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  1. TheFox

    Cosmetic Evolution Dr Lee?

    I would go with your gut - I personally wouldnt see a cosmetic surgeon for a plastic surgery procedure but that is my own opinion
  2. so glad to hear your story - Dr Sam is a legend and I can see why his patients love him
  3. I have an A line bob a little past my chin and I just use my wide plate GHD and its is super fast and easy
  4. TheFox

    Cleavage gap

    you will find that if you have small gap beforehand you will have a small gap afterwards
  5. Why dont you go for your consult with Dr Moradi and see some of his results - his patients speak very highly of him and I think he is a great surgeon who does a lot of breast work. Dr Tavakoli does high volume tuberous and revision surgery and I do think he is worth the price
  6. TheFox

    Loads of views no replies

    probably because all the posts are googleble so people will find the forum read the info and leave - me on the other hand, well i prefer to interact
  7. TheFox

    Revision cost / Dr Tavakoli

    Dr tavakoli is worth every single penny and I would have zero hesitation in paying that money for him if you wanted hte best possible outcome. You might find your consultation in person will be a far cheaper quote then what you were given, especially if you have PHI. What did Dr Tavakoli say you needed to fix them?
  8. TheFox

    Explant surgery & fat grafting

    I had mine explanted. im not sure fat grafting alone would be very helpful to my breasts now but I can say im about 10 months post op now and they have changed quite a bit. I will be getting my new implants soon - im hoping September - I think I will end up with 270cc but I would be over the moon if I could have 220cc. I just need some shape, not looking for volume
  9. TheFox

    Dr Tavakoli VS Dr.

    I think Dr Tavakoli's extensive use of liposuction and waist-buttock reshaping yields far superior results. I also like that he has posted results 10+ years after surgery on his social media which are all consistently amazing.
  10. TheFox

    Pre-surgery boob greed! Am I crazy?

    Everyone is different - Im 174cms 55kgs and had my 410cc implants removed - my reaugmentation will be with 250cc anatomical implants. For me, my implants where huge and cumbersome. Everyones experience is different. I am sure there are others on who would have told you they were tiny (inlcuding those who met me in real life). However, that was how I felt with them. You should always go with what you find comfortable because everyone has different opinions and different perspective on things. To the person who said they work in the industry and most people want to upsize, I wouldnt agree. I work in this industry and have come across plenty of women who want to downsize, even more so these days, Perhaps its a change in trends, who knows but anecdotal evidence is only helpful to a limited degree. For every person who says they wish they went bigger, theres others who would say the opposite. If you want to know how subjective sizing is, look at bras...a D cup can be massively different depending on the brand.
  11. Hey @MelbGal you could post this same question in the ask a surgeon section of the site and hopefully one of our cosmetic dentists can help guide you. I personally think you would be a great candidate for veneers - they could expand your buccal corridor and lengthen your incisors. I had an amazing experience with Dr Dee in Melbourne and I know people fly from all over for his work.
  12. TheFox

    OMG I am getting veneers

    thank you lovely - i did have invisalign and bottom braces before i got veneers - I think for me, the invisalign and braces were 7-8k but i paid half up front and the rest i was able to pay off interest free each month over the course of my treatment. My teeth werent actually bad before my invisalgn either but there were things i didnt like. I have to say, doing my teeth has been the best thing I have ever done in terms of my appearance, such small changes but such a great difference. Also, for anyone wondering, I ended up chooseing OM1 which is the whitest colour you could ever get your teeth to through bleaching - the BL1 and BL2 colours are whiter then this but for me I really wanted to look naturally white and not draw too much attention to my teeth as I have a huge smile
  13. I cant wait to hear how you recover and the end results
  14. how did you go with your surgery?
  15. TheFox

    OMG I am getting veneers

    its about $15-20k depending on how much work you need done and overseas was definintely not an option for me as I liked my existing teeth, it took me a long time to find the courage and the right dentist that i trusted for the job. here are some current pics of my final veneers. I will post my before and after images from the clinic when I get them