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As part of our ‘get to know your surgeon’ series, PSF sat down with Dr Ellis Choy for a Q&A.

Dr Choy is dually qualified plastic and breast surgeon. He performs the full spectrum, from oncological, cosmetic, reconstructive and in recent years, complicated revision breast surgery. For the discerning patient, Dr Choy is definitely equipped with the credentials.

Dr Choy also enjoys a public appointment at Concord hospital where he is assigned to look after the breast related and reconstruction work. Aside from his private practice and his public appointment, Dr Choy has also spent time volunteering abroad with the organisation interplast.

Standing out from the crowd:
Everything at this clinic is thought out and serves a purpose. From the name Zilver lining which has the connotation of the silver lining, to the boutique purpose built facility which has a custom design ceiling to reflect the lollipop scar, you will understand Dr Choy’s eye for detail.

Why did you become a doctor?

I always find Medicine to be a very unique, fascinating discipline where its intrinsic blend of arts and science has a very direct application to the overall wellbeing of humanity. The privilege to help guide the healing process as a doctor is a priceless reward for being an important part of the patient’s recovery journey

Why did you become a Plastic Surgeon?

I enjoy doing Plastic Surgery because of its versatility, creativity, and quality. Plastic Surgery is a very versatile surgical specialty which involves a broad range of highly specialized skill sets. As a Specialist Plastic Surgeon, I perform cosmetic, reconstructive and oncological procedures for a wide variety of patients ranging from the most disfigured to the most beautiful, the most geriatric to the most paediatric, and anatomically dealing with tissues from head to toe and from skin to bone. A lot of the medical conditions we treat can present as quite a challenging problem, and I often have to be really creative in maximizing all the limited resources available for crafting the most suitable surgical solution. Ultimately, the quality of my plastic surgical outcomes has always aimed to achieve both a functional value as well as an elegant aesthetic result.

What are the requirements to become a Plastic Surgeon?

You need “Good eyes” to visualize the ideal surgical result; “Good hands” to turn it into reality; and most of all a “Good Heart” to believe the possibility of how it could transform your patient’s life in the most positive way. Of course it takes a lot of discipline, years of sacrifice and dedication in going through the most rigorous selection process and extensive training requirements in becoming a fully qualified Specialist Plastic Surgeon, FRACS(Plast.) with the Royal Australian College of Surgeons. I believe being a good Plastic Surgeon is about beginning the way you like to end, and also about having the creative mindset to utilize the versatile surgical skills in achieving the most optimal outcome that is right for our patients.

What are the scopes of your plastic surgery practice and why?

At my private practice, Zilver Lining Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery, both in Sydney & Coffs Harbour in NSW, we provide a wide range of plastic & cosmetic procedures, with specific focus on the latest rejuvenation and enhancement techniques involving the face, beast, body and skin. For my public service, I have been appointed as a consultant Specialist Plastic Surgeon at Concord Hospital in Sydney with a specific focus in breast reconstructive surgery for breast cancer patients. As a dually qualified Specialist Breast & Plastic Surgeon, I provide the full spectrum of breast related plastic surgery service, whether it’s cosmetic, reconstructive or oncological. This is about a true comprehensive approach, with my unique composite surgical experience, in achieving the ultimate complete care for all my patients seeking plastic & cosmetic surgery with an aesthetic style.

What is the right age to have cosmetic surgery?

I think it depends on how you define cosmetic surgery and individual patient’s expectations and desires. In general, any age over 18 years old as a fully grown mature adult with full responsibility in making independent decisions can consider possibility of cosmetic surgery depending on specific circumstances. I think having cosmetic surgery is a very personal decision, and there are often a multitude of physical, psychological, & emotional reasons which precipitate the desire for a surgical enhancement. It’s also difficult to pass unwarranted value judgment on the decision to undertake cosmetic surgery based on age alone.

What are some of the reasons that you feel patients want to have cosmetic surgery?

As mentioned above, there are often a multitude of physical, psychological and emotional reasons for patients seeking cosmetic surgery. Ultimately all my cosmetic surgery patients want to experience a positive life transformation via surgical enhancement. They want to see the brighter side of life by looking and feeling good. For many of my patients, cosmetic surgery is like a surgical “body maneuver” for a positive “mind blowing” experience!

What would you say is your signature style at Zilver Lining?

My signature style at Zilver Lining is about our unique artistic touch, personalized approach and the complete care throughout the surgical journey for all our patients seeking plastic & cosmetic surgery. It all starts with the name: Zilver Lining. I want to reflect the brighter side of life with a Z-plasty. Z–plasty is a traditional plastic surgery procedure which aims to optimize both the appearance and the function of a physical scar. It’s a twist by a Specialist Plastic Surgeon. I deal with form and shape defined by lines, like turning a S to a Z. And it is our aim to bring forth the brighter side of life in our team and our patients. It is like turning scars into stars!

What is your understanding of Beauty and how does it relate to your slogan “Artistry in Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery”?

Beauty is not just being pretty. True beauty comes from the inside out. Function determines form. Life is meant to be beautiful. Doing the Surgery is a Craft. Being the Surgeon is an Art. Artistry in Plastic & Cosmetic surgery is about the journey, the process, the experience. Beauty is more than just the aesthetic destination. Beauty is also the artistic journey. At Zilver Lining, you’ll experience a new outlook from a fresh insight. This is not just about how you look. This is about what you see. This is: Fine Craft. Pure Art.


PSF would like to thank Dr. Ellis Choy who specialises in ‘breast surgery’ for his input into this blog post.

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  • Beth says:

    I am so happy with the results of my breast augmentation surgery with Dr Choy! I’m so grateful that I came across him…I wouldn’t change a thing! I still can’t believe I actually did it…they look so awesome & I feel so good!