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  1. sabP

    Hospital Bag- what to pack?

    Hey @Mumma_S first up, good luck for your surgery tomorrow and let us know how you go You won't need much, take a button up shirt and shorts/skirt/trakkies for after surgery and heading home. I'm assuming you have a post-op bra or they will supply one? You will get your meds before you leave and food/fluids. Maybe a book or magazine to read if you're waiting around for a bit.
  2. @MissS I totally agree with @LaurenT and @I HaveBoobs and I have said so myself, reputable plastic surgeons do NOT use polyurethane implants. They have also been banned in the US. Research has shown that the coating does break down in the body. There is evidence on this forum from ladies having problems with these implants and they are incredibly difficult to remove if you need revision surgery. You will, in the end, make your own decision re your choice of surgeon and your choice of implant. However, there are many excellent brands out there that are superior and used by plastic surgeons and again I agree with @I HaveBoobs that a good surgeon will follow a safety plan to minimise risks. You say your health is important to you, then perhaps you will take on board all that we have said and make an informed choice that is in your best interests.
  3. Hey hun, that's not good. get some drops from the pharmacy to clear the conjunctivitis and call the surgeon's office as soon as you can. You should be ok, it's generally a cancellation if you have a high temperature. A head cold should not be a problem, but check with your surgeon to confirm.
  4. Hey hun, it's good you've consulted widely and I'm sorry Miroshnik and his staff have been less than helpful and I can understand why you have been put off him. However, I would very strongly recommend you do not go with Rastogi, he is a cosmetic surgeon and they are not trained, qualified or as skilled as plastic surgeons - it simply is not worth the risk to your body, regardless of how "nice" he seems. Also the polyurethane implants have been linked very strongly with ALCL and no reputable plastic surgeon will use them and that should be warning enough for you. If you required revision surgery for any reason it is far more difficult to remove polyurethane implants and I've heard many stories on this forum whereby girls have had them removed and had to lose a fair bit of breast tissue as well. This is not a "heart" decision, this has to be a logical, clear-headed, rational decision for what is best for you and your body.
  5. sabP

    Friday fun!!!!

    Hey hun... I guess they are a little uneven, but they are sisters, not twins - so often they are not identical (mine are not identical either and I love them both equally!!). However, yours are awesome and beautiful and I hope you are happy with your girls!! Congrats on the weight loss too I've had a good week too, reconnected with some friends I haven't seen in ages, the weather over here is finally getting warm and Spring like, so I've enjoyed getting out for runs and walks. Here's my Friday boobie-selfie - I'm now 9 1/2 months post-op and still loving the girls. The D & F is pretty much complete and I just feel fabulous in and out of clothes
  6. Hey hun.... If I were you I would consult with another surgeon. There are some very good plastic surgeons that you can consider who will take the time to talk with you and measure you properly and give you the understated result you are looking for. Please do not rush your decision. As for the cosmetic surgeon using polyurethane implants I would so no based on two reasons: 1) cosmetic surgeons are not as skilled or as qualified as plastic surgeons. in essence they are GPs with a scalpel. Polyurethane implants are never used by plastic surgeons for all the reasons you have outlined above, so you already know the answer to your own question. You may have "clicked" with the cosmetic surgeon, but that does not mean he or that type of implant is suitable for your body. Seriously, there are many reputable plastic surgeons for you to choose from. Continue your research, have at least one or two more consultations. This is not a decision to rush into, this is your body and you want the best outcome for you.
  7. As far as I am aware they are no longer available in Australia and when they were it was only Cosmetic Surgeons who used them, not plastic surgeons. There were contaminants found in them and they were banned and since then there has been higher associated risk of ALCL and other problems. You may need to consult with some surgeons to find a suitable replacement for your revision. Happy to hear they were good for you, but you may need to re-think for your upgrade
  8. Good luck with it hun and keep us posted, hope you find the right surgeon for you soon xo
  9. @JD* try to stay positive hun, I know the dental issue is a bit of a set-back. But once that's over you will have your surgery and your new boobs. Waiting is frustrating and it's worse if you have to have other treatment first - but look at it as you being in the absolute best position prior to your BA and then that will go smoothly. Hugs and positive vibes your way and vent whenever you need xo
  10. Hey hun, sorry I can't help. I'm in Perth. However, if your surgeon has mixed reviews, then think carefully. Is he a cosmetic or plastic surgeon? Plastic surgeons have years of qualifications and training for their job and cosmetic surgeons are literally a GP with a scalpel. You need to do more research, don't just go with the first surgeon you see - especially if he does not have excellent reviews. Do a search on the threads on this forum for that surgeon and other Canberra surgeons and make sure you make an informed choice. This is major surgery and you want to make sure you are in the best most capable hands. xo
  11. Hey hun sorry to hear you've had to delay your surgery, but yes best to get that tooth and infection sorted well before your surgery date, one less thing to worry about. I understand the stress thing - meds should help and do you meditate or do any form of relaxation exercises? If you can't sleep properly you will get more stressed and it ends up being an exhausting cycle. Hope you can get it under control and feel more on top of things soon. We are always here if you need to talk, ask advice or vent xo
  12. Hey @Mumma_S very likely you will be on the morning list. I was admitted at 7.30, but did not go in until after midday, but only because there was a complicated surgery prior to mine that took far longer than expected. I was just kept warm and cosy in the pre-surgery area and I dozed off and on until they wheeled me in
  13. sabP


    Hey @JD* each surgeon differs in their advice, however the surgical tape is waterproof and the nurse took mine off at my one week check up and replaced it, I then (well my boyfriend did it as it was too awkward for me) replaced it on a weekly basis for 5 weeks and then the scars are healed enough that they don't require surgical tape. You can then start to use a scar cream, I did, but I didn't really need it. My scars were very fine from the outset (meticulous surgeon) and they have pretty much faded to nothing now and you have to look hard to see them. You will be able to wash your hair in the first week. On day 4 post op a girlfriend came over and I bent my head over the bath and she washed my hair for me. By the end of the week I could wash it myself, very carefully and slowly. I still couldn't (and was told not to for two weeks) lift my arms up, so I bent my head forward and managed that way. As for vitamins, its best to stick with a B group vitamin and then Vit C as well after surgery. Avoid Vit E as that thins the blood. You must be getting really excited now! Can't wait to hear your journey xo
  14. Two weeks may be too early, but your photos are of concern. It is hard to say how long, we are not surgeons and can't advise you. But as @JD* suggested, put your photo up on the Real Self forum and ask for a surgeon's opinion/advice. If you do require revision surgery I strongly recommend that you do NOT go back to that same surgeon in Thailand. You would be better off saving and having revision with a qualified and skilled plastic surgeon at home. Having extra surgery is more risky and more potential for things to go wrong and you want to be in the best possible hands if that is how it turns out. Money may be tight, but this is your body and well-being and that does not have a price!
  15. sabP


    Hey hun - a European pillow or two will help prop you up or the V shape pillow, whichever you find most comfortable and definitely the neck pillow as @ayesha79 recommended. I found the travel pillow really helped prevent getting a stiff neck. It's really uncomfortable sleeping propped up. Did your surgeon say upright for 6 weeks? Mine said for upright and on my back for the first two weeks, then I could partly lie on my side for a bit and by 4 weeks side sleeping was a lot easier and better. I didn't get any constipation, but I drink a lot of water and herbal tea. I'd aim for something natural just in case - metamucil should be fine. As long as your partner can help you get into your dresses you'll be fine and I'll bet your daughter will love brushing your hair for you Maybe she can help you wash your hair in the first week as you may struggle with getting your hands up to wash your hair. Keep things you need on a low shelf, you won't be able to reach up for things and don't try as you will hurt yourself. No heavy lifting. In the first few days post surgery, treat yourself as a delicate invalid and rest as much as you can. Gentle/slow walking round the house or outside if the weather is nice helps with healing too. Make sure you have either lots of Netflix/videos books or magazines to keep you occupied so you don't go stir crazy. Definitely before pics and then progress pics, but don't get fixated on your new boobs, they change so much in the first days/weeks and then months as the D & F process works its magic xo