Tummy tuck face/neck lift

I was wondering if a tummy tuck can be performed at the same time as a face/neck lift or would it need to be done separately

Anonymous 03/12/2023 VIC

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Re -Opening a TT wound 8 days later

My TT wound oozed from the first day . I kept going back to my Dr in tears of pain he disregarded me . A week later a different plastic surgeon saw me and said he needs to reopen it and let the infection out . I have a massive open wound thy is healing slowly ...read more

Anonymous 01/07/2023 QLD

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Implant feeling

3mth po feels like I have a implant in my whole torso all numb from breasts to hips I can bend kids over excercise ball as per dr. Will this feeling ever go away and ext tight from navel to pubic region at 3 mth all else norm

Becky70 11/10/2023 Australia

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How to fix post-pregnancy loose tummy skin?

I am wondering what my options are to fix loose skin around my belly button and flatten my stomach. I have been looking into a non-surgical solution and it has been suggested to me (by a cosmetic surgeon) to have 3 treatments of Infini RF (micro-needling) and ...read more

TJmummy 14/05/2024 SA

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Do I need a full tummy tuck?

After having two children and losing over 30kgs of weight, I am left with a lot of stretch marks and sagging skin below my belly button. I really hate this area but after viewing a lot of post tummy tuck pictures, I am left very nervous about the thought of t...read more

Ozlondongirl 15/02/2024 NSW

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Does anyone do hernia repair/divarication repair with a tummy tuck? willing to travel Australia wide.

Hi, I live in Darwin and have lost 40kg after gastric bypass (open incision). I had a large incisional hernia (4cm defect with 20cm sac of bowel) that was repaired early last year (open op with mesh) however it has reoccurred (smaller this time - 4cm defect w...read more

Xrayem 06/02/2024 NT

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polyhydramnios during my second pregnancy, having 2 children in close concession (13 months apart)

Having had 2 children within 13 months of each other, along with developing polyhydramnios during my 2nd pregnancy. This caused my abdominal wall to part. I admit I have gained weight after both births (via c-section) Now I'm on a strict diet and working out 5...read more

Wardelou 03/02/2024 SA

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will i get saggy skin after my tummy tuck if I lose 15 kilos

I am getting a tummy tuck next week n was wondering if I lose say 15 kilos after my tummy tuck will my tummy sag

Sarahanderson19 07/12/2023 QLD

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Tummy tuck Perth 2016

I am interested in having a tummy tuck. I've had two kids and my son weighted 8LB 13OZ. I have a very small frame and wear size 6-8 clothes. At what price range am I looking at? I am 52.

Appleseed 21/09/2023 WA

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Umbilical float or full tummy tuck

I'm 43 with 5 kids.The oldest is 20 and the youngest is 7.The last two were born very large babies .since the last delivery I have lost 20kg and have loose skin below and a bit above the belly button.I also have an umbilical hernia and need muscle repair.One ...read more

Sunrise 14/06/2024 QLD

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Messy lower abdomen

Hi there, I'm hoping someone will be able to help with my question. I had my appendix removed when I was 8, a belly button piercing grow out at 19 - which I had re-pierced later, a laparoscopy when I was 21, and two pregnancies at 28 and 29 both delivered b...read more

PrettyHurts 05/06/2024 QLD

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Multiple Surgeries Following Weight Loss

After dropping 50+kg, I am needing a few surgeries. Tummy Tuck Thigh Lift Arm Lift Breast Lift with some fill Some lipo possible also. I have had 1 appointment with a surgeon who agrees with what I want done. Time is my issue. I am wanting to speak wit...read more

Honey Summer 10/05/2024 NSW

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Adelaide surgeons/full apronectomy?

Hi there. First; just wondering if there are any south australian surgeons on here or perhaps if anyone can suggest one for me. Second; do surgeons offer a free (or at least low fee) consultation? Third; can you really never have kids again after a tummy tuck ...read more

RochelleEllen1989 19/04/2024 SA

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Any surgeons who do tummy tucks under medicare?

I have a big apron and endometriosis in the caesarian scar which is very painful both as a complication of twins pregnancy. I am really trying to understand how much this will cost me. I don't have private medical insurance and if I am to get private insurance...read more

yello 31/03/2024 NSW

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Suitable candidate

I am 80kgs 162 cms lost 40kgs train 4 times a week and can't lose my tummy even though I am on strict diet but in menopause can I get a tummy tuck

Andrea Shields 20/02/2024 QLD

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Breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck and eyes.

Hi, I am wondering if a BA, BL, eyelids and tummy tuck would be to much for all to happen at one go? Any feedback would be appreciated.

Meeks 01/02/2024 NSW

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Do I need a tummy tuck?

Please watch my pics. I'm 23. I lost weight, gained weight and re-lost some weight. Do I need a tummy tuck or smart lipo ? Let me know

Fringe 19/12/2023 Australia

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Is it possible to give an approximate price for a Tummy Tuck?

I have a hernia and my stomach looks like I am pregnant.

Larjak 05/05/2024 ACT

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