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    BA Mentor brand 375CC textured anatomical/teardrop, dual plane/under the muscle, moderate plus profile
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    8 December Mr Anthony Williams at Assure in Perth
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    165cm 61kgs was a 12AA and now a bouncy 12DD :) :)
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  1. Sounds like the best decision for you. Best wishes for your surgery and recovery and keep us posted
  2. Hey hun, everyone has a different preference. I used the cream and my scars are literally invisible.
  3. Hey @Kit most of us have day surgery, I did. I also have under muscle anatomicals and I was fine to go home a couple of hours after surgery. My recovery was straightforward and relatively easy. Some struggle more than others, so it's hard to say how you'll go. Just have your home ready for your return, someone to help with meals and other things around the home. They usually give you fairly strong painkillers after the surgery, but I only took them on the first day, then panadol for the next couple of days, then I didn't need anything. My skin felt tight and uncomfortable, but my new boobs settled down well. The worst for me was sleeping upright and on my back, I found that really uncomfortable and I hate sleeping on my back. Oh and yes absolutely happy with my choice Good luck with your surgery, keep us posted!!
  4. Hi @Angelf I also have Mentor textured implants and the Mentor brand is the least likely to cause ALCL. The risks are so minimal, I think you are making yourself sick with worry for no reason. I am not concerned at all, I think the main thing is to check your breasts regularly (which we should all do anyway) and if you notice anything untoward see your doctor or surgeon for a check-up. I personally would not have my implants taken out as I believe it would be unnecessary surgery. Try not to overthink this and stop reading those articles. Just take care of your health and check your breasts. I am in Australia and its lovely to connect with a woman in the middle east Take care hun and please stop worrying!
  5. @AnniC - actually it can give you upper pole fullness after D & F - because the muscle releases and they pop so to speak. That's how it was and is for me.
  6. Hey @simply_me I got 375cc dual plane. The pain wasn't that bad for me. More the tight, stinging feeling. I only took painkillers the first day, then panadol for a couple days. You get zingers for a few weeks/couple months which are like little zingie electric shocks, it's your nerves regenerating after having the muscle cut, not painful, just a bit odd and can take you by surprise as it's random. Also sleeping upright was the worst!!... I hate sleeping on my back and you have to sleep propped up by pillows for the first week or two (depends what your surgeon recommends). If you have to wear a surgical bra that can be a bit constricting and uncomfortable, but not painful, again I wore mine 24/7 for the first 6 weeks, then after that normal and underwire and push-up bras were fine - again your surgeon will recommend. By the end of two weeks they felt reasonably comfortable, still tight - but ok. I felt they were natural looking from early on and they just kept getting better. The D & F starts around the 6 week mark and that process is interesting to watch and document with photos.
  7. @Baileys agree with the girls comments above. At six weeks you are still early days and the drop and fluff has barely begun. You will notice significant changes over the next few weeks and months. Take weekly pictures so you can see the changes and try to be patient xo
  8. Hey hun, it's a really hard decision. Both types have pros and cons. Anatomical may lead to rotation, but if you follow your surgeon's instructions to the letter, the risk is minimal. Rounds are a bit more likely to cause capsular contracture, but not for everyone. Anatomicals look more natural, but many rounds these days appear to settle into a natural shape too. For me, anatomicals and under the muscle were recommended due to my lack of breast tissue and my desire for a totally natural look and it was absolutely the right choice - for me. Over the muscle heals faster and drops and fluffs faster. Maybe you should make a list of the pros and cons and then decide which one has the most pros for you - good luck with your decision and I'm sure other girls will chime in with advice and preferences and it's all helpful to get everyone's experience xo
  9. Hey @Kit yes you can get a really natural look with a BA. Mine look natural and "real".
  10. Take a list of questions that you want to ask in case you forget sth on the day.
  11. Hey hun, sizers don't really give you an accurate indication - plus with anatomicals, dual plan you lose a little cc going under the muscle. If you really want sizers you can make your own - check for forum threads for "rice sizers"
  12. Hey hun, I'm not in Adelaide - but I've read lots of good reviews/reports from girls who had Dr Kollias as their surgeon. Maybe seach for him in the forum threads
  13. Hey lovely, I am not far off your age, same height but I weigh 60kg and I have 375cc under muscle teardrop and I am a 12DD - I also was aiming for a C but I'm really, really happy with what I have ended up with, they are not too big at all and look amazing in clothes and naked! I am very active, I run, dance, swim, go the gym and they are fine for all of that. Do you have much breast tissue to start with? Good luck with your surgery and let us know how you go
  14. Hey hun, sorry I can't help re the hematoma, perhaps do a search in the forum threads to find other girls who may have had similar. The swelling does take time to settle down and you've had an early complication. It will settle down at this stage it's just a day by day wait for it to settle and subside - take care x
  15. I would check with your surgeon to be sure - were you asymetrical prior to your surgery?
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