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  1. After surgery and 2 revisions I'm still really unhappy with how mine look - both look so different and one bigger than the other. They look ridiculous in photos. So I have regretted them in that sense BUT in a bra/clothes I still think they are very fabulous compared to before. Still much more confident just not once I'm naked, which is frankly really disappointing!
  2. I had asymmetry before my BA in August last year. Got 2 different implants and 1x HP and 1x XHP. I had to have a revision on lefty in October as it was too high but surgeon assured me implant was right. Now I need to have a second revision to lefty as its prolapsed out of the pocket and hanging low - you can literally see the implant. Luckily it doesn't really hurt as I can't get surgery to fix it until March but it does look less full on top and is sitting about 2cm lower than righty. I think trying to fix assymetry will always be harder. Definitely see a few surgeons and see what they thi
  3. mine look much like yours too - at 10 weeks still quite red! On the boon that got a revision there are a number of lumps under the incision - surgeon says normal but feels yuck and hurts more than when I got them done originally where incision has no lumps and feels smooth.
  4. I went to Myer the other day and there's a whole range of decent looking wire free bras - wish I'd seen those many weeks ago!
  5. send me a message if you want to discuss mark and get pics etc. I had surgery with Mark in August and I think he is great (for the record)
  6. Hi subtle and discrete - Revision ok so far thanks - much much less painful that original surgery and can basically do everything from day 1. Not 100% sold that it has made a big difference but I guess I need to wait a few weeks to see result properly. I think the hard thing is when you start with 2 totally different shape/size boobs then they will always have some symmetry issues unfortunately - I certainly don't want to start cutting my nipple off and moving it in a quest for perfection! In bras etc they will still look great and despite how they may look in photos no one else will notic
  7. My plastic Surgeon reused mine for my revision - the revision quite minor and implant not removed.
  8. Know how you feel. I had the same issue 2 months in - lefty started looking strange now they are totally different - I had a fair amount of assymetry before though and got different sized implants. When I went back to my surgeon he immediately said he's not happy and lefty size is fine but implant just needs to be moved so he booked me in asap for a revision all at his expense so no out of pocket costs for me. I was kinda expecting it given the different size and shape of my pre op boobs but it sucks. Photos emphasise it though. Just see your surgeon and he will fix it - their reputation on
  9. You need to just trust your surgeon as all implants and surgeries are different and have different instructions. I'm 9 weeks post op and still don't really wear a bra except a flimsy no wire lace or cotton thing when needed. Was totally embarrassed at first especially at work but layered singlets, scarves, cardi's etc and no one knew. I hoped to myself it was helping them drop quicker but it's also quite nice just to have good tits finally and not need one haha Buy a bonds wire free or cotton on has cheap ones to try out. Don't stress about no bra. Your surgeon is the expert!
  10. I am 9 weeks post op with mark, very happy with him. Pm me if you wish.
  11. I layered singlets and long sleeve t from forever new under everything. Started new job after my BA so was super conscious of new corporate role and going braless but was fine. Scarves and cardigans help too. I'm 8 weeks post op and don't wear a bra usually now still but did buy some little lace things from cotton on to wear under singlets and bought a no underwire nude bonds bra from big w on the weekend which I wore yesterday when I had a follow up with Mark. I'm still not going to wear underwire for a while until more dropping and fluffing etc but wore crop to gym.
  12. Mine were like and a and b which was around 65cc difference pre-op. I got 340HP and 390XHP but I can't see final result as its only been a month since surgery but so far they look much better - cant (or didn't) change nipple placement.
  13. I've had under muscle but same implant stats with mark but my surgery was only a month ago - pm me if you want a progress pic but there's a lot of dropping etc to go - I know there's not many pics from mark but he is awesome and you're in great hands with him and his team!
  14. I'm 4 days post op (395cc and 340cc under muscle) and just left the house for the first time and it was unconfortable going to the shops. I'm back at work in a week and can't imagine my boobs looking normal or even feeling ok in office wear- my nipples are like swollen pointers. I bought a few slim fit singlets though which I put on today pulling up over my legs since I can't raise my arms. I looked normal with this, zip up trackie jacket and vest so i reckon you'll be fine in gym gear since it's winter! And you'll have dropped before it's really hot. Good luck!
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