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  1. how are you going vlinder, are you happy with your fat grafting now
  2. Im thinking about getting vaser lipo on my lower tummy at cosmos clinic with Dr Joseph Ajaka. I have seen some really amazing results on his instagram page of people who i would have thought for sure would need a tummy tuck but they amount of skin tightening they got from the vaser was amazing. I have very little fat on my abdomen but some loose skin just below my belly button from having kids. Has anyone had vaser at cosmos and how did it go with recovery and also skin tightening. https://www.instagram.com/p/BscluzAnDeJ/
  3. I cant wait for this procedure to be developed more and become more readily available.
  4. TheFox

    Dr Tavakoli thread

    you are in great hands. Dr Tavakoli is really great at what he does and no drains
  5. TheFox

    Surgery anxiety

    Hey lovely, if you can afford it, the intercontinental double bay is a stones throw from his clinic and it is a beautiful hotel. I have also seen that airbnb is quite a popular choice for lots of dr tav patients as there are plenty that are airbnb serviced apartments. Meriton in Bondi Junction is also not too far away and it is walking distances to westfield with lots of food options around.
  6. do they sell the bras though? there is one at Melbourne airport but they only stock the underwear and their beauty products
  7. TheFox

    Implant Removal & Fat Transfer

    I had private health insurance which covered the cost of the theatre and anaesthetists. Im now 18 months post explant and would love love love to see some fat grafting after explant in women who dont have much breast tissue to begin with
  8. TheFox

    Dr Edmund Ek and April 2019 BA

    Hey ladies, Ive jsut gone ahead and opened up these forums for 2019 -sorry its a little late
  9. TheFox

    Breast Lift WITHOUT Augmentation

    you might be better off researching a surgeon for breast lift and a different surgeon for facelift - I ahve heard really good things about Dr Montien for facelift in Thailand and know 2 women who have had the surgery with him
  10. he does good work, the fat grafting looks amazing. I would never have thought
  11. Best of luvk Jamball, I hope we didnt confuse you too much. I think rule of thumb, consult with a plastic surgeon. If you bring a GP referral you will get some money back too.
  12. Years and years ago Bras n things sold the best wirefree softly padded bras and then they started only selling their own brand and I never liked their version of the complete comfort bra. Also they only came in boring black, white or nude. Anyway, Victoria secret opened up a flagship store in Chadstone Melbourne and it turns out their youthful brand Pink has the best bras ever. https://www.victoriassecret.com.au/pink/bras-wireless-styles/wear-everywhere-wireless-lightly-lined-pink?ProductID=415983&CatalogueType=OLS These are seriously my favourite and you can undo the bra straps and make them crisscross at the back if your wearing a racer back. They are super comfortable and huge range of sizers. Anyway, not an ad just had to share lol Would love to know your recommendations for fave bras
  13. TheFox

    My explant journey

    Im definitely happy with the size, I guess I have the same problem now that I had before boobs and that is that i have no upper pole. I wear the victoria secret soft cup wirefree bras and I have to say, in T shirts and singlets, they are the perfect size. I guess the slight soft padding in the bra cups gives me the exact look im after. The only time i dont like my boobs is naked or in a bikini top but im honestly weighing up whether or not it is worth it having implants again. Will i think they are too big in a bra if i get them done lol, ahh so hard, i really dont know what to do
  14. To be honest, i knew he was a cosmetic surgeon as soon as you said polyurethane implants - Dr Moradi is the more qualified choice out of the two - he is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon which means a lot when it comes to surgery and your body.
  15. defintiely follow your surgeons instructions and I would ensure you rest well for your recovery