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  1. sorry you have had a bad run of it GirlyGirl *hugs* I know what it is like to pay all that money and not be happy. I cant imagine what it would be like to have revision and to be unhappy even more so. I hope your time out helps xx
  2. I flew interstate to have my breast implants done with the self proclaimed "breast master" in Bondi Sydney. If I knew then what I know now I would have stayed put and had my surgery here. I feel like a complete fool that I got sucked into the marketing gimmicks of perfect boobs pictures thinking that is what I would end up with. I have one implant that is sitting way to high, so high under my collar bone that my bra is completely not filled out down the bottom in the cup. I cant wear tight tops as you can clearly see the that my implants are wonky. The worst thing after spending all thi
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