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    West Perth WA
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    BA smooth round 295cc implants under the muscle
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    Dr Stephen Chan: Nov 14 2011
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    169cm/ 53kg/ Pre-op: 10A Post-op: 10C

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  1. @bettyboo15 dont question yourself. You will love them once they are in. I already have implants, I need them redone since having my kids, I developed capsular contracture in my right breast during my first pregnancy... but I am definitely getting them put back in, rather than going back to an “a” cup. My implants now are 295cc round smooth implants, but I think I might go the anatomical this time around. Though I’m a bit worried about the textured implant with all the warnings on them. Have to talk to Dr Connell about it and go from there. Eeeekkk good luck with your pre-op tomorro
  2. @Bettyboo15 ohhh my gosh. That’s awesome. I’m so excited for you. So was there not much of a wait for the operation then? Do you mind me asking roughly how much he is? My appointment is nov 27th. I just want to book in now. Haha
  3. Hi @Bettyboo15 i still haven’t found any info on him or photos of his work. I’m off for my consult later this month, so I’ll let you know how I go. I chose to see him as my gp recommended him. I also went for a consult with dr mark lee and one other surgeon... but I’ll see how I go with dr Connell and choose between dr Lee and dr Connell after. Have you booked any consults in?
  4. Hi, just wondering if anyone has had a breast augmentation with Dr Tony Connell in Perth? I’m booked in for a consult in November to have removal and replacement of implants. Was hoping I could view some photos of his work. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi. I have heard you only need to massage with smooth implants. It is not necessary with textured! What type of implant did you get?
  6. Hi Kathy. I'm also interested to know what to pack. I'm going in on the 14 nov. I'm thinking long beach pants to hide those stockings you have to wear after the op. And also a loose button up top (though I have been looking and can't find anything) also maybe some babywipes to freshen up with as I'm unsure if you will get to shower before leaving with all the bandages. Would love to see what people suggest. Good luck with your op!!
  7. Hi ladies I am booked in with dr chan for the 14 nov. I had already paid my money when I read six operations post. I was so scared I was making the wrong decision but after reading both your posts it has made me feel relieved. One month to go. I'm getting very nervous!!! Hope you recovery goes well!!
  8. Can anyone tell me if you have to come off the contraceptive pill prior to surgery. I heard that you have to to prevent clots. Is this true?
  9. hi lulu i am also new to this forum. i feel exactly the same as you! i have been looking at many BA before and after pics from different perth surgeons and definitely feel Dr Chans patients all look very natual. i have booked in for a free consult next week to find out more. apparently he is quiet expensive.... but i would rather pay a little more for a natural job rather than some of the "stuck on" ones i have seen. i have heard it is good to book about 2 weeks off work, depending on how active your job is!!
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