Our boob journey: from breast augmentation to breast implant removal – Jade and Amal

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Our Boob Journey - from breast augmentation to breast implant removal

When Jade Spooner and Amal Wakim friends, entrepreneurs and body transformation experts both experienced issues with their breast size and shape, they decided to do something about it together and pursued their boob journey.

When she was 19 years old Jade had breast reduction surgery that resulted in her breast size going from a double F cup to a D cup.

Over a 3-year period due to weight fluctuation from body shaping competition, her breasts grew in size then shrank again.

When Jade lost nearly 20 kilograms, her breasts looked like ‘an empty pocket’. While she still had breast fullness, she felt like her breasts weren’t sitting where she wanted them to be.

When Amal lost 30 kilograms, her breast size shrank dramatically. In hindsight she realises that she did not do research breast augmentation surgery properly and chose a cheap option.

While Amal chose to have 320 cc tear drop implants that she was happy with, over a period of 3 years her breast size increased.

Because Amal competes and has weight fluctuations, she shrugged this off. When her friend got 450cc breast implants and her 320cc implants were larger, and she couldn’t lie down on her stomach to have a massage, she knew there was something seriously wrong.

How they chose a Plastic Surgeon that specialises in breast surgery

Taking the time to research and consult with several Plastic Surgeons is very important. Jade’s original breast reduction surgery was performed by Dr Kourosh Tavakoli

Because she was very happy with his service and the results, Jade and Amal decided to consult with him.

It is important to note that when selecting a Plastic Surgeon you are not guided by the cost of surgery. We suggest you look at their before and after pictures, read real reviews and ask them how many breast surgeries they perform every year.

What is capsular contracture?

According to Dr Kourosh Tavakoli Amal had one of the worst cases of capsular contractures he’d ever seen as both breasts were affected.

Because Amal’s capsular contracture was caused by the breast implant inside the breast pocket, it had to be fixed urgently.

Patients that have had capsular contracture are not able to get breast implants for another 12 months. For this reason, after Amal had the breast implants removed, Dr Kourosh Tavakoli performed fat grafting.

The fat grafting process involves the Plastic Surgeon selecting areas of the body and harvesting fat from them with a fine cannula.

The most common areas of the body where fat is harvested from include the inner and outer thigh and lower abdomen. It is important to note that the breast fullness from fat grafting compared to breast implants is completely different.

Dr Kourosh Tavakoli notes that it’s not known, “why some people get capsular contracture and others don’t. Some people get it in one breast and not the other breast or both breasts.”

He notes that consulting with an experienced Plastic Surgeon who uses reputable breast implants could prevent the risk of capsular contracture. It is also important to see your Plastic Surgeon for regular check ups, MRI’s and monitor the way your breast implants feel.

To prevent the progression of capsular contraction, if your breast implant is getting harder it is vital that you seek treatment immediately.

Breast surgery scarring: what can I expect?

While scars will always be present after breast augmentation surgery they can be managed with massage and scar gels.

It is a common misconception that small scars heal and fade quicker than larger scars. While this is the case with facelift scars Dr Kourosh Tavakoli notes that, “having a larger scar that can be concealed under the bra is far superior to having a short inverted T-scar and still having saggy boobs.”

Breast surgery results revealed and the advice you must read

Amal and Jade are very happy with the results from their breast augmentation and breast implant removal surgery. After having her breast implants successfully removed, Amal has wise advice she strongly advises to consult with a Plastic Surgeon who has extensive training, experience and gives you confidence.

Amal also notes you “must do your research and don’t settle. It may be a cheaper procedure now, but you will be paying a lot more down the track if you need revision surgery.”

Jade advises that, “it’s not something you should ever compromise on, from an aesthetic and medical point of view.”

Find the best Australian Plastic Surgeons specialising in Breast Surgery

To get the best result possible, it is important that you have this procedure performed in a reputable medical clinic or hospital with highly trained, qualified and experienced Plastic Surgeons and Cosmetic Nurses.

Every successful breast augmentation, breast revision and implant removal surgery begins with a successful consultation with the Plastic Surgeon. Taking your time to research and consult with several Breast Surgeons will help you achieve the breast enhancement result you want.

Find the best Australian Breast Surgeons here.


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