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What to expect post op.....


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Hi ladies,

This is geared more towards those who are having their BA soon, i thought it would help you all to read my experience over the past 3 weeks.

Days 1- 3 : Very swollen, tight and heavy. Drains in, bandages on... havent even seen the girls at this point. Big allergic reaction to the bandage. Itching like i had fleas! both nipples and underboob totally numb

Day 3-5 : Still swollen and tight... back starting to hurt from slouching over (they weigh a bloody tonne) Drains finally out, didnt hurt but felt fizzy when they got pulled out.

Day 6 : Flying back to Aus... overdid it, tired, sore, checked my incision and there was some yellowy clear liquid (a couple of drops) on my gauze. Worried about infection but still have 5 more days of antibiotics.

Day 7: back to work (probably 1/2 days too soon for me) tired still, sore, not full range of movement yet, more drops of the yellowy liquid. Really freaking worried now after googling symptoms. DO NOT DO THIS... YOU WILL THINK YOU'RE GOING TO DIE.

Day 8: Dr's apptmnt due to weepy incisions. After a stern lecture from my gp about surgery in Thailand i was given the all clear.. for future reference this is called Serous fluid and is generally not a huge problem. Dr thinks i may have strained my stitches causing it or bra rubbing on incision line. Right nipple is starting to become uncomfortably sensitive.. lefty's still dumb.. Road tested the girls today.. gently does it ladies ;)

Day10 - 14: Still sleeping on back.. all i want to do is curl up on my side and get spooned my my man, unfortunately this is not happening. When i try to lie on my side it feels like the implants are going to migrate to the side of my ribcage. Starting to get little shooting nerve pains .. feeling is coming back to my underboob!!

Day 14-18: feeling a lot more normal, boobs are starting to soften and not feel "bolted on" can sleep on my side again ! Just want to get to the gym!!!! Sex life starting to become more normal and active again... (no more star fish lol)

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I almost wish i could go through my build up to surgery again... It was the most scary, exciting, stressful time of my life... I think i was actually thinking about boobs 22 hours a day. It is the best thing i have EVER done for myself.

Best of luck :)

Thanks that's really great to hear, and you made me laugh a couple of times in your first post (starfish haha!) x

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ok here goes nothing

1 how many times after surgery did you see your doctor?

2 how long did you stay in thailand after surgery before you went home 7 ?

3 how long before you had some what of a shower /bath

4 did you take any pics to show your doc what you wanted ?

5 was there any weird feelings with your boobies when you where on the plan back ?

miss a few 100 lol

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Hi Daisy_Reshha,

Thanks so much for posting this up. I enjoyed reading about your experiences. It's good to hear what the actual recovery is really like. I am getting BA done in November in Thailand with Dr. Piyapas, and I am getting a bit addicted to this forum! Haha. I am glad to hear about another success story. Enjoy your new assets!

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1. I saw him 3 times post op... once the day after surgery...twice to have drains removed and third time just to give the ok to fly home

2. 5 full days of recovery before flying home

3. I wasnt allowed to shower for a week!!!!! greasiest hair, all i can say is DEODERANT = SHOWER IN A CAN

4. I didnt take pics, but i would certainly advise everyone else too... if i ever have a re-do i will take pics with me

5. No weird feelings that i can remember (but i was pretty much numb) they say girls who have saline can sometimes feel bubbling.. due to air in the implant. But how true that is i dont know.

Hope this helps! I just put new pics up too, so feel free to have a look :)

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