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    390cc hp under muscle
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    Dr Theo Birch TBI 1st Sept 2016
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    167cm / 67kg / small A cup
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  1. Yeh good one is dropping quicker than the other now tho I'm 4wks po now will attach a pic
  2. Congrats to all the ladies that just had there ops I'm so lost in this page now can't keep up hop use are all resting and recoverying well ?
  3. Congrats to @Ibtc16 hope ur feeling good I've been driving now for about a week and I feel good I'm pretty much feeling back to normal even forgot I had them done one day till I felt them lol who's up next on the list
  4. Wow so much going on now on here good luck @Ibtc16 hop all goes well and happy healing
  5. Thankyou I was 14 dpo there my friends recon there getting bigger but I can't really notice it lol Thankyou I was 14 dpo there my friends recon there getting bigger but I can't really notice it lol
  6. Hi girls hop everyone is doing well and good luck to the girls coming up I'm doing good starting to feel like myself again I'm looking forward to the d&f and when they fully soften up here's a updated pic
  7. Hi girls just wondering the girls that have had their BAs when u move a certain way does ur boob feel weird like your implant is moving not painful just a weird feeling it happens when I bend over to heres a a updated pic to and congrats to @bluegumboot happy healing xXx
  8. Good luck today @bluegumboot can any of you girls tell me how to upload photos to my profile I have no idea how lol
  9. My surgery was at 7:30 got there at 7 and went home at 11am update from me feeling really good did over do it a few days there so got a little sore but I'm in a soft cup crop now which is great my compression bra was to tight and pushes my implants nearly flat and that was giving me pain so now all good changed my tape today and incisions are looking good hop all the other girls are healing well and good luck to the girls about to have their BA
  10. They are a good size and will definitely look natural well I put a soft cup crop on today and the soreness has gone away think it was my compression causing my pain
  11. They look great @Booklet what size did u again hope u start feeling better
  12. Any girls that have already had their BAs do ur boobs tend to ache a little I'm fine when sitting but moving and walking around its starting to ache a little don't know if I'm over doing it maybe
  13. How can u watch the video do have to add that surgeon
  14. ive woken up the last couple of mornings with what I gather is morning boob but I think it's because I start of propped up and wake during the night laying flat but doc recons I can lay flat now but scared to lol how is everyone else who's had their BA feeling
  15. Hope ur feeling good @sparkles16
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