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  1. sorry you have had a bad run of it GirlyGirl *hugs* I know what it is like to pay all that money and not be happy. I cant imagine what it would be like to have revision and to be unhappy even more so. I hope your time out helps xx
  2. I flew interstate to have my breast implants done with the self proclaimed "breast master" in Bondi Sydney. If I knew then what I know now I would have stayed put and had my surgery here. I feel like a complete fool that I got sucked into the marketing gimmicks of perfect boobs pictures thinking that is what I would end up with. I have one implant that is sitting way to high, so high under my collar bone that my bra is completely not filled out down the bottom in the cup. I cant wear tight tops as you can clearly see the that my implants are wonky. The worst thing after spending all this money on my implants is that he completely dismissed me and my results and refused to do revision surgery unless I pay. Like I would let him anywhere near me again let alone pay for the privilege. I am now booked in with a local plastic surgeon for my revision surgery. My pocket is apparently too small for the implant that I have and the muscle needs to be released in order for the implant to drop to the right position. so much for custom dual plane pft If there is one piece of advice I have for anyone thinking about surgery is dont believe everything you read online. These surgeons clearly have lots of money and silence the unhappy people. I should have been more thorough in my research, this isnt the first time he has refused to treat someone who is supposed to be under his care. Dont get sucked in by glitzy instaporn images of girls in bikini tops as this is so not real life. Anyone can look good in a bra or bikini (except me apparently). Please make sure you and your surgeon know who is footing the bill if you need revision surgery and better yet get it in writing. My surgeon was all nice and sweet until he got my money. Tomorrow is my big day. I am looking forward to finally having the boobs that I have always dreamed of.
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