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Dr. Alex Phoon

Alex Phoon

  • Park Clinic Plastic Surgery
  • Surry Hills, New South Wales, Australia
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Patient review


Breast Augmentation

I was very hesitant about getting implants, I'd been debating it for so many years, all of my 20’s. I was torn as I was OK with myself and thought gosh, there are people out there with bigger dramas then my small boobs, I should be happy with what I had, as everything was in order! I didn't want to be fake, I didn’t have it bad at all, I liked a natural body, it’s truly what makes us all us! Yet I kept thinking about it, kept wanting it and it's cliché I know, but I read a quote saying "if you can't stop thinking about it, do it". I relayed that to many things at the time, like losing weight, getting more sleep etc, but most significantly to getting implants. I’m saying all of me background thought process I'd wanted them for so long! I got my implants at 28, not when I was younger and just wanted them. I got them when I, personally feel I was ready. I needed to make it OK within myself first, and I did when I got to a point when I did so much research, and then some more, and then some more…and only wanted someone I could relate to, a natural look and something I could not feel plastic with, I had a big complex with it. I called The Breast Clinic and spoke with Emily there and took a further look into Alex's work. Up to this point I spent so much of my time looking at before and afters, so many boobs in my face I was getting overwhelmed and tired with the specifics. I was on my lunch break at work and called. Wow was I nervous. Emily was great and I told her which of the gallery most appealed to me and it was Dr Phoon. She recommended me to him but I was hesitant as you just get one option at the consultation but in some strange way, a feeling I guess, and I believe our guts feelings which told me he was perfect. I took my sister for support and we grilled Alex with so many questions, which he was really respectful and meticulous with. We did a 360 image of my then breast shape which he then generated 3D animations with varying sizes. This machine was invaluable, I don’t think I would have done it if I couldn't of foreseen a look similar to what we were aiming for. It all looked great! Even when I wasn't too sure with a larger size, Alex was warm in dealing with my worries. He was reassuring and thoughtful. I went away, had a big think, fired off more questions and consulted friends about shape etc, Alex was patient and amenable. I really did feel reassured going into the surgery even though I was pretty nervous about the whole experience. We booked in quite quickly which was great and everything healed quite well post op. All in all I had some good laughs with Alex, he is genuinely a warm and caring guy who gave me the most natural, well-shaped breasts for my body that I could have ever hoped for. I've had my post op check-up and quite literally my implants feel so good, they feel like my natural breasts and I feel really amazing with them.