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Dr Piyapas Bangkok Hospital Phuket


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Hi! I'm very new to this forum, though I have been lurking in the background reading/getting lots of info! I've decided that i'm ready to head over to Thailand for a BA and have pretty much decided (just from reading the forums) to seek more advice from Dr Piyapas at Bangkok Hospital in Phuket.

I've also decided to book direct with the hospital and surgeon and do my own accommodation/flights, rather than the agent way.

Can anyone who has used Dr Piyapas and booked directly please give me some feedback?

Also does anyone have the direct email contact for Mark (client liasion) at the hospital?

Thanks in advance!

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ive been tossing up between piyapas n dr jib because apparently dr pongsakorn eamtanaporn doesnt work at BHP anymore. =[

will be good to know if anyone has used either drs and through armpit incision?

@ NewBoobs4Me

i have Marks email from a lady off this forum. Friend me and ill email it to you.

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Hi NewBoobs4Me,

welcome!! :) I'm heading to Phuket this weekend, and having surgery with Dr Piyapas on Monday all being well! Mark has been my contact with the hospital (booked direct) and has been great. His email is mark.an@bgh.co.th Think he doesn't work Fridays and Sat, but has been very helpful and prompt with his responses.

I'll send you a FR so you can check out my pics when I'm done ...... which will be when we get home as can't load up from the ipad.



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