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  1. This is a extract from the Plastic and reconstructive surgery journal and i have attached for you the study on implant surface texturing and ALCL - i think it is misleading to suggest that because that particular brand has only had one incidence may not accurately reflect the true situation and that is that implants with a higher surface texturing will have a higher risk of ALCL Breast_Implant_Associated_Anaplastic_Large_Cell.1.pdf honestly the information that Rastogi has given you is really a red flag for me Statistically, Poly coated implants only make up a very small percentage of implants inserted overall - so to say there has only been one ALCL case doesnt reflect the entire picture because that could be 1 patient with ALCL out of 1000 which then would be quite high.
  2. TheFox

    Melbourne Girls!!!

    Ive hear amazing things about Hamish Farrow...good luck with your surgery and keep us posted
  3. Ive heard a few cases involving occlusion (not involving blindness)- it is a risk - I think the most important part is to be aware of it and to treat it asap - in most cases when it is treated immediately with hyalaise there are no long term effects Strangely enough, and maybe off topic slightly, but i had a mole removed recently from my GP who just started doing fillers and botox and he confessed to me that he has never been trained to use hyalaise - WOW thanks but no thanks give me a good quality nurse injector annnnny day of the week With these kinds of risks - if you are in the industry, if you attend conferences and workshops, you are well aware of the risks, are well informed of what to look for and are well informed of the best treatment methods early on that can minimise the risk of long term complications then your risks are extremely low. Any injector (Dr or Nurse) who lives and breathes this industry should be well equipped to recognise, diagnose and treat.
  4. TheFox

    Friday fun!!!!

    woah woah woah - cant relate to the boob selfies because I had my implants taken out so my boobs are non existent but please do share on how you lost 3kgs in a week - im totally down for that
  5. I would be doing you research properly about both surgeons - if your gut is telling you something then you really should listen to your intuition but at the same time - you really need to be 100% comfortable with your choice. I have no doubt Dr Rastogi is a capable surgeon, he has been around for a long time, seems to operate with integrity however, I would definitely be arming yourself with the risks associated with ALCL and high textured implants - i recently (12 month ago) had my macro textured nagor implants removed after 5 years and I would not choose a high textured style in the future. Most surgeons (Rastogi included) should be able to offer you a choice of implants, no one is bound to one brand only
  6. TheFox

    Implant Removal & Fat Transfer

    I have had my implants removed and they have changed so much in the year since I had them removed. I would hold off fat grafting until everything has settled so you can determine where or if you need the fat placed.
  7. TheFox

    Revision Melbourne help

    I have always been well cared for and supported by Mark Ashton. Highly recommend him and in my opinion he is a very highly skilled surgeon and very nice person. I am very happy with my experiences with Mark and wouldnt hesitate to recommend him for surgery to anyone and everyone. My best friend had very difficult tuberous breasts which he masterfully corrected and years down the track, the still look sensational. Mark performed breast augmentation on my older sister who has recently had another child and has been able to breastfeed with no issues. For me, I had complications with my implants (not to do with Marks skill) and he did a fantastic job on my removal. Somehow, almost one year on, he managed to get my breasts looking better post explant then they did before I had breast augmentation surgery.
  8. TheFox

    Explant surgery & fat grafting

    Who are you consulting with? I know that Dr Alan Kalus performs autologus fat transfer to the breast for augmentation - I had the pleasure of hearing his talk at the ISAPS conference last month. We have a video interview with him going live on the site this month, I will be sure to share when it is live
  9. Hey lovely, I havent had a lift so I cant share my experience with that but I have had breast augmentation and I did suffer complications 5 years post op and had to have them removed. Its almost been a year since I had them out and wont hesitate to get new implants at the 12 month mark. Having gone through everything I did, i still do not regret my decision. I loved my breast implants and they were worth every cent.. I dont feel like i wasted my money at all, in fact it was the best money i spent. Complications can happen, but if you are well insured with PHI then that can cover some of the cost also. Everyone should be prepared for the fact that they will need more surgery in the future and you need to be okay with that.
  10. TheFox

    Boob greed

    I found my feelings changed a lot about my breasts after the novelty wore off although I did feel straight away that they were too big. Ive since had mine removed due to issues that I had with them and cant wait to get them replaced - having no boobs - then boobs- back to no boobs has made me realise that something in the middle is exactly what I want.
  11. TheFox

    Would Surgery Be Right For Me?

    The first step would be to see your GP and ask for a referral to the plastic surgeons you want to see. This will ensure you cna get a medicare rebate on your consultation. Do you have PHI? if you are tuberous then you maybe able to claim some of the costs back. If your breasts are really causing you distress then surgery can fix the physical condition of your breasts but it is important to know that no breasts can look perfect after surgery especially if you are tuberous so it would be a good idea to look at pictures of breast similar to yours and view their outcomes to see if the results would be something you would be ahppy with
  12. TheFox

    Documenting my BA journey

    Best of luck and keep us updated with how you go
  13. TheFox

    BEST TUMMY TUCK Surgeons MElb

    I had breast augmentation with Prof Mark Ashton and can highly recommend him - i havent had a tummy tuck with him but i have lots of friends who have had surgery and are very happy. Also Howard Webster is very popular for tummy tuck. One of the school mums just had surgery and is so happy and she looks great
  14. TheFox

    Explant and lift recommendations

    I have seen some great work by Craig Layt in QLD
  15. TheFox

    Explant surgery & fat grafting

    they look better then before surgery actually - but I had surgery quite soon after breast feeding and i probably oculd have waited a little longer they are different to each other now, much more so then before - i have no breast crease on one side now and its like all the breast tissue below the nipple has disappeared. I am very much looking forward to getting new implants