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    BA/BL with reduction in right breast to correct assymetry L 375cc R 310cc round mod profile
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    Dr Layt October 27
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  1. I am 174cm and now 63kg (I was about 60kg pre op) I got 310cc in my Right and 375cc in my left, to correct assymetry. Moderate profile round implants. I am now a 10E but I do not look it at all. I’ve been a natural E cup in past and they were massive compared to how mine look now. Though I am pretty tall so I think they just go with my body and they’re very natural. I found my recovery to be a lot easier than I anticipated. I had my surgery at 7am and by 1pm I was home and up and about. The only difficulty was showering/getting out of bed first couple of days and “morning boob”. By day 5
  2. I have had a lift with augmentation, and almost 2 years post op. I had wanted desperately to have the procedure for 9 years, after pregnancy and weight fluctuation left me with empty D/DD sacks ? and finally bit the Bullet at 32years. For me it was a money thing also, but especially was most concerned about the scarring. Now, my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.. my scars are practically Invisable - you have to look very close to even see they are there (I had full anchor lift). Some days I wish I were bigger but my surgeon said if I went bigger I would risk sagging again and also be
  3. They look amazing !! Did he do another lift ? Or just larger implant/HP ?! Gosh I want 450cc ? boob greed gets me good
  4. @Wowbcscott so great to hear the revision was successful and you’re already happier! Can’t wait to see your results!!!
  5. I’m so exicited for you @Wowbcscott So great dr stradwick has fully supported you with this and looked after you with costs etc. I really really wanted to go to high profile with my lift as I’m sire I mentioned many times pre and post op last year on our October thread but unfortunately didn’t happen! Can’t wait to see your after pictures - I still keep wondering about the 450cc HP and if I would be happier with them. Good luck for end of the month!!! Where has the year gone @Honeycakes ? as I mentioned in reply to wowbscott I am also wishing I went bigger - which I knew all along I w
  6. Hi Lovely145! I had a breast lift with augmentation in October last year.. and also had my asymmetry corrected (one breast was significantly bigger and more droopy than the other). I was concerned about the scaring, and it stopped me going ahead with the surgery for years! Now I'm kicking myself I didn't do it sooner! My scars are all but white and flat, and they never once bothered me post op. I knew that they would fade in time, and all I could see was my amazing new, full, perky boobs! Which surgeons have you already had consults with? There are plenty of good surgeons in Sydney - ju
  7. I got 375cc moderate rounds (deflated D/DD pre op) and mine are definitely natural looking - sometimes too natural for my liking haha. I always get asked who my surgeon was, once I tell people they're fake, as they can't believe how natural they look. I measure a 10E-10F bra but I definitely do not look it. They also feel very soft and pretty damn natural! My surgeon wouldn't go any bigger on me even though I wanted high profile as he said i would have needed a bigger implant to do so and would have looked too out of proportion due to the implant size not the projection. I saw you're also goin
  8. My implants were so far up under my arm pits and made it feel bit strange and uncomfortable, with so much side boob, for the first couple of months (375cc mod profile) but when they dropped and fluffed they completely settled out of my underarms and my side boob is that of a natural boob now - even though I am a 10E. Any smaller and I would have been devastated with my size. Definitely give them time to settle and drop, as well as all the swelling to go down.
  9. Hi, i had my BL/BA 8 months ago. I have pictures in my gallery. You're welcome to add me to see my scars at 8 months post surg
  10. I got 375cc with an anchor lift, but mine are moderate profile round textured implants (allergen natrelle brand) I measure a 10E/8F. Although the implant size is the same, projection is different so mine would look quite different to extra full projection. However, you are welcome to add me and view my photos
  11. I am 174cm and 63kg. My BWD is 12/12.5. I had very deflated D prior to surgery and had 375cc moderate profile unders put in. I wanted 450cc High Profile (also biggest I could go for my BWD) but my surgeon said he didn't want to go the HP size as he thought would have been too large on my frame and could run risk of sagging with a bigger implant. I think 450cc would have been more then fine on me and have a lot of days I wish I did fight to go with that size and profile. However, my results are really great with the 375cc moderates they are kind of "did she or didn't she" results. Where they lo
  12. With your BWD being that I would definitely be going with the biggest implant size .. you want the right implant width and size to "fill" you, and to also not have a large cleavage gap. I would discusss this with your surgeon. 385cc is quite small considering your BWD in comparison to the implants width
  13. What profile were the 385cc and 445cc What is your BWD do you know? I am almost exact same weight and height as you as I got 375cc moderate profiles.. could easily have gone 450cc high profile but my surgeon wouldn't allow as said would have been too big on my frame as I was already a C/D cup... I'm 7 months post op and disagree.i think I Could have definitely gone 450cc. But would have been pretty big haha What look are you after ?
  14. I'm 6 months post op under muscle and mine now definitely jiggle enough to be passed as natural boobs and are pretty soft and squishy .. I really think it also depends on how much breast tissue you had to begin with as well. I have a fair amount and mine have been surprisingly soft since around a month post op
  15. @LaurenT is right about appearance of them. However I found with having Ba/Bl that mine looked pretty natural from the get go (I did also get moderate profile and have a lot of my own breast tissue which may have played a part) i can highly recommend Dr Craig Layt for BA/BL if you're happy to travel to the Gold Coast. My results are great and my recovery was really smooth. He's not the cheapest but with reconstructive type surgery like have a lift with implants I certainly wouldn't chose my surgeon based solely on price!
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