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    BA~158cm~ size8~
    Pre-op 10A
    Post-op~ 12E~Nagor~textured~round~dual plane~crease incision~425cc's~ XHP~
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    Professor Mark Ashton. BA 25th Aug 2014
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    158cm, 55kg

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  1. Hi, Leah works at highpoint. I just seen her yesterday and got mine done for the first time. She was wonderful and I couldn't fault her at all. Ive got to wait for swelling to go down but I love mine already.
  2. Yes I would hate to waste my money if it went away completely. Thanks girls! I'll keep searching for some one who offers Juvederm.
  3. Hi, Im doing research on dermal lip fillers around Victoria. I just had a consult with Carla Parker from Simply face cosmetics. And she has recommended that I get Restylane as I have pretty small, thin lips. Its probably going to take atleast 3/4mls over time to get my desired look that I would like personally. Im not scared of people noticing a difference. Im just after them big and pouty to the amount my lips can take Her prices are 1ml for $600 or; Pay upfront for 2mls (1ml and then in a few weeks I get the other 1ml ) For $1000. So im just wanting to know if
  4. Hi Penguin1, im looking into getting some fillers done in Melbourne or possibly closer to where live in the country. Im looking at getting a consult with Dr Theva @ 900 Toorak Rd, Camberwell in Melbourne. I hope this helps.
  5. Hi, has anyone here used denticare payment plans to pay off there dental bills? Or does any one know of good dental clinics that provide payment plans? preferred in Victoria regional areas. Any info would be very appreciated.
  6. Hi I'm doing alittle research on fillers aswell. Mainly in Victoria. But as I have family in SA I looked into places there aswell. I've heard of 'Aboutfaceskin&hair' is extremely good, just pricey. There located in Mt Barker and also have franchised in another suburb in Adelaide recently. Check them out of facebook.
  7. Hi L, is Michelle located in Mt Barker?
  8. MY UPDATE FOR: 1 WEEK AFTER REVISION So this past week ive been treating myself like its a BA as told by a nurse to take it easy with no lifting and no driving ect... I had my checkup on Monday with one of the nurses to get my bandage/dressing taken off and replaced it with the skin colour tape over incision. It felt so good to be changed. The nurse said its healing really good. I had asked if I can drive my car again, lay on my back instead of upright and shower normally. All of those things are ok. I have been feeling really good for the last 4/5 days. finished my antibiotics on Saturday. I
  9. Revision for right breast. 17/8/15 Like for by BA I had to fill in admission info the hospital sent me previous to admission day. This time I ticked both private room and public room it didn't bother me where I was placed as it was for a minor revision and only in for the day and also costing me nothing. Fasted from 12am. So as I previously said I was going in for a minor revision on right implant to be reopened and pushed down about 1cm to match left breast. Done by my surgeon Mark. Day 1 I had arrived with my partner at FPH at about 6:45am for admission time at 7am. let the ladies at front
  10. So my revision with my surgeon Professor Mark Ashton is coming up on the 17TH of this month for my right implant to be pushed down about 1cm as its sitting a little higher then my left, been right handed my stubborn right chest muscle wouldn't let the implant drop/fluff into its place. It will be just a day procedure so ill be home by the afternoon. Ive taken 2wks off from work as my job consists of a fair bit of heavy lifting and probably go back on light duties. Ive stopped going to the gym in past week and stopped any upperbody workouts about 2/3wks ago as when I had my op for my BA last ye
  11. Hi, that'll be good, I will do a review on him.
  12. Hi Karly, im happy to be able to be a help in any way.
  13. Hi to anyone following my progress. I just had my check up appointment yesterday with Mark. Im about 9months post op. my last appointment was in December. So he checked me out and said my left breast looks perfect and my right is sitting about 1cm slightly higher making the nipples abit uneven/asymmetrical. I have noticed this before but never really said anything when I think I should of now as Mark has recommended and if I want this, to go into theatre again for abit of a revision. Reopen the right breast incision and push the implant slightly down. Its a quick procedure he said and ill be
  14. 6MONTHS POST OP. Apologize for late reply for 6month update. Laptop broke from falling off table. So haven't been able to get on here to reply till now. So 6 months was February 9th 2015. And still very happy with size and shape. Love how they look in clothes and lingerie. Still applying vitamin E oil morning and night, scars are slightly pink, plus a small pinkish dot on outer sides of boobs where my drains were, that are practically invisible. Got no stretch marks. So I got back into my pole fitness at about 8 n a half weeks post op, took abit to get back my strength. 4/5months post op I
  15. Just got sized today at Bras'n'things and im a 12E!! in a Playboy brand. Cant belive how well Mark Ashtons judge was on what size i was after, PERFECT!! Im so happy, was just what i wanted DD/E.
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