Revision after facial surgery gave me nerve damage

Hello there, 5 years ago Dr Simon Rosenbaum gave me a lower facelift that gave me nerve damage. A year later he tried to fix it and made it worse. He refunded me and I signed papers saying I wouldn't sue and he would help me. I've been having botox and more

Teresa 20/01/2018 VIC

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Looking for a Plastic Surgeon who is experienced in Facelift surgery.

Hi, I'm a 57 year old female who looks in the mirror and sees an old lady looking back at me. The skin on my face, jawline and neck is saggy and wrinkled, mainly due to many years of unprotected sun exposure when I was younger. I'm now wanting to make more

Cathy 18/05/2016 NSW

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I am nearly 50 and want to look at having a face lift done. I have no idea what I need done and what a ball part figure is that I would expect to pay. Also recuperating times I am sick of my sagging skin and just want to get it done

Tracey u 12/01/2016 VIC

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