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  1. Thanks Kismet, I will do another search. I did end up getting a yeast infection from the antibiotics but I got that cleared up. Right now I think I'm most concerned about the low grade fever. Im smacking my head against a wall wondering why I didn't prepare better for all this post op trauma. Ugh!
  2. I truely thought it was the antibiotics because I also got a yeast infection. I finished those last week and also stopped the pain meds and muscle relaxers too. So I've been pull free for a week. Thank you LaurenT, that does help to know it went away for you. I've been trying to not google anything because it always says something negative! I just need to accept life is just a chain of choices we make and you have to take the bad with the good.
  3. I am at my 2 week PO. I have got through a huge range of emotions from immediately wanting my implants out to absolutely loving them. Im healing well from what I can tell and see my dr next week. However I have this rash on my abdomen and back that is itching like crazy. Initially I thought it was a slight allergy to the post surgery antibiotics but I have been off them for a week now. I did just move in with my boyfriend and I thought it could be his laundry detergent. I have a million allergies... so I re washed everything I could think of. I'm still itchy. Today I s
  4. I really appreciate everyone's responses!! in my pre op apt my surgeon said she would probably send me home with a band vs a bra. Then when I asked what to buy for after she said I could wear anything comfortable without wire or push up. The surgery assistant suggested bralettes. 2 days after surgery I was having a hard time breathing so my surgeon said I could take off the strap. This was when I was allowed my first shower too. And yikes!! Let me tell you that shower was horrifying. It was my first time seeing myself naked and soooo swollen!! From there on I wore littl
  5. Thank you! now my worries are on all the uncomfortable feelings I am having and worried I'm doing something wrong. My surgeon is on vacation and I don't go in until next Tuesday. I feel like I've called the office too many times and I feel embarrassed. My right breast is tighter than my left and has a weird feeling every time I bend over, like to wash my face. It's like the implant is moving and going to fall out. Is this normal? I'm freaked out over CC and all the other things that can go wrong. I'm also having spasms in that side occasionally. I'm worried I'm not wearing the right
  6. You all look amazing!!! I am only 10 days in and on the fence about ALL my thoughts and feelings...but seeing this made me excited again:)
  7. Thank you all so much! I did a lot of reading on this site and can't express how helpful it was to hear / read that my thoughts weren't all uncommon. Today was a good day, I'm loving how they look but still worried I'm going to do something wrong to hurt them! I went from a small B to a full D. 400 cc's saline. I'm happy with the size, it just feels weird having these objects inside me that don't belong there. I worry I'll never get past that. But, I think not being able to be independent is the hardest part. My boyfriend had to help me out of bed anytime I wanted to get up and it hurt s
  8. I am about one week Post Op too and I have a rash all over my torso and back. My pharmacist said it was most likely an allergic reaction to the antibiotic I was given. I'm on my last day of taking it so I'm hoping it clears up soon. It's super itchy but not in a full blown hives situation. Could it be something you're taking rather than the surgery itself?
  9. I had my surgery last Friday and recovery has been harder than I expected physically, mentally and emotionally. I am 37 with no kids and this was my first elective surgery. I'd like to say I did a lot of research before going into his, but I'm now wondering what I got myself into. I am having a hard time looking in the mirror and can't stop wondering if I'm ever going to forget the fact that I now have foreign objects inside my body. I feel like my breasts are 2 giant rocks pushing on my chest and I can't imagine them ever feeling like they belong there. I went from being so excited to being d
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