of support (and from us who've already had our BAs in years previously). You can also do a search within the BA forum threads for the surgeon you're thinking of going with and see if other girls have made any comments. Good luck with your decision and surgery xo
  6. Hey hun, just jumping into the conversation here. Whilst this surgeon does seem thorough and that is a good thing, the polyurethane coated implants are associated with a lot of problems including a high risk of ALCL. Do a search on the forum for polyurethane/brazilian implants and you will find a lot of ladies have had massive problems. Most reputable surgeons in Australia refuse to use them and they have been banned in other countries.
  7. sabP

    It been over a year since revision love my boobs

    Hey @PlatinumBlondeBoobs lovely to see you here again and so happy to hear your new girls have settled well and that you and hubby are happy with them. I'm over 12 months too now and still thrilled with my girls xoxo
  8. Hey @giana - welcome to the forum Your best bet would be to have a couple of consultations with a Plastic Surgeon to discuss your options. You may or may not need a lift and they are the experts who can advise you on whether you do or not. I had small boobs and nipples a bit low, but I didn't need a lift and the implants made my nipples more central. You can also look at the find a surgeon section on the forum and have a look at their work. You can also search through the threads of the forum for girls who have had lifts and for recommendations for the best surgeon in Melbourne or elsewhere. Good luck with your research and choosing surgeon. There will also be a 2019 roll call thread and you'll find a lot of support from girls looking into surgery and of course those of us that have been through it will also help with any other questions you may have xo
  9. sabP

    BA Before Kids?

    Hey hun, sounds like you've done your due diligence. If you feel that strongly about having a BA and you're not planning to have kids within the next 10 years, then go for it. Revision is inevitable over time, so that is a given. You seem to be well aware of your options, perhaps having a couple of plastic surgeon consultations may assist you in your decision making. Good luck in your studies, I assume you are undertaking a research Master's and likely will roll that into a PhD - enjoy!
  10. sabP

    BA Before Kids?

    Hey hun, do a search through the threads on this forum and you will find women who have had BAs both pre and after kids and you will find a lot of useful and relevant information that can help inform your decision. Nerve damage is a risk and your plastic surgeon will talk you through that. I didn't have any nerve damage (had my BA over a year ago) and my nipples are fine with normal sensitivity and no pain or numbness, although there was some numbness/pain straight after surgery, but that is normal as they do cut through nerves, but they do regrow. Other women have different experiences, so it's hard to judge how you will go. Good luck with your decision xo
  11. Hey hun, it can take up to a year for the scar to be properly in the breast fold and to fade considerably. That's how it was for me Glad to hear they have dropped and fluffed well and yeah they can look different in photos, plus you tend to scrutinise them in great detail in photos. Give it more time and you'll see more improvements xo
  12. sabP

    Considering BA

    Hey hun, I have teardrop and in the crease incisions and they are virtually invisible now - you can check my gallery pics to see how faint they are - feel free to friend request me
  13. Hey hun, welcome to the forum If you do a search through the threads you will find lots of women who have had interstate experiences that may be useful for you to read about. However, the main thing is that every woman has a different recovery. some of us breeze through it, others struggle a bit and it's hard to judge how you yourself will go. Be guided by your surgeon's advice as he will know best and he will give you a good indication of how long you need to wait prior to travelling back home. When are you planning your surgery? Another thing is to look for a 2019 roll call surgery group and find women who are going for BA's this year and you will find an instant and caring support group. You can also ask any of us who've already had surgeries any questions you like as we are all friendly and helpful. xo
  14. sabP

    Rotation 😟

    Hey hun, Yours does sound like it may be rotated. Medicare and other health funds no longer cover any BA related surgeries (unless it's for breast reconstruction post breast cancer/mastectomy). They stopped coverage in October, sorry to have to tell you that
  15. sabP

    Health Insurance

    @Stemschicky is correct all health funds stopped covering BAs unless it's post breast cancer breast reconstruction. As for other surgeries, again if they are not "medically" necessary they won't be covered. Sorry.