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Breast Lift - Mastopexy

I'm currently 4 months post Breast lift with implants and I'm so so happy I made the decision to have this procedure done. I had spoken to a few surgeons and felt very relaxed, comfortable when I saw Dr Ashton. Post procedure was virtually pain free with very minimal discomfort and I'm extremely happy with my results. I highly recommend Dr Ashton and his team

Kb95 21/12/2023

Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift - Mastopexy

I couldn't recommend Mark highly enough. From the moment I walked into that consultation before my first procedure a few years back, I knew I was in the best hands. I had a breast lift and implants the first procedure and then I got larger implants 2 years on. From the consult, to the reception staff, to the day of surgery, to the post op care everything was 10/10. Being relatively young when I had my first procedure I was so happy. I've seen a few surgeons (and I'm sure they're great) but Mark leaves them all at the start line. (If that makes sense) I'm so happy and I will continue too use Mark for all my future endeavours! No better hands to be in.

Sorchairish 02/02/2024

Breast Augmentation

Today I am 6 months post op from Breast Augmentation with Professor Mark Ashton and I could not recommend him highly enough, having gone from a surfboard flat chest to now a DD. Prior to my initial consultation, I was feeling very overwhelmed after doing hours of online research and having information overload. There were so many things to consider and many different choices to make and I didn't know where to begin! What would suit my body shape? How big should I go? What incision site? Etc. I made the decision to book in a consultation with Prof. Ashton and eagerly awaited my appointment date, with a notepad full of questions in hand. From the initial consultation through to all of my follow up appointments, I was made to feel very comfortable not only by Professor Ashton, but his fantastic practice nurses and the wonderful ladies in Administration. The initial consultation allayed any previous anxiety I had regarding the surgery, because Prof. Ashton gave me all the information to answer all of the questions I had. His knowledge and passion for his work was very evident and this made me feel very comfortable. He was able to make educated and evidence based suggestions as to what size would work for my body type, type of implant, incision site etc whilst incorporating the kind of look I wanted to achieve and what my idea of a great breast would look like. I had another appointment with Prof. Ashton prior to my surgery date, to confirm a few finer details and to again decide on sizing. From there, I spent the next few months excitedly waiting for my big day and when it arrived, I felt very confident and relaxed in my decision to go with Mark Ashton, because he had answered every question of mine along the way, he was extremely knowledgeable and experienced, confident in what he was doing and very professional. Fast forward 6 months and I couldn't be happier with the results and the follow up I have received from Professor Ashton's rooms along the way (even to this date). I am very happy with every aspect of this journey and I recommend Mark Ashton to anyone that asks. My only wish would be that I made the decision to have it done years ago!! Thank you very much to Professor Ashton and his incredible team.


Breast Augmentation

I’ve had a long running relationship with Professor Ashton starting 3 years ago with my first consult. I was instantly comfortable with Mark, not because of his warm gentle demeanour but because he was so confident with what he spoke about. I had already had a number of consults with other surgeons and had even been knocked back by one surgeon that in his words said “you’ll never be happy with the outcome”. Mark never made promises that couldn’t be kept. He told me from day one that I was not a straight forward case and I may require multiple surgeries to achieve the result I wanted. I booked in for my first surgery 6 weeks later. Immediately after my first surgery I was ecstatic and couldn’t believe how my new boobs looked and if I never had another operation I would have been content. Mark, true to his word, wanted to perfect what he started and I went on to have a further two smaller surgeries. The last one I had created a crease and gave me cleavage I had only ever dreamt of. Throughout all my surgeries I was comfortable and always felt well looked after. I never suffered any complications and could not be happier with my results. Mark is a true artist and his eye for perfection can only be of benefit to his patients. I would be happy to personally show all the photos throughout the past 3 years but I think ultimately the final result is the most important.


Blepharoplasty, Revision Rhinoplasty

I had a write a review to say how thrilled I am with Mark Ashton and his team. I have had a total of 3 procedures done with Mark and all have been a huge success.My upper eyelids have always caused me to feel self-conscious. My eyes have always been one of my better assets but sadly as I got older my eyelids were sagging more and more. After having a breast augmentation with Mark the previous year and being so thrilled with those results I decided to see him about my eyelids too. To say I am ecstatic with my results would be an understatement. No longer do people tell me I look tired and I can wear eye shadow for the first time since I was in my teens.The procedure itself was totally pain free and my recovery was extraordinary. I had minimal bruising and minor swelling that cleared up within a matter of weeks. I think what surprised me the most was how quickly my scar faded and basically disappeared....I can only credit Professors Ashtons skilled hand for my breezy recovery. I have not hesitation in recommending Mark Ashton for this procedure and can assure that you will be in the very best hands possible.

JADE89 01/08/2023

I've spent 2 years researching everything I could on breast augmentation before getting it done by Mark Ashton in 2014. I had been to see one surgeon in Melbourne before meeting Mark. He was much more open to what I wanted to achieve in BA with size and shape, compared to the first surgeon I had a consult with. I was planning to see a third surgeon after Mark but I knew that from my first consult with him that I wanted him to be my surgeon 100%.He was very approachable and really friendly and seemed extremely professional in plastic surgery. He had mentioned fully what to expect before considering BA and what the experience would be like, including aftercare. Mark recommended if having a round implant to have it placed under the muscle (dual plane)as I didn't have much tissue underlying the upper chest wall. All other things like incision, size, texture, shape, silicon gel implants I had decided on these before meeting him and he was very open to all of that. He had noticed that I had slight asymmetry which I had noticed before to, and he recommended there wasn't enough asymmetry for different size implants in each breast.If I had any questions that I had missed or organising myself before the surgery, pre op and post op, the ladies at the front desk including the nurse are always extremely happy to help with anything. Since post op Mark's aftercare has been extremely great.At 9months post op I had one of my many check up/appointment and he had noticed my right breast is sitting about 1cm higher and isn't quite even/symmetrical to left breast. He has kindly recommended I come back into theatre so he can correct it, with zero costs. I'm more than happy to. He explained the correction/revision procedure, and what would be involved. He mentioned that he's abit of a perfectionist and would not want this to be the finish result and wants them to be as perfect as possible. I'm very happy he wants his work to be perfect and making sure im 100% happy with results. I couldn't rate my surgeon better and i have absolutely zero doubts with he's professionalism. I would recommend him for anyone.

TheFox 01/03/2024

Breast Augmentation

From my very first consultation I knew that I had found 'the one'. Mark was open and honest and made me feel at ease.As a typical type A personality, I had to research everything and anything about breast augmentation before deciding to go ahead with the procedure. Mark was patient in answering my questions and took the time to explain to me the how and why of my procedure and implant choices and placement. Mark felt that dual plane placement was best for my post children/breastfeeding breasts. I had thin skin on my chest and not a lot of tissue to cover the implant. On this basis, we definitely needed to go under the muscle. Dual plane was preferred because I would get the muscle covering the edges of the implant, but the bottom of the implant would be able to relax into the breast tissue, filling it out and creating somewhat of a lift for my slight ptosis.At my consultation I had my two sisters. Both my sisters were also going to have breast augmentation and Mark knew this. What I really appreciated was that he kept the consultation about me and didnt once try and persuade my sisters to have their procedure with him.I left Marks office excited. Very excited.I was ready to book my procedure in then and there however, I had also booked a consultation with another well known and reputable Plastic Surgeon here in Melbourne. I told the lovely practice manager Karen that I would be in touch by the end of the week to book in my surgery. I left my other consultation feeling even more sure of my decision to go with Mark. I just knew that Mark wouldnt leave me with unsatisfactory results, one way or another, I was going to get good results with Mark.The day of my surgery was relaxed and went smoothly. Mark and I decided on 410cc implants minutes before we went into the operating room. I was that unsure of size that Mark was kind enough to make sure they had 6 different implant sizes there for me to choose from on the day.My post op care could not have been better. I rotated my implant on day three post op (picking up my daughter when I shouldn't have) and Mark was quick to get me into surgery again to fix it.I am absolutely thrilled with my results. I couldn't be happier in my choice of surgeon or implant. I feel like part of the family every time I am over at their offices. Karen, Sue, Jenna and Linda are so wonderful and I couldn't rave enough about my experience or my results. I wouldnt hesitate to recommend Mark Ashton to anyone considering breast augmentation.
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