BCC surgery on tip of nose

had excision and graft of large BCC 4.2 thick Full thickness graft from articular skin. My contour has dramatically changed pigmentation colour is reddish. I have referal from Nigel Peck who performed my surgery in 2018. My nasal passages feel blocked and I s...read more

Anonymous 20/01/2024 NSW

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Nose tip too round, nostrils too large and long (6 weeks post-op)

I feel as though right now my nostrils are too upturned, long, and big overall. They were a bit long before surgery, but I feel like they look worse and more prominent now. I'm hoping it's just from swelling and that when my tip shrinks so will they, but I jus...read more

Anonymous 03/08/2023 Australia

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What do I need to do to start the process of getting rhinoplasty surgery?

I am wanting to get a nose job and I would like some direction on how to go about it. I would also like information on how to find a suitable surgeon.

Anonymous 06/07/2023 VIC

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Are my eyes too close together or is my nose too big

i think i need surgery help me

Anonymous 05/06/2024 Australia

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Hi I am interested in rhinoplasty and also my forehead is flat , any suggestions?

On the second photo shows oriented result

Anonymous 06/06/2024 ACT

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Best surgeon to do a Rhinoplasty in QLD please help!!

I’m wanting to get a rhinoplasty as my nose is crooked and out of proportion to my face.

Anonymous 15/08/2023 QLD

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Rhinos Surgeon recommendations Sydney

I’ve been looking for surgeons for a while and finding so many reviews that are contradicting to other ones I need help!! I have an ethnic looking nose and I wanting to get it reshaped

Anonymous 23/06/2023 NSW

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Can my hump be fixed with rhinoplasty?

Hey I’m wanting to know who is the best surgeon in Queensland to go to about a rhinoplasty after my nose got broken about 3 years ago. There is a hump that is pushing out on the front view and I hate the way it looks from the side so overall just want it str...read more

Anonymous 06/04/2024 QLD

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Restore symmetry 15 years after nasal trauma

I sustained nasal trauma 15 years ago, and did not receive treatment. Based on the pictures I have provided, what is going wrong? How much symmetry can be restored to the nose, lip, and cheeks?

Anon 29/12/2023 Australia

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Seeking Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Currently on my quest to find a surgeon whom can assist me with feeling comftable with my nose. I reside in Brisbane, QLD however am willing to travel interstate. I'm only young recently 21 however my nose is my biggest insecurity. I'm from an indigenous backg...read more

coco95 22/12/2023 QLD

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Advice re nose

Hi Is there anything that can be done with my nose. I don't mind that it is upturned but the way the cartilage is growing it makes it look like it is unclean all the time. I notice people think I need to blow my nose and it is making me paranoid. I don't ...read more

Sissy2016 19/10/2023 QLD

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Nostrils create bulbous looking tip; rhinoplasty necessary?

I look like I have a bulbous tip and my nose spreads a LOT when I smile. However the tip isnt solid its like a 'bubble' my nostrils make and can be pushed in easily. However my bridge is quite slim (my nose looks like a triangle!) Would I require rhinoplas...read more

Bri92 01/10/2023 VIC

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Rhinoplasty and neck liposuction

Are there any surgeons who do rhinoplasty and neck Lipo at the same time? I can see that there are ent but is it possible to find a surgeon who does both procedures really well?

Jujujuju 29/09/2023 NSW

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Could rhinoplasty make a big difference to my face?

I really dislike my nose and feel it is too big for my face. I am wondering if rhinoplasty would be possible on my nose to give me an elegant refined shape. I don't like anything about the shape, length or width and nostril size. Is it unreasonable to hope for...read more

twinkltoes 14/09/2023 QLD

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How do you get over the idea that your are fake for having surgery?

People seem obsessed by finding out which celebrites have had work done and whether their beauty is natural. If you have surgery and people compliment your appearance how do you overcome knowing its altered?

Scarlettmay 14/09/2023 Australia

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What is the average pricing for a rhinoplasty ?

Ashleighcat 30/06/2023 VIC

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Nose Reconstruction

The necrotic tip of my nose was bitten of in 2010 by a drug addict. I was advice by my surgeon in my country told me that I will need a reconstructive surgery overseas. Can you help me out?

Jerry John 07/04/2024

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Tracheal tube as a nostril splint

I had revision septorhinoplasty 3.5 weeks ago. According to my surgeon, my nose was rather complex. I had collapsed nostrils and a mishaped tip that he corrected using cartilage grafts from my ear and temporal fascia. I did not have any internal or external sp...read more

3rdTimeACharm 16/03/2024 QLD

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