Do I need a lift

Hi I currently have 350cc under the muscle that were placed 3 years ago. What I am wanting to know is if I get a lift would I achieve the upper pole fullness I am after. I also would like to go 450cc implant if I just went with the implant would I still more

Anonymous 07/07/2020 NSW

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Will double bubble correct it's self? What's involved in revision surgery to fix this? Who would be best to doit?

Surgery done late March 2019 for breast augmentation. Double bubble start to show 3 weeks post surgery. It looks so bad but is worse when I flex. I can even look at my breasts now. The surgeon that preformed the BA said to wait 12 months and see if it more

Tiny titts 30/04/2019 WA

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What is involved and who is the best in WA to Breast revision surgery due double bubble

I have developed double bubble quite quickly post surgery. Just wanting to know what's involved in Breast revision surgery to fix it? And who is the best surgeon in WA to deal with this issue?

Anonymous 29/04/2019 WA

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Is this likely to be just swelling?

I have had a breast implant revision surgery 5 weeks ago. My new implants are very close with no gap in the clevage and the skin between is raised from the sternum. I have phoned my surgeon who has indicated that is probably just swelling & give it 3-6 months, more

Paddy0351 29/11/2018 WA

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I had my breast done about 5 years ago I’ve had a baby about 3 months ago

Dose it cost the same amount to do breast implants

Anonymous 26/06/2018 QLD

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Symmastia repair

Initial BA was just over 2 yrs ago. Eurosilicone 310cc BWD 12. Right breast was always tight after surgery and after 12 mths developed mild capsular contraction. PS operated 18 months later. PS moved implants together lightly, sutured sides of breast to more

Butterflybak 30/05/2018 QLD

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Do you need an implant exchange during a revision

I've been told I need a revision for double bubble and lateral displacement. It's being covered by ACC. I wanted to know if during the operation the implants need to be exchanged or are the same ones re used/kept in

rachelcloud 27/02/2018 New Zealand

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Cancer and breast implant

I had (ALL) Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and underwent 2 years of chemotherapy. Would getting breast implants be dangerous for me?

Anon 05/12/2017 QLD

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Unhappy with BA. Can symmetry be achieved with breast revision/correction?

I had my breast augmentation Dec 2015. I have never been happy with the results. I understand perfect symmetry cannot be achieved, however I have two very different breasts. My left upper pole slope is bulky, round and appears to be riding high in comparison more

Kylie1991 08/09/2017 NSW

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Capsular contracture revision surgery, breast still deformed.

I am just wondering if you think my breast will settle more. I had breast revision surgery for capsular contracture 3 weeks ago dual plane, 420cc bilateral periareolar incision (reused old scars) I still have an indent which I had pre op and I notice the more

Jessarnold44 22/03/2017 QLD

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A Thailand Boob job that I hate

About 3 years ago I had an augmentation and implant in Thailand, it wasn't a good job and I am looking for someone who can fix them. I was wondering who you could recommend? After photo isn't current, this is about a month after. They have put the implant to more

rschurbe 13/02/2017 QLD

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Upgrading of breast implants to a larger size

Hello, I had breast implants 11 ago and am now looking at having them replaced with a larger size? (I originally went for modest implants- A cup to full B cup) i am now looking at going up to maybe a D size. (Still after natural looking breast) What is the more

Pennylane6 01/01/2017 WA

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Breast implant replacement

Good afternoon I'm just starting the enquiries on replacing my silicon breast implant. It was done approximately 25yrs ago when I was 17. They did this on my left breast only, my right breast grew normally but my left breast did not grow at all. In more

BonnieChelle 06/12/2016 QLD

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Not happy, Wanting third revision

First BA was 12 yrs ago, after my two children - breastfed. 275cc & 300cc round over the muscle cosmetic surgeon. I then had another baby 10yrs later which distroyed my breasts further - implants needed replacing. I went to Bangkok 7 months ago for revision. more

Bumblebee723 27/11/2016 Australia

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Found a rupture so now Wanting to go bigger, will I need a lift as well??

Hi, I have just found in an ultra sound breast check up that I have a ruptured left implant. And now have to consider revision. I have had these 500cc implants under muscle and placed through the armpit, Existing for 10years and I have breast feed my two more

Sylve 26/10/2016 QLD

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Implant removal? Reattach?

Hi I got a breast uplift and 225cc round silicone implants fitted in Bangkok 9 weeks ago. I had a wound infection which has been treated by antibiotics and recent blood tests have returned negative for infection. I have had several ultrasounds more

ACFB 20/10/2016 WA

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Breast implant revision advice ...

I have had 2 breast augmentations Second was to "fix" the rippling that occured in my first implants, now 4 years down the track my second set of implants have rippled, they ache and are awful. I am 164cm tall and currently sitting on 57kg . My implants more

Butterfly 02/09/2016 WA

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What to do now

I have had three surgeries on my left and 2 on my right. My left is a very horrible shape and very firm and sore. Surgeon release too much muscle on my revision which caused the muscle to window shade. He had to go back in and restitch muscle over implant. I more

GirlyGirl 30/08/2016 WA

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removing brazilian implants

In late 2013 I had anatomical brazilian implants. I was after a very natural look, so I had short tear-drop shaped implants inserted to achieve a slight concave curve at the top of my breast, but the result was the opposite, with most of the bulk above the more

merlin 17/06/2016 Australia

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I was quoted 470cc for XHP Natrelle allergen implants - will this look too big??

Hi, I am getting my breasts redone as I had mine done in Thailand 6 years ago and they are sitting too high and the pocket is too high causing them to be more compressed so they look alot smaller than they should. I have 300cc's now but because the placement more

de-may 26/05/2016 NSW

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Medicare and implant rupture

Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. I was wondering if there is a Medicare item number associated with revision surgery due to implant rupture? More importantly, I was wondering if in this instance, my PHI would therefore cover some of the more

TheFox 09/05/2016 VIC

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Capsular contracture AGAIN - what now?

I had my saline implants placed under the muscle eight years ago and in 2014 I had capsular contracture of the right implant. As a result, an open capsulotomy was performed by my surgeon and the original implant re-inserted. The area around the implant was more

milly_1987 13/04/2016 VIC

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I am 1 year post Op and I'm now suffering from severe Nerve Pain?

I am 1 year post op, I went from a b cup to now implants the size of 525cc. I'm having problems with them and need reversion sugery, I have a constant numbness ride down the side of my back and body on the right side. I have a lot of random throbbing pain more

ashkate 21/03/2016 NSW

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Can an implant actually fall out?

I've been told by my "surgeon" that the implants he put in are too heavy for my skin and that the skin is stretching a lot. He said this will continue to thin out my skin and there is a very real chance that the skin will get so thin that it will split and more

MaddiJay 25/02/2016 VIC

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Neo pocket formation

After an initial breast augmentation and 2 capsulorrhaphy Revision surgeries with the same Sydney cosmetic surgeon, I am still unhappy with my breasts due to them sitting too low, the scars being over a cm above the crease and the feeling of lumps and bumps more

Brinkley 06/02/2016 NSW

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Visibly uneven.

I am 4months PO. I am really distressed about my breasts at this stage. I understand I had some differences prior to surgery but was advised that nothing specific needed to happen. I had 450cc round, textured implants placed under the muscle. I am chasing more

Unsure 27/01/2016 WA

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Downsizing implants.

How hard is it to down size your breast inplants? Will you require a lift along with the downsize or can you simply switch implants? I would like to downsize from 400cc round implants to something between 250-300cc anatomical shaped implant.

TheFox 22/01/2016 VIC

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Do I require a BL?

Hi, I am a 25 year old, single mum. After breastfeeding my son for 13 months and losing 30kg. This is what I'm left with. I'm asking if I need a lift? Or can get away with just having an BA. Thank you :)

zoe_jane16 21/01/2016 Australia

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Has my left implant 'turned' or is this capsular contraction?

Hi I had BA in Thailand June 2011. Very happy and about 6 months later felt my left breast was lower , and bigger than the right. My surgeon assured me it would settle, and with correct exrcise and support bra it would be OK. It seemed to come right and I more

Jennie 19/12/2015 QLD

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I am currently about 3 months post op from a BA and wondering if this is normal

On my right side it appears you can see my implant and there is quite a distinct line, I also feel that one breast Is significantly smaller than the other, which was the case pre op, could you please tell me if this is normal or should I be concerned? I know more

Post op BA 12/12/2015 QLD

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