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  1. Thank you so much for all the updates Jade I haven't had my surgery yet but I love reading other's experiences, and getting a bit of an idea on what to expect
  2. I just had a read through of this thread, which was pretty interesting of what Medicare and PHI SHOULD cover.
  3. Rustnut, have you been with them for long? I'm just curious if maybe there is a waiting period? :/
  4. Yay! Congrats Tegs! So glad it all went well, hope your recovery just keeps better and better.
  5. Whaaaat? did you have to pay it DanniDD? This is what I'm afraid of...
  6. I'm sorry you're having problems which health fund are you with?
  7. 32 with 3 kids - all breastfed.
  8. I'm 169cm and 55kg. I want the large, natural look and am getting round, mod plus about 375cc, under the muscle
  9. Ooh, ok thanks Minx. These are 345-355, and I was thinking of going 375cc. Maybe I should push for 400cc at my pre-op appt.?
  10. Yes, and he did say (just as I've read on here) that once they're under the muscle and held tightly, they do look a little smaller. He was quite happy for me to go the next size up he wants me to have at least one more consult before the op, so I can try on some of my fav tops and be 100% certain on size
  11. Hi girls, I finally had my consult with Dr Jake Lim today, yay. He was really good, very friendly, and helpful. Afte i told him the look I was after he measured me up. I can't go overs because I don't have enough breast tissue to cover them. I tried on a mentor mod plus in MY right side, and a mentor high profile in MY left side. One was 345cc, and one was 355cc (I just can't remember which was which!) Hubby and I both agreed the mod plus looks more natural on me. Dr Lim said I could go bigger - I think the mentor mod plus 375cc is the next size up? He also said Boob Greed was very real,
  12. I know there are a few women who have had both unders, and overs, so could you tell me which has the most natural breast feel? Do silicone implants ever jiggle? I've seen a few clips on Instagram of large breast implants and they seem quite solid - like if they are poked in the side the entire breast moves as a whole (does that make sense? Lol).
  13. Best of luck, I'm sure everything will be perfect, and by this time tomorrow you'll have a fab set of boobies (I'm so jealous!)
  14. Thanks for sharing ...I must remember to keep this in mind when I have mine.
  15. Nice! Who are you going with Burbs?
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