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    BA Mentor brand 375CC textured anatomical/teardrop, dual plane/under the muscle, moderate plus profile
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    8 December Mr Anthony Williams at Assure in Perth
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    165cm 61kgs was a 12AA and now a bouncy 12DD :) :)
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    running, hiking, reading, my boyfriend and my dog :) :)

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  1. sabP

    Explant surgery & fat grafting

    Hey @Mona76 no personal experience to share. But I know @vlinder has had fat grafting and @TheFox has explanted and I think she's looking into smaller implants and fat grafting as well. Good luck with your research and decision xo
  2. sabP

    Loads of views no replies

    Hey lovely... sorry, didn't mean to sound harsh there... just wasn't sure what you were expecting of us. Love that you are reaching out and trying to connect with all the girls. I think it's fabulous you are thinking of going up in size - you go girl!! ❤️
  3. sabP

    Loads of views no replies

    well hey hun... depends on the topic and if we have anything to contribute. Can view but not reply. For example, your latest on boobie selfies, you specifically request shares from girls who have "upsized" - so whilst myself and others may wish to share our selfies, we probs won't as not all of us have upsized, but the gorgeous girls who have upsized will for sure share. What exactly do you expect from us? xo
  4. Thank you for sharing your story and glad to hear you had such a good experience with Dr Sam and you are happy with your results a few of the girls on this forum have had him as their PS as well and always good feedback on their results.
  5. sabP

    Cleavage gap

    Hey hun - I wore my post op bra 24/7 for the first 6 weeks only taking it off to shower - my PS was very strict on that as it's part of the healing process, not fun but you need to follow your PS advice. Looking at your pics you still have a bit of swelling, so I wouldn't worry too much yet as 4 weeks is still early days and the drop and fluff has not started yet. When is your next check up with your PS? I have a small gap (you can check my pics in my gallery) and they are only close together if I smoosh them with my hands.
  6. sabP

    Side sleeping

    Hey @MummaK - recovery is a lot slower than we expect in some ways and those of us girls who are active think we should be back to normal sooner than we are. I totally agree with you, it can be demoralizing. I felt I recovered well and fairly smoothly (apart from the back sleeping) but it did take time to get back to full pelt in terms of my running/swimming/gym and I found it a bit frustrating to say the least. But you do get there in the end and on a side note - your new boobs just look awesome!! And there comes a time when you feel fully recovered and back to everything normal in your life and have SPECTACULAR boobs as well!!! I still can't get over them and still find myself staring at them in wonder ❤️ xo
  7. sabP

    Want to go bigger...

    Hey @Melbmummy the best ladies on this forum to advise you re this is @misstons and @donatella - they can give you great advice and help with your decision to go bigger
  8. sabP

    Side sleeping

    Hey lovely - I started sleeping on my side at the two week mark as my PS said I could. It was far better than back sleeping, which I hate. I found it took a while to get comfy with the side sleeping too, but it was way better than on my back. @Wanting boobs was genius with the sock/cleavage idea and you too!!. I didn't think of that so it was a bit harder for me - but I got used to it and at least I could sleep!! I still do the pillow hugging, but I always did I wouldn't worry at this stage, just sleep as much as you can and confirm with your surgeon on Tuesday
  9. sabP

    Back under the knife again!

    We will all be thinking of you on Monday @vlinder and for sure fingers crossed and all best wishes for a successful surgery and great outcome for you xo
  10. sabP

    Overwhelmed with options

    Hey Emma - it can be daunting and hard to decide. Why are you looking at Thailand/Malaysia? Is it to save money or for a holiday? If you think it's a holiday, it's not, it is major surgery and you won't be able to swim in your hotel pool after surgery due to the incisions and potential bacterial infection, plus you need to rest and recuperate post surgery. If it is to save money, then you may not need to as many Australian plastic surgeons are now quite affordable. Also, if you have your surgery here in Australia your surgeon is close by if anything goes awry and you need any follow up. If anything goes wrong with your overseas surgery and you need follow up here it is not covered by health insurance and the surgeon will just remove the implants. Useful information I think when you are trying to make a decision. In terms of size, style and placement it all depends on what you are aiming for and what is feasible for your body size/shape and anatomy. It is best for you to have a couple of consultations with reputable plastic surgeons (they have the qualifications and skills that a cosmetic surgeon does not) and talk with them about what you would like to achieve. They will measure your breast width dimension and that determines size and width of implant. Plus they can discuss with you the pros and cons of rounds vs anatomicals (tear drop) and over the muscle or partial unders. Take photos to the consultation of what types of breasts you like, but be realistic as to possible outcome - they are surgeons not magicians Good luck with your decision and we are here to help you and support you in this journey xo
  11. Hey hun... gosh that sounds super hectic for you atm! Your new boobs will really settle down after the first few weeks and you'll notice lots of changes over that time. Hope you're still able to take some time out to rest up yourself in amongst looking after everyone else... Superwoman you are!!
  12. ...and looking awesome hun!!! ;D xo
  13. sabP

    Best boob surgeon in perth

    Congratulations on your new boobs @Lynxuskitten and glad your surgery with Dr Vij went well, he is very good and deserves some credit on the forum. Glad to hear your recovery is going well and looking forward to your updates
  14. Hey @TashCat as the ladies above said, you have a lot of breast tissue to start with and that will give you a much fuller result. I started as a 12AA cup and I have 375CC anatomicals under the muscle and I am measuring a DD cup now. Given your starting size and your 385s I agree with the girls above that you will likely end up at least an E cup.