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  1. Are you implants through the nipple?
  2. What size are you going Melba? Does Dr Rahdon do teardrops as well?
  3. Though you don't have to say what you're getting done exactly, my male boss asked out of curiousity/friendliness - not to pry. I said I was getting my lymph nodes under my armpits removed (to cover the fact you can't lift anything after surgery).
  4. I got this response - hopefully it goes away soon! 'That should be fine, there will still be swelling for several weeks and in some patients a few months. It is also very normal to be able to feel the implant whilst everything is so tight during the recovery period. They look like they are healing really well!'
  5. I mentioned it at 2 weeks post op and the nurse said that it should subside within the next week or 2. I just emailed again. I also have less feeling on the same boob. Hopefully everything is okay.
  6. Hey Comtom What were you doing to not have followed your surgeons instructions? I kind of have the same feeling at 4 weeks post op but I've had it for sometime now. I don't have any pain or swelling - just that fluid/airbubble feeling on my left boob.
  7. Just request me and I'll accept I was really lucky and had a really smooth recovery - I had no pain whatsoever - just a lot of tightness. I was out and about POD 2 and went for walks everyday since POD 6. Have you have your consult yet? No need to be nervous! Everything happens so quickly!
  8. Hey girls, I'm almost 4 weeks post op with Dr M. Follow me on instagram cos it's way easier to upload photos! @miroshnik.ba - DM your insta name first!
  9. Completely agree with you! I looked into the top melbourne surgeons and I just didn't think they compared to Dr M's work. I had 100% faith I would get the look that I wanted with him. I didn't want to risk being unhappy for so much $$. Dr M is boob god hahah
  10. August 2015

    Your recovery sounds like mine! gotta love Dr M! How do your implants feel? Stuck to you? Softness?
  11. Hey hun, I've pretty much got the same stats as you 157cm and 55kgs. If you've got instagram follow me @miroshnik.ba to see my updates. I'm only 3.5 weeks PO.
  12. August 2015

    Have you been taking Coloxyl with senna? It helped me heaps with my constipation and bloating. I was admitted at 7-7.30 and left the hospital at 2pm. I had to wait for my dr to come out of surgery before I left. By the time I left my doctor had already done 2 other girls haha. Plus it all depends on how your body recovers from GA.
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