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    R: 700cc w/donut lift
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    Planning Tummy tuck w lipo -2019
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    9/6/15- Dr Eddy Dona
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  1. I know this thread is from a while back, but any chance you went ahead with lipo and veneers in Thailand? Any recommendations/advice?
  2. Hi, I’m currently trying to decide if I want to get my Veneers done in Thailand. for my ba/bl I wasn’t comfortable with going overseas but for teeth I haven’t heard any horror stories... If anyone has personal recommendations that would be amazing!
  3. How did you find your belly button post surgery? Was it very different?
  4. My first bra fitting post op was on holidays at a bnt, they didnt have a big range 6months ago for larger sizes but it is still my favorite tshirt bra (10G) And at my local bnt one girl was useless but one was amazing. I usually just get them to check the fit as with different cuts/styles i need an F or occasionly a G. I found myer ok, but they didnt really have anything in my size that wasnt a granny bra. Honey birdette is great in my experience but limited sizes in most styles. The worst place i have been was a small boutique. Barely had anything above a D and tried getting me into a 14E wh
  5. I had my lollipop and areola lift plus implants at the same time by dr dona in Sydney and the total was 14k, im beyond happy with my results, i got roughly 900 back from medicare for the side that had the lollipop lift. Good luck with your journey xx
  6. Im 7months po and always wear a bra, sometimes i wear two as well Haha because i went a larger size my ps recommended for me to always wear underwire and i always sleep in a post op bra or regular t shirt bra with po bra/ crop on top. I find i prefer to be supported anyway, these babies get heavy without anything. Lol. Definitely want to try and hold off the inevitable as long as possible aswell
  7. aw thanks lovelies! ? & im fairly certain he does do reductions. What are you getting for your second op?
  8. @Kelburgess i do have before pics in my albums. They are quite shocking though. I was severely asymmetrical and had no volume :/ the bottom pic was me before. I already had deep stretch marks and have found they look a lot less noticeable now. @VA my incision on my dount lift re opened after the external stiches were removed at 1wk po. Thenunfortunately ended up becoming infected. That side was taking longer to heal and prob was just taken out too early by the nurse. Definitely nothing the surgeon did wrong just an unlucky complication. But will quickly be resolved you can see here, without
  9. I think i was about 5 or 6 months after completly stopping bf. I didnt have any milk after a couple weeks of stopping any way (had bf 3 bubs and always dried up really quickly once i stopped) i personally didnt have any issues
  10. @Kty25 you'll love him, he really is a great surgeon. My before pics are shocking but he had such confidence and made me feel so comfortable throughout the process. And Thanks @elle_cee ?
  11. Thanks hun, definitely in love with them, more so each month. Especially after looking back at my befores ?
  12. tegs033

    June 2015

    Anyone from june 15 still on here? How has everyone recovered and finding their results? It all feels like forever ago now!
  13. Im around the 70kg mark and 171cm tall before i was wearing a 12b and now a 12f after. Might sound big but in person it isnt huge. You can have a look at my gallery if you like
  14. Hello lovelies, I haven't been on the forum in forever! Hope everyone is doing well. I had my ba and bl 9/6/15 with a lollipop lift and 610cc on my left and donut lift with 700cc on my right so about 7months post op. I went with Dr Dona in Sydney and couldn't recommend him any more. Ill be having scar revision on one side sometime this year but other than that i had a super smooth recovery and kind of miss the anticipation of being pre op. Haha. Hopefully looking into a tt in the next couple years. Any way just wanted to pop in and say honestly dont stress numbers. I was told by so many not t
  15. Ohhh... I'll have to follow! I'm a fan of the xl look. My fav is the 3rd and I personally wouldn't go bigger just because of clothing issues but good on her for going for what she wants!
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