How find the best/top platic surgeons in sydney - 2 procedures

Hi, Im brand new to this forum and would be very great full for any and all help i can recieve. Im sure this question has been asked many times but im asking so i can get the best and most current answer. I was wondering how to find and choose the best more

Bluey24 06/09/2016 NSW

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Weighing protocol

Hello, I have a small question. Before surgery I am aware I will need to be weighed; in the past I have had issues with knowing my weight. Is there a way I could be blind weighed? Or step on the scale backwards? It's a strange phobia but it will make me more

Nasrin 28/07/2016 QLD

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Chin liposuction Gold Coast / Brisbane

Hi there, I'm looking at getting a chin/neck liposuction done. Ideally it would be a Vaser one. I can't seem to find a qualified surgeon in the Gold Coast / Brisbane area that does Vaser! By qualified I mean one who's a member of FRACS, M.B.B.S, more

cloudybay 05/02/2016 NSW

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Seeking more reassurance and Advice

Totally devastated! My self esteem is now much lower than before.. Due to medical reasons I went with the safer option. Now I'm not so sure..I was wanting to reduce the weigh of them and believed I would also achieve a bit more lift in my left due to more more

Jen069 20/06/2015 QLD

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