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  1. I can guarantee no such service exists - in fact only a matter of a few weeks ago, Google was held in contempt of court for failing to remove defamatory reviews after a court issued an injunction - https://www.theaustralian.com.au/nation/google-on-contempt-charge-over-reviews/news-story/a91b54fb41c5578acfbeba5387eb4969 I seriously doubt businesses would take the very expensive route of court injunctions if there was a service that could hide them. I suspect your genuine review may not have shown because it was flagged by your IP address or contained a link to an external website etc
  2. So tomorrow is the day. I had my pre surgical appointment at Cosmos clinic today. I was sized up for my post op garment which is like shorts that come up around your shoulders with straps. Way better than any spanx ive ever worn - gives you some serious kim kardashian curves without any surgery lol I also have to wear a binder with a board that goes under it so that it helps the skin and tissue settle flat. Ill post some pictures on this thread tomorrow when I am wearing it. Very very excited for tomorrow
  3. omg without giving anything away - the long night battle of winterfell - wowwwww
  4. im pretty keen on the motiva implants, lots of surgeons use them. I do beleive they are much softer than the mentor anatomical implants. You should speak to a surgeon who does lots of both types of implants. I always believe that the surgeons who are not tied to one implant brand or type offer great advise. There are trade offs with all implants, its best to workout what factors are important for you. Its worth noting that Mentor anatomical implants have been around for a long time and are well researched. I remember all the positive fandom around brazilian poly implants when I had my surgery many years ago and how they were amazing implants with no capsular contracture, very safe etc and now we know they are actually associated with the highest incidence of ALCL
  5. just putting it out there and i know its so off topic but im so excited for game of thrones season 8 tomorrow
  6. You may get more of a wow factor with higher profile anatomical implants over rounds as the anatomical implants are form stable and keep their shape. Rounds tend to be more cohesive. Abby Dowse has anatomical implants and they have heaps of upper pole https://www.instagram.com/p/BwEPW_fDB9O/
  7. the risk with the mentor implants is around 1:86000 which to me is an acceptable risk. It is important to be aware of ALCL and know what to look for because early treatment is simply removing the implant and capsule.
  8. These implants where removed for reasons unrelated to ALCL. I believe it was many years ago now that they were removed from market here and it had to do with a possible contamination during the process of making them. My experience is also like Jugs, I had rounds and wanted to change to anatomical.
  9. Hey everyone, I wanted to share in here the podcast that I was featured on this week on Inside Aesthetics as part of my role here at Cosmetic Journey. You can listen to it here: Spotify: iTunes: We talk about the work we do here at Cosmetic Journey and discussed things like social media in plastic surgery, regulator censorship, procedures and more. Would love to know what you think of it
  10. Agree, I would not have an issue having Mentor textured implants inserted the risk is around 1:56000 however im worried about the risk of rotation since im sure my pocket is a hot mess. Im going to go with Motiva mini or demi implants - they are considered a smooth implant
  11. Hey Sheba, I had my moderate profile implants removed 18 months ago and am now planning on getting Motiva Demi (moderate) put in, in a much smaller size. They will be the same projection but narrower
  12. I can recommend Dr Layt or Dr Stradwick for revision surgery in QLD. They are both very good surgeons. Dr Cheng would be another choice to look into
  13. Hi Jen, I would highly recommend seeing a plastic surgeon in your area for a consult to remove them.. Depending on what state you are in, we could give you recommendations. I had mine removed by Professor Mark Ashton in Melbourne and was very happy with the care and results he gave me. There isnt a whole lot that can be done for the appearance post op except for perhaps opting for a breast lift or seeing a plastic surgeon like Dr Tavakoli who does lots of fat grafting on the breasts for explant patients.
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