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  1. Seems excessive, do you know all of the details of the procedure? Maybe there are extra things in there? Have a few consults if you don't feel comfortable with that price.
  2. It's probably best to go in and have a consult and tell the injector all of the areas that you are worried about and they can give you a plan of what you will need. Is there any reason you don't want filler?
  3. Handbag help

    Oh thats good to hear I think I'll get the Oroton The one I want they had 2 in other colours 50% off so I was wary to pay full price. I'll keep saving for the YSL I had 1200 saved up & then went & got my cheeks done worth it though!!!
  4. Handbag help

    What is the hardware like on the YSL does it last? I want the gold hardware and on some bags the gold wears really quickly. I'd never heard of Outnet thanks! Have you or @donatella ever had an Oroton bag there is one that I really loved but just don't know about the price when I could possibly get a higher end designer for a bit more on sale. OR do I just get a few more cheap ones and just keep saving for a YSL
  5. Handbag help

    Oooh I had a quick look in Furla a few weeks ago and a few caught my eye but I was with the kids & hubby so I couldn't have a good drool like I usually would have. Good to hear they are good quality.... I bought a Michael Kors one it was about $400 and a really soft leather it was trashed in 6 months so I've been really weary of spending much on a bag again. I had my heart set on just saving for a Chanel and getting it for my 40th but the one I want is almost $7000 & the other one I love is $5500 OMFG I wish I was rich lol & I want a YSL shoulder bag too maybe thats a compromi
  6. Handbag help

    I REALLY need some new handbags & all of the ones I want are just way to expensive for me (Chanel, YSL, Givenchy) So I am looking for something that looks classy without the price tag. Clutches & an everyday handbags hoping for under $500 but willing to pay more if I love it... Any suggestions?
  7. Did he pull the sutures out that were coming through? Can you see any poking out still? Mine spit stitches and I went in he pulled them out then packed the wound with silver. I also continued to see my GP and she gave me special dressings to help with it while it was still healing after the silver came out. If you are worried and feel that it is getting worse you need to go back in and show him. From memory I'm pretty sure I was doing salt water baths on it as well to stop it spreading, but mine was getting worse and bigger until the stitches were pulled out. Its just so annoying you fee
  8. I see a nurse for my botox & she's unbelievable so I don't believe you need to see a doctor to get great results from botox. You need to see someone who has had proper training & experience. Ask your injector questions! Nurses that are involved in the cosmetic industry often have a great eye for beauty. Go by word of mouth, although I found it hard to find info on great injectors because lots of people still don't want to own up to the fact that they have work done. I had a consult with a PS for botox & the initial consultation is with him to assess facial features but he gets
  9. Looking good!! Wow!! Hope your Nan gets a beautiful send off tomorrow and you don't get too knocked around x
  10. 18 also. If she was tuberous like I was and a surgeon said it was safe to fix them at 17 I would sign for that. I would also be more than happy to pay for them so that she wouldn't have to feel the way that I did for so many years. If she just wanted them bigger thats fine too. I wouldn't only want to help her if she was tuberous I think all reasons for wanting a BA are are valid. The only thing that I would expect her to do is her own RESEARCH & fully understand everything about it like I did before I made the decision.
  11. Todays the day!!!!!! Woo hoo!!! Good luck & let us all know how you go xx
  12. Botox Beginner

    Oh good!! Glad you're happy its magical stuff lol
  13. He didn't charge me for it but I think I paid him about 5 grand for the other work he did so its the least he could do lol Honesty it took a few mins I wouldn't think it would cost that much? But then again dental work is $$ Sorry not much help there
  14. I've had it done on one tooth he just shaved a little bit off to change the shape it was quick and easy. I had it done by a cosmetic dentist but have had offers from general dentists to do it over the years.
  15. Botox Beginner

    @Mama_Milks how did you go? Have you had your appointment yet?
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