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    465cc hp silimed furry brazilians natural style (anatomicle) dual plane lowered crease :)
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  1. This doesn't surprise me ! The allegations yes! This thread , and the ppl commenting no big surprise here , I should have gone to the tab and put my life savings on it!
  2. Amy E

    Revision to Brazillian

    I find I love one of my breast ( the left ) but my right I'm not sure what it's doing i find when I lay on them one feels normal like it's not even really there the right feels annoying and a lot harder at times it just generaly makes me want to rip the sucker out going to talk to my surgeon and see what he says but it's annoying me I know the muscle in my right is so much stronger and tighter but I don't know what to do to make that one settle they look different and at times my right seems smaller :/ im starting to think implants are a pain lol so many ppl have issues whether it's bottoming out double bubble cc or just needing pocket revision :/ seriously not what I thought getting breasts was all about my right also has like weird pains and my nipple doesn't go to attention like the other one does any advice it's getting me down couoled with the fact in been nothing but ill since having my op ( dan flu season ) I'm starting to hate being female some days lol
  3. Amy E

    I got 1ml of Juvederm and can barely tell?

    I'm the same in going back for another ml 😜 done yestery and Man oh man did I bruise lmao look like IV been boxing for 499 I did expect a bit more but I'll build on it plus i swelled from the minute she did the block last pic is in the car so straight after first one is before second is last night
  4. Amy E

    Nervous about botox in the top lip

    Today I had some fillers long story short I have way over developed jaw muscles ( explains a lot) i was shocked when she said that my face is actually oval and my jaw shouldn't be so square and strong lol i grind my teeth wear a plate and break them :/ she recommended Botox to fix the issue said it would take about a ur all up really hurt when she touched my jaw muscle and I'm very prone to migraine tension head aches anyone had this !!??? Im worried as I don't want to end up with my face having issues and me not liking how it looks but it would fix a lot at the same time any advice
  5. Amy E

    Why the huge price differences?

    I agree omg the price we have to pay AC are running it through July too I booked in so I'm hoping they are good I booked in with one place but rand and cancelled as I read some bad reviews and had a freak out IV got one more year in WA and then moving back East and you watch the week I move they will open a laser clinics and a sephora lmao
  6. Amy E

    I want them removed

    that's your opinion and I'm very sorry that your experience hasn't been positive And yes it is a vain thing ( was always my nick name ) i won't deny that and I know many get them and army happy but that doesn't mean everyone feels that way I'm just sad that you payed money and went through what you did to be made to feel so down about them I hope you find happiness with your pending explant.
  7. Amy E

    Why the huge price differences?

    Bugger shame I didn't see this earlier absolute cosmetic had lips for 299 that was for June but maybe you can see if they are still offering it I did see Xy body does them but id be dammed if I know they are any good or qualified I'm heading to Sydney October and I think I'll do it whilst I'm there anyone recommend a place :)
  8. Amy E

    There is talk of a revision for me.

    Sorry to hear . But thankfully your doc is on the level I guess the plus is from what uv read the revision is often less painful it's good your dr is willing to fix this that has be a massive plus that you chose the right one It's not just the op but the after care that can make all the difference Good luck and I do hope those boobs settle and you don't need to have another op
  9. Amy E

    Loss of feeling in nipple

    I to have very little feeling in my nipples I use to hate them being over sensitive pre ba now it's weird they have feeling but no sensitivity one is worse than the other
  10. Amy E

    Silicone sheeting or scar cream?

    My thought on the sheeting is I'm undecided I think it helped the scar heel quicker but I did one scar on its own for a bit to see and honestly they both ended up the same For me both mine feel flat and I can't feel the scar at all but they both look the same to
  11. Amy E

    double bubble?

    I think it's will all fill out in time You have had a lift and if they are behind any muscle it takes time for the muscle to relax and everything to settle into place Mine looked so normal to me at the start but I look at pics now and think omg they have changed so much they don't even look the same anymore
  12. Amy E

    Botox fillers ??? Where to start

    Ok I have wanted to start having my lips done and a few other areas But where do I start and what can be treated I want lips done Also fine lines around eyes my skin runs on the dryer side so my eye area can look hollow and dry plus I smile a lot lol My forehead line omg my biggest hate seriously hate them only present when eyebrows are raised but seriously deep Then I wanted to add some volume to my cheeks plus treat mouth lines ( two line one either side of mouth start from your nose and extend down ) But I don't want to end up not liking my face I love the way I look but having three kids and I'm a stress head as of late it's written all over my face lol I guess I want to notice change with out looking to DONE I want to soften some features but don't want to paralyse my face Guess I'm scared I won't like it Some knowledge of what to expect would be great to just so I know if what's being done is right Plus what's your opinions on dr vs nurse Places to avoid / lookout for
  13. New star pretty sure she had overs They always look more natural Anyway To newboobies I feel for you Breast augmentation is an emotional journey and from what I've read and personal feelings I really understand Has your previous surgeon offered to remove them? If so was there concern about the after appearance ! I do love the way they look in your photo they look similar to mine But if your not happy I do hope there is someone who can help My advice don't rush removing them Make sure the outcome is going to make your happy I did read a few stories about girls having them removed and being really upset with the result because they wanted what hey had back and it was just not possible anymore Maybe try talk to some online here in the ask a clinician Big hug
  14. Amy E

    I want them removed

    I'm confused what you mean?? You mean have implants removed but not replaced !? Do you not like them? Is it the implant type ? Have you considered maybe a different implant If that is you in your profile pic you look great !!
  15. Amy E

    How do you store your make up?

    I have a Perspex case from the U.S. Cost me 300 as shipping was so much But it's massive and very well made find the cheaper draws tend to make everything roll around to much and don't slide out very well