Do I need a lift?

I'm planning to remove my 345-375cc silicone subglandular implants. Do I need a lift or could I still have a good result without one?

Anonymous 19/09/2023 Australia

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Are my goal breasts realistic and attainable?

I'm having my 6 year old subglandular implants removed with a lift and wanted to know if my goal breasts are a realistic expectation? Could mine look like that or similar? I don't want my areolas reduced, I know they will shrink after I finish breastfeeding more

Anonymous 24/07/2023 Australia

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How long should I wait after finding a ruptured implant?

Hello, I have a ruptured silicone implant, which has bleed to my lymph nodes. How long should I wait to have it removed? It has been approximately three months, as initially we thought it was a rib fracture. I have rib, shoulder and under arm pain to more

AJB77 30/05/2024 WA

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Breast Agumentation/lift

Hi, I have very droopy, sad boobs and a huge gap between them - can this be fixed with breast implants only? I like the look of natural sitting, fuller breasts but unsure if this could be acheived. Thankyou

Shan229 20/03/2024 Australia

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Who Pays?

Hi I have 410's under the muscle put in in 2011 recently I have had pain in the left breast so went for an ultrasound the ultrasound found a 13 x 4 mm collection of fluid within the implant wall and capsule. I would like them removed because of the risk of more

Anonymous 30/01/2024 WA

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Draining a saline implant

Hi, I have a collapsed left saline breast implant, I can't afford to get them replaced. I'd like to get my right implant drained to at least have a bit of symmetry back & a lovely surgeon suggested I could have this done & then go on a public hospital waiting more

Mellycarty15 27/05/2024 NSW

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Costs for getting breast implants removed

Hi, my left saline implant seems to have ruptured. I live in northern Nsw but closer to the Gold Coast or Brisbane. I don't have private cover. Is there any way I can get this done in a public hospital? I can't afford to get the implants replaced unless I more

Mellycarty15 16/05/2024 QLD

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Remove Implants

I would like to have my implants removed and need to know what the results would be like and if it is possible to use my own fat to replace the implants but for a smaller size. Is it possible to get an approximate idea of the cost involved? thanks

jrc 23/09/2023 WA

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Time, cost and procedure for removal

I am looking at halving my saline implants removed after having them for 18 years I have had significant ongoing health problems for years so I am having them removed as I understand they can begin to break down over time. Are you able to suggest the more

SLee 03/08/2023 QLD

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Breast Implant Removal

Hello, I have had breast implants behind the muscle for the past 20 years, I had new implants put in 6 years ago. I really don't like the implants, and never have. I have very small breasts, the implants are a C size. I live in Brisbane and would like them more

chocdates 04/05/2024 QLD

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Capsular Contracture .. What will happen if I leave it for 1 year.

Hi there, I got my implants in a year ago and left one has gone capsular contracture. I have had a consultation with a surgeon and she gave me a quote, no scans just examined. I have to wait 1 year as I had to upgrade my health plan to afford it. Currently more

poopsydolls 02/05/2024 NSW

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