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    Mark Ashton August 2015
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  1. I took sick leave for both of my breast augmentation surgeries. The view I have is that I am entitled to sick leave and I was unfit to perform my working duties during that two week period, I work as a nurse in the operating theatre. I have the discussion via email (I always like to have discussions like this in writing) and basically said that I am undergoing surgery on such and such date and as directed by my surgeon, will need to take the following two weeks of on sick leave as I will be unfit to perform my duties. They're not legally allowed to ask you what procedure you're having and if you have a valid medical certificate they're not allowed to refuse sick leave. Plastic surgeons don't just perform cosmetic surgeries, they perform all kinds of corrective and reconstructive surgery as well. For example you could have had skin lesions removed from your back for all anyone knows...so having a surgeons name on the medical certificate doesn't automatically mean your workplace will know what procedure you have had. Good luck!
  2. Ugghhhh I will look for a good article that describes the difference between twilight and general because so many girls are not well informed. I am an anaesthetic nurse and I work assisting an anaesthetist inducing during and waking patients from operations every single day. - having a general anaesthetic means you are unconscious for the entire operation. -having twilight means you are 'sedated' to some extent. You may remember something and you may not. Everyone is different and there are many different levels of sedation. This 'sedation' is given through an IV drip. you cannot have part or your body paralised for twilight sedation (the only exception to this is a spinal anaesthetic for surgery that is waist down eg hip or knee). You cannot just paralise the breast. Muscle paralysis is only done under a general anaesthetic when the ventilator breathes for you. If you paralize someone who is awake they cannot breath for themselves....muscle paralysis is just that, it does not provide pain relief, the pain relief comes from local anaesthetic and pain killers that the anaesthetist puts in your IV drip. Muscle paralysis is usually done for surgical benefit...having relaxed muscles can make it easier for the surgeon to operate than having tight muscles. In saying that some surgeons don't care either way, so do. having a general anaesthetic or twilight anaesthetic both carry risks. What is safest for one person will not be safest for everyone. Talk to your anaesthetists about your concerns and questions and together come up with a plan that is both safe and reassuring for you as an individual.
  3. Your surgeon will not prescribe you anything, it is your anaesthetist that may do this if they think it is required..They all have different preferences and routines, some never give premeds, some do sometimes and some will for everyone. It's best to contact your anaesthetist directly and ask them what they do. If you cannot contact them directly prior to surgery then when you are admitted to hospital tell the nurse you suffer from anxiety and would like to speak to your anaesthetist about being prescribed something while you wait. Depending on the hospital and where you are on the list will depend on how long your wait is... At my work they get everyone on the theatre list in at 7.30am this is because it takes the nurses a while to get through everyone's admission paperwork and also incase someone on the list before you is cancelled or delayed they can move you forward and keep the list running (it's very expensive to have an empty, fully staffed operating room sitting empty because no patients are ready to come through) As an example: subtle and discrete and I both had the same surgeon, a couple of months apart. She was given a pre med and I was not (nor did I ask). More than likely we had different anaesthetists with different routines.
  4. The anaesthetic, pain killers and antibiotics should not be directly responsible for preventing your period from coming if you have stopped taking the contraceptive pill. It may just be a few days late by chance, if your concerned I would take a pregnancy test to rule that out.
  5. Like a few other girls have mentioned, I also slept with a pillow under my knees to stop me from sliding down when I slept and a few stacked behind me....I found that sleeping uptight really helped reduce my pain and swelling but I've seen lots of girls say they felt fine being flat (lucky!!)
  6. Well said! Breast and endocrine surgeons still complete the minimum 5 year surgical training but instead of doing the 'plastic surgeon' program they do the breast and endocrine program....there are numerous different programs that a a doctor wanting to be a surgeon can enter into. eg orthopaedics, paediatrics, urology, gynaecology, obstetrics, plastics. All programs are very competitive to get accepted into and then they have to meet certain requirements to stay in the program.... (This does not include cosmetic 'surgeons' who aren't required to complete any formal surgical training.) although the breast program is different to a plastic surgeon I think he sounds very experienced and personally I would still go to the consultation. I work with a breast surgeon who only does reconstructive procedures but she is absolutely incredible, if she did cosmetic procedures I wouldn't have hesitated going to her.
  7. Hi, I got nagor impleo mod 270cc and ended up with a c cup. I started with smaller than an a cup.
  8. I have very long hair so from day 1 I could hunch my back, lean my head forward and scoop it into a top bun with my arms bent at the elbows but straight at the shoulders.....if that makes sense? And it stayed in a top bun for days between washes at the hair dressers haha
  9. haha you can never really be sure of someones age! I have such a baby face that I constantly get asked if I've finished high school and every single time I've ever been to a bottle shop (fairly regularly ?) I've been asked to show ID
  10. Yes I did, they felt a bit more supportive, nipple covers have been so useful!
  11. Haha I actually ended up with a few singlets from dotti, target and kookai. I also purchased a few pairs of nipple covers and wear them under my singlet. I had a 3 week follow up appointment where I was fitted with a post op bra however hey weren't too worried about me wearing it and I've found it so uncomfortable that I returned to my nipple covers and singlets...Now that I'm almost 5 weeks post op and my incisions have healed I've also purchased a supportive bra with no underwire from bras and things that I wear to work now until I'm allowed to wear my underwire bras again
  12. What a great topic! Im 26 years old and grew up in rural northern Western Australia before moving over to Melbourne in my late teens. I have a bachelor of nursing and a masters in peri anaesthetic nursing and spend my working days in operating theatres and the recovery room. Like many of you I am also an animal lover. I have a golden labrador and a jack russell....an odd match but they are the best of friends! I have recently moved in with my on-again-of-again boyfriend of 4 years......I see living together as the ultimate test, I think once you live with someone then you really know if it's going to work out..... loved reading all of your responses and looking forward to reading some more!
  13. I went 270 mod profile... I had my original BA with a different surgeon 4 years ago and developed rippling so had them changed to nagor impleo textured with mark in August. I got the exact same size that I had the first time...not everyone wishes they went bigger (I hear people say that so often)! Just go with your gut also there is hardly anything between those two sizes so don't over think it! My original surgeon recommended three sizes and I went with the middle one...I think I would have been just as happy with either of the others because 30cc is such a small difference
  14. If their anaesthetist told them they were having sedation then they had sedation regardless of whether they thought they were asleep or not. if their anaesthetist told them they had a ga then they had a ga.
  15. I think they will look great! I was the same as you I never wanted large breasts I just wanted something so that I wasn't so flat chested. I like the slim high fashion model look so for me I never wanted to look like I'd had them done. Same stats as you 165cm and 55kg..What 'looks good' is subjective. The look that one person wants is not the same look that another person wants so while asking girls on here what size to get can be helpful, just remember that your surgeon has examined you, discussed with you the results you want to have and has come to this decision with you. Plus mark is an excellent surgeon with a lot of experience!
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