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  1. Back pain and summer sandals

    Check out the iconic - they have a great range https://www.theiconic.com.au/catalog/?q=slides
  2. Favorite Bra Pre Op and Pos Op

    they do still stock them but they are called something else - they should know what your talking about though if you say the complete comfort bra scrap that here they are and the white is on sale for $5 - http://www.brasnthings.com/complete-comfort-microfibre-contoured-bra-ivory-1 get on it peeps
  3. My BBL Journey

    ah I hear you - would love photos and blogging on here - absolutely
  4. Favorite Bra Pre Op and Pos Op

    I loved the removable wire bras from bras n things - they used to be called the complete comfort bra before they started manufacturing there own bras
  5. My BBL Journey

    I am so excited to see your surgery on Dr Miami's snap Would you be interested in vlogging your Dr Miami experience on the Cosmetic Journey Instagram stories?
  6. I would only be seeing a plastic surgeon for this procedure. It is worth waiting to save the extra $$ You get what you pay for and in this case, its an extra 7 years of highly specialised plastic surgery training
  7. Law jaws with wide low cheekbones

    amazing...thank you so much for sharing - you look increible. I love seeing these transformations
  8. Back pain and summer sandals

    i Love my slides - they are the best for holidays too as they are made out of a rubberey type material so can wear them at the beach etc - i i have the givenchy ones but there are soooo many affordable ones out there that are similar
  9. Square jaw and cheekbone reduction in Korea 2

    WOW thank you so much for sharing this - you look absolutely amazing
  10. it would really depend on what you dont like about your features - i think lip fillers could have a nice result for you but you would want to go to somone with lots and lots of experience
  11. Has anyone had BA done from CosMediTour Sydney?

    i think you will find very few plastic surgeons who use saline implants and even less who use saline anatomical implants.
  12. Surgery Moved Up YEA

    Good luck - how exciting for you x
  13. Breast implant related illness real?

    Sign me up - I dont know how they are still selling them to be honest - surely they are aware that there is a huge design flaw that affects the life expectancy of the device
  14. Cosmetic surgery procedures and plastic surgery trends are always evolving. Each year the numbers of Australians undergoing invasive and non-invasive cosmetic procedures increases. And with recent research suggesting that Australians are spending $1 billion on cosmetic procedures, it’s interesting to forecast which cosmetic procedures will be the most popular in 2018. The top 7 cosmetic procedures we think will dominate in 2018 include: Tummy tuck surgery Dermal fillers Brazilian Butt Lift Mummy makeover surgery Botox Breast augmentation Rhinoplasty READ THE FULL BLOG HERE:
  15. Give it time, usually 6 months post op they will have evened up - they say that you need to look at them as two separate surgeries and therefore each breast will heal and settle at a different rate