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  1. Hey @MelbGal you could post this same question in the ask a surgeon section of the site and hopefully one of our cosmetic dentists can help guide you. I personally think you would be a great candidate for veneers - they could expand your buccal corridor and lengthen your incisors. I had an amazing experience with Dr Dee in Melbourne and I know people fly from all over for his work.
  2. OMG I am getting veneers

    thank you lovely - i did have invisalign and bottom braces before i got veneers - I think for me, the invisalign and braces were 7-8k but i paid half up front and the rest i was able to pay off interest free each month over the course of my treatment. My teeth werent actually bad before my invisalgn either but there were things i didnt like. I have to say, doing my teeth has been the best thing I have ever done in terms of my appearance, such small changes but such a great difference. Also, for anyone wondering, I ended up chooseing OM1 which is the whitest colour you could ever get your teeth to through bleaching - the BL1 and BL2 colours are whiter then this but for me I really wanted to look naturally white and not draw too much attention to my teeth as I have a huge smile
  3. I cant wait to hear how you recover and the end results
  4. how did you go with your surgery?
  5. OMG I am getting veneers

    its about $15-20k depending on how much work you need done and overseas was definintely not an option for me as I liked my existing teeth, it took me a long time to find the courage and the right dentist that i trusted for the job. here are some current pics of my final veneers. I will post my before and after images from the clinic when I get them
  6. Yesterday I met this lovely girl who started an app called outdress which allows you to rent out your designer clothes/bags on the app. Had to share in case any other fashion addicts on here would find it helpful - there are some really nice clothes on there and so much cheaper to rent then the dress hire companies. I think I might list some of my stuff on there and see how it goes - at the moment it is free to use https://www.outdress.com.au/
  7. My BBL Journey

    omg this is soooo exciting
  8. Very alarming and it is one of the biggest reasons why we decided only to ever allow FRACS Plastic and ENT surgeons in our directory - its also one of the biggest reasons why reviews are so important. Rest assured that all surgeons in our directory are at least actual surgeons
  9. Natural look BA with Dr Steven Liew

    Dr Tavakoli is $13,900. If your looking for under $12k have you looked at Dr Phoon and Dr Moradi at Park Clinic Sydney? They are within your price range - check them out along with their reviews on the directory here -https://cosmeticjourney.com/clinician/search/0/3/0/0/0/0/ Also check out Jeremy Hunt and Ellis Choy
  10. Biotin supplement (hair and nail growth)

    I have been using Halo beauty supplement or a week or so and it has biotin as a main ingredient - I have not broken out...yet
  11. Implant removal Gold Coast QLD

    you could always change to a smooth round implant - there have been no reported incidences of ALCL with smooth implants. - could be an option for you later on if you have thme out and really dont like them
  12. Fluid under implant in ultrasound

    My MRI was able to show that the implant had big folds in it (the style of implant is underfilled so it doe fold more) over time the constant rubbing of the shell against itself can cause a loss of integrity in the implant - mine were notorious for this happening If you have no symptoms and they have drained the fluid and tested it for ALCL then I would not worry about having surgery unless your doctor or surgeon said they absolutely had to come out
  13. Contemplating Doctors HELP

    In my opinion you are far better off going to a plastic surgeon then a cosmetic surgeon and these days there is not the same price difference there once was. I believe Dr Moradi and Dr Phoon at Park Clinic Sydney offer affordable breast augmentation and have fantastic reviews on this site. If money is not a problem and the mini boob job is what you are after then I would go and see Dr Tavakoli as he is the one who has developed the mini boob job.
  14. Fluid under implant in ultrasound

    This was pretty much my experience however, my chronic inflammmation became very bad at the end and I had a very noticable size difference between the breasts from the fluid - when I had my implants removed, my surgeon said the side with the fluid was also very oozy and inflamed. My implants have been out since October and I feel a million times better. I will wait until October this year before new implants. I also want to add that I has Nagor GFX implants which are Macro textured. I asked to keep them after surgery and the inflammed side the implant was yellow and had little air bubbles in it where as my right was completely intact and looked normal. A few weeks after my surgery I was playing with the implants and the yellow one completely burst so I believe that I also had some kind of gel bleed from the implant which would have not helped things at all.
  15. Breast implant removal best Gold Coast surgeon

    Dr Layt is a great surgeon, he would be a good choice for removal