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  1. honestly mine got worse and worse. I was taking pain killers in the few days leading up to my surgery because it was that uncomfortable. I was not in a good way. lost tons of weight that month, i was uncomfortable, restless, couldnt sleep etc. I feel for you. Once the bad implant was out it was so much better
  2. this is what happened to me. The fluid came back. I was planning on exchange of implants at the time and I had a sudden onset of swelling in the left breast - had MRI which showed swelling no rupture etc - booked in two weeks later to have them exchanged for new implants and by that time the swelling had come back and was getting worse. It was actual another surgeon, Dr Tavakoli who was honest with me and advised me to take the implant and capsules out and not get new implants at the same time. He said I should wait a minimum 6 months but ideally a year. So anyway when one of the worlds best breast surgeons gives you advice you have to take it, so I rang my surgeon up the next day and said I didnt want implants put back in during that procedure. I had my surgery the next day and when I woke in recovery the nurses told me that my surgeon had decided i needed to stay overnight for proper main management because the amount of work he had to do was a lot. Well anyway, that afternoon my surgeon Mark Ashton came and saw me in my room and said I dont know how you knew but it was a mess inside. The implants were intact but the side that had the fluid was oozing and extremely inflamed and putting an implant right back in would not have been a good idea. Of course me being me asked to keep my implants and the side that had the fluid was yellow and the other implant normal. Im sure i posted a pic of it here on the thread my explant journey. Once i was home i realised that there was actually air bubbbles inside the implant and even though it had been cleaned it was slimey. I gave it a good ssqueeze and the thing exploded in my hand. So, ive come to the conclusion that i had a gel bleed causing the inflammation and thats why i was getting the fluid build up. So, anyway, I hope this puts you at ease as I went through the same thing. Removing my implants was not as bad as I thought it would be and now 2 years later they have fluffed out okay. I still hate my boobs and i am planning on reaugmenting again but i just keep pushing it back because of the recovery and the fact that I have to travel to Sydney and stay for a week as Dr Tav is the only surgeon I can trust to fix them up again.
  3. Hey Donatella, You bet I did I had just my lower tummy done with the JPlasma for tightening and I am really happy. Dr Ajaka and Dr Fasceetti both did it at the same time. I had drains for about a week which was really the worst part about it because they arent the bulb drains like you have with breast or tummy tuck, they literally just leak freely out. Its worth it though as it does help with the swelling. Really happy with my results and would 100% recommend cosmos. I mainly did it for the tightening because i had some lose skin from pregnancy but not enough for a tummy tuck or a mini tuck. Oh also, I got 40ml fat graft above my belly button as I had a depression there which they filled up and helped the sad appearance of the belly button. I have my before and after pics on a USB, ill dig them out and post it for you. Its funny, everyone thinks I went and got a BBL. Tummy lipo really can change your silhouette
  4. I did not get enbloc, my implant was taken out and the capsule were sent off for pathology testing in case of ALCL
  5. my dominant side took longer to drop but they were never 100% even but they werent to begin with
  6. There is no surgeon in the world I would trust more with my breasts than Dr Tavakoli. I have been lucky enough to film in theatre with him for this website several times and he has an exceptional attention to detail, is extremely fussy and is an absolute perfectionist. As for implant sizing, he will recommend a size range suitable for you during your consultation and you will have the opportunity to try on sizers in the office. You make a decision on which sizes you would like. During surgery, he will use implant sizers to find the most suitable implant size for your frame and I have been in theatre with him before where the patient gave him a printout of her "wish boobs" which I witnessed him referring back to before deciding on the right implant. My understanding is the implant sizers are not just to decide on the best size but also the best projection and shape for your breast footprint i.e. tall, oval, round base etc He is not as expensive as people seem to think, last time i checked it was around $14,000.
  7. I had my implants and capsule removed by Professor Mark Ashton. He was great and I was lucky that most of my costs where covered by my Private health insurance as I had late onset seroma (suspected ALCL) and they had to come out for a time. Its been two years since explant and I will be seeing Dr Tavakoli for my next augmentation as I hate the way my breast look naked and I personally think he does an incredible mini boob job which im hoping to achieve
  8. So tomorrow is the day. I had my pre surgical appointment at Cosmos clinic today. I was sized up for my post op garment which is like shorts that come up around your shoulders with straps. Way better than any spanx ive ever worn - gives you some serious kim kardashian curves without any surgery lol I also have to wear a binder with a board that goes under it so that it helps the skin and tissue settle flat. Ill post some pictures on this thread tomorrow when I am wearing it. Very very excited for tomorrow
  9. omg without giving anything away - the long night battle of winterfell - wowwwww
  10. im pretty keen on the motiva implants, lots of surgeons use them. I do beleive they are much softer than the mentor anatomical implants. You should speak to a surgeon who does lots of both types of implants. I always believe that the surgeons who are not tied to one implant brand or type offer great advise. There are trade offs with all implants, its best to workout what factors are important for you. Its worth noting that Mentor anatomical implants have been around for a long time and are well researched. I remember all the positive fandom around brazilian poly implants when I had my surgery many years ago and how they were amazing implants with no capsular contracture, very safe etc and now we know they are actually associated with the highest incidence of ALCL
  11. just putting it out there and i know its so off topic but im so excited for game of thrones season 8 tomorrow
  12. You may get more of a wow factor with higher profile anatomical implants over rounds as the anatomical implants are form stable and keep their shape. Rounds tend to be more cohesive. Abby Dowse has anatomical implants and they have heaps of upper pole https://www.instagram.com/p/BwEPW_fDB9O/
  13. the risk with the mentor implants is around 1:86000 which to me is an acceptable risk. It is important to be aware of ALCL and know what to look for because early treatment is simply removing the implant and capsule.
  14. These implants where removed for reasons unrelated to ALCL. I believe it was many years ago now that they were removed from market here and it had to do with a possible contamination during the process of making them. My experience is also like Jugs, I had rounds and wanted to change to anatomical.
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