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  1. TheFox

    Hair Transplant

    I have also researched this a lot and there is so much conflicting info on the internet. Lots of people have had good experiences in Turkey but I have heard good things about Dr Wayne Young
  2. TheFox

    My explant journey

    Yes they were textured and I did have the capsule and surrounding fluid tested for ALCL which was negative. I haven't had new implants put back in yet, but i think i will soon
  3. TheFox

    Plasma tightening facial

    I am always on the hunt for procedures and products for the skin - would this work on the tummy?
  4. TheFox

    Deciem - The Ordinary!

    I was sent lots of their products to try and I honestly have no feelings towards them, good or bad. I wish they had some sort of kit with a prescribed range i.e step1 step 2 etc Ive just received the good skincare company range to try and this was recommended to me by my nurse injector who has the skin of a teenager - will let you know how i go
  5. TheFox

    Experience with bottoming out revision?

    sorry to hear you have had these complications - Ive ehard good things about Dr Birch but I dont have any first hand experience. I do know its not uncommon to bottom out with smooth implants - what did Dr Birch propose to repair the bottoming out
  6. TheFox


    Has anyone had microfiller? I feel my skin needs a little booster and as we are heading into summer my beautiful nurse injector said I should wait until after summer to do a fraxel clear and brilliant or IPL treatment. She suggested microfiller which they now offer at Laser Clinics Australia for around $650 a treatment. She said I will only need 2 treatments and basically they inject in micro doses 3 mls of dermal filler across the entire face, right up under the tear troughs etc Has anyone got any experience with this, how where you results?
  7. TheFox

    New boobs take 2

    Having your implants out isnt as bad as the thought of it seems - Mine were removed over 12 months ago (it was 1 year ago in October). I was intially going to wait three months until I had them replaced however, they needed longer to settle. By 9 months they were looking pretty okay actually and I can get my new implants anytime I want but to be honest, im in no hurry now.
  8. TheFox

    Nipple piercings

    awww I love this - good for you, i am so glad to hear you are feeling so great and body positive - 40kgs is an amazing effort - well done and enjoy the fruits of your labour i say
  9. TheFox

    Nipple piercings

    oh you got them done - did it hurt like hell? happy healing, keep us updated, very curious as to how they heal
  10. TheFox

    Botox for jaw clenching

    where are you located?
  11. TheFox

    Nipple piercings

    I dont have my nipples pierced but I have seen quite a few done to correct inverted nipples - they have always been with a barbell. I wonder, do they increase or decrease nipple sensitivity?
  12. I have had injectables at cosmos clinic in Double Bay and was very pleased with my results. I would recommend
  13. TheFox

    Botox for jaw clenching

    A qualified nurse injector should be well versed in doing this
  14. with all body types it is about dressing for your body and certainly there are things that dont look flattering on when you have no breasts so I think it is just one of those things. Ive not had any negative comments until ive been in a bikini or a crop where my bones are more visible - but honestly, if my ribs offend people they can look away. it is funny how breasts though can make you look just a little healthier and i miss that
  15. im not in any hurry to be honest - i dont love my breasts, I dont hate them because i dont really need to look at them. I do like that I can wear things like t shirts and dresses out of the stretchy material and not need to wear a bra. I will say though, I got a lot of negative comments when I posted a picture on my instagram in a bikini as i look much thinner with no breasts even though I weigh the same as the day i had them out