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    Mini tummy tuck, lipo flank, breast augmentation
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    Dr kim ki gap - regen clinic, seoul
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    158cm/45kg/32AA now

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  1. How exciting!!!! I went to see both Mark Lee and Tonny Connell and I have to say TC wins right away!!! This will be me revision since I stupidly did mine in Korea last year and cancelled my first consult with Tony. I've seen 7 other surgeons in Singapore, Perth, and Japan (don't mention the Korean one, I want to erase that memory from my head!!!) and TC is absolutely experienced and knows what he's doing. Can't wait to see your result with him.
  2. Hi MrsCarter, guess we're on the same boat on 'what have I done and I'm feeling so depressed with the way my body looks right now' . One word to keep me strong ; in 3 months I would look back and laugh at myself for saying all those things. I'd be happy with my bikini somewhere sipping my coctail. Stay strong and remind yourself that we are all pretty and the implant will settle and we'll be even more fabulous.
  3. Thank you for sharing melbba . Enjoying your journey there. Glad that everything goes smoothly with you.
  4. Hi melbba thank you for reading my journey. It's quite an emotional one for me, more than 3x childbirth all via c-sect. I keep question my implant size choice, my recovery,etc. hubby is telling me not to freak out now and see how it goes in few months time. He said that looking at all those pics online my incisions are very neat and thin, now i'm worried if I went too small. Doctor was suggesting 295 and 245 cc but on the surgery day I asked for 250cc implant instead so he lowered the other one to 215cc. I hope all of us made a good decision that day. Can't wait to open ky surgical bra next month and wear regular sports bra. The problem with the korean doctor is they just don't really explain (maybe asian way of doing things). He does his job perfectly but minimum communication there. I hope your recovery goes well too ;)
  5. Back again... I flew home yesterday. Upgraded my seat and hubby's seat to business class. The pain is very minimal but my tummy is still swelling and my underarm incisions are still very tight. saw the nurse again to change my dressings on the 5th of nov but drainage bag still had to stay until I see the doctor on the 7th. I had more energy and actualy went shopping again until my drainage bag fell... Lucky I didn't pull anything. We hurried back home and jusg put my feet up 7th of nov saw the doctor, he thought everything looked good, drainage off!!! Yipee!!! And here came the compression garment. Omg, its so tight!!!! Have to wear it for 6 weeks non stop. Stiches off from underarm but not from tummy. I couldn't really see the shape of my body. Still have compression garment and surgical bra on. I was worried about the size, the look, the swelling. Everything!!! This is harder than having kids omg!!! 10th of nov saw the doctor again for the last time before went back home. Stiches for tummy off. I actually had quite a decent energy from the last few days, I could go out from morning till evening reating at taxi and cafes. Shopping is definitely the best cure. He removed some more stiches from my left breast fold, pmg that one was painful. He said he needed to correct and created pocket on that side thats why he needed the stiches. It's still a little bit painful until now. I hope it's normal. I'm still with my surgical bra, breast tape to press my implant down, and the compression garment. it has been a very emotional journey so far. I'm hoping the result is worth it...but if not then I already plan for a revision, i'm not going thru all this for nothing , if itms not good i will do it again or my effort will just lost (well I hope not) will need to remove my dressing on monday next week and I will update with scar photo and boobs pic.
  6. Day 6 how come the pain is making a come back???!!! The nursechanged the dressing of my incisions on both armpits. And I could feel the pulling and tightening sensation from both stiches now. Still have to sleep in reclined position and it kills my tailbone now. I wonder if anybody has explained and succesfuly visualize all this agony to me before the surgery maybe I woulnd't do it... Oh well just hoping for the best result now
  7. Day 5 post op check up today. Fluid has lessened so much but still dark red color so the nurse asked me to continue to use the drain and will see me again in 2 days time. My tummy is so swollen but I must say the boobs looking so good already
  8. Day 4 woke up super fresh this morning. I even overslept 2 hrs from my morning medication schedule. Feel a bit sorr and tight on my armpits. Pain is minimal at this stage. Drain has dropped a bit, I don't know if it's because the walking or the long good sleep that I've had last night. Since i still can't take a shower I use dry shampoo and style my hair today. If I could give 1 important tips for recovery, it's to act as normal as possible. Style your hair, do your make up, put on some nice clothes even though you're not going anywhere. It has some impact on me. Somehow I'm feeling way more positive toward my decision to have the surgery. I'm wearing my compression band and binder 24/7. Read online that some surgeon actually ask their patient to take it off a few times a day to increase blood circulation but with my minimal instruction here I'm sticking with them on 24/7. Still sleeping on reclined position. Oh man the hunched walk is killing me right now. I have backache from it. I'm hoping to be able to be straight soon. Tomorrow is post op check up. I hope all goes well
  9. Day 3 continue... I put on make up and walk out for lunch and dinner!!!! I think my swelling has gone down a bit because the I could zip up my top that didnt't even fit 2 days ago. It felt so good to be be outside and had some fresh air. I was quite exhausted afterwards though and could only do shallow breathing when I got back to the hotel room. Drain tube is still on so I was walking outside with a long skirt and without undies because I was still wearing compression band and compression binder plus the drain tube. The surgeon is hoping that I would be able to remove my drain on tuesday, but from yesterday to today the amount of fluid is still pretty much the same. It'd be great without the drain tube!!!
  10. Day 3 could sleep the whole night without waking up for painkiller last night. Passing stool and urine seeme to be back to normal. My implants are super swell and warm, I don't know if that's normal or not. Just like when the milk was ready to flow in during breastfeeding time. Still feel some tightness on my chest probably even more because now it's so swollen and the compression bra and bandage make it even tighter. Drain is a bit less than yesterday. Still sore on tummy and hip. I think the korean chicken ginseng soup helps the recovery, I will keep eating it for the first week.
  11. Hi 2shea, actually korea is a very popular destination among asian population for cosmetic surgery. Most people in korea have had plastic surgery and it's very common here. I don't know about thailand because my initial research was toward japan (I wanted a very natural look - I call it a small cute pair of breasts and australia/thailand just don't have that look that I want), I actually went to see a surgeon in japan and singapore but then singapore cost was very expensive and the japanese clinic is very small I couldn't imagine they have proper equipment for 'what if' scenario happened. I also had 2 friends already did it in korea and the results were excellent. But I must say if I have to do it all over again, right now with my very limbo and a lot of what if question, I would do it in australia. The doctor here just didn't prepare me for anything post op. Nobody told me I will have wheezing chest and nothing to worry about it, I just need to wash my phlegm with warm water and cough candy. Basically I search everything about my recovery online. I can barely feel any pain now. I managed to stay fine with their prescription plus panadol every 6-8 hours.
  12. Hi there, i started flat as well. Before pregnancy and breastfeeding 3 kids I was a 32 A and after pregnancy and breastfeed I think I went bellow A cup, nothing at all. Just got mine done 225 and 255 anatomical implant dul plane because of asymetry. No final result yet because it's still so new. I just want a B cup. Height and weight 160-46kg so petite build as well. The surgeon actually draw some design for the boobs he showed me where my implant will be placed to get a good cleavage but then my nipple will slightly be looking to the aide (they're not dead centre to start with). Previously I did the water cc simulation and buy a desired bra cup that I would like to fill and see my proportion. That way I know for sure I don't want to go higher than 250cc.
  13. 2nd morning. I finally slept quite well last night. Woke up at 7am and feel hungry. Asked hubby to buy a sandwich so I can have my medication in the morning. Incision sites are still sore. Drainage still red.
  14. Hi all, after extensive research for over 2 years I finally did it yesterday. I'm not big to start with, 45kg-160cm. After 3 kids my boobs just sag amd there's part of my tummy that had excess skin I couldnt get rid of regardless any exercise I do. Plus I have diastasis recti and umbilical hernia. Not too wide but with my stat it looked quate bulgy. I've always wanted to do trans axillary incision because I don't want any scar on my breast thats why asian country has always been my first choice eventhough I know the standart of hygiene and pain management are higher back home. I just couldn't find any doctor that would do trans ax for me. so I went to korea, did a consult 2 days ago (did consult via an agent months before). My husband came along with me and he's Godsend. He helps me with everything. Both of us decided we don't want anything too big basically just return my volume so when the doctor sugested 300cc we asked him to lower the cc and we settled between 225-250. Final decision on surgeon's hands during surgery. Did xray,ultrasound,and bloodwork. All done in one day and the next day was already surgery day. surgery took 5 hours and it took me another 2 hrs to wake up. Feeling so much pain specially in the tummy. Much worse than csect or just bad pain management. I had to keep asking them to give me more painkiller. Walked that night for toilet business. Then I kept on peeing every 1-2hrs. I don't know if that's normal but suptom is getting better just now. Sleeping potition is still very uncomfortable. They put 2 drainage 1 for the trans ax incision and 1 for the tummy tuck. I must say they're scary!!!! Everytime I looked down I could see me oozing this dark red liquid. Last night was like hell for me. I could sleep well and every 4 hours I rang the bell asking for painkiller. Hubby stayed until 12 midnight then he had to go back to the hotel. I stayed at the clinic's ward. Nurses didn't really understand english but she could do basic english like drink, toilet, and pain killer. This morning doctor visited me and checked on my drain and my incision and also explaining to me about my surgery yesterday. Then the nurses changed my dressing. He took 1 drain off and left the drainage for tummy tuck still intact until tuesday mext week. I was feeling so negative this morning due to lack of sleep maybe. Just woke up from a prety long sleep and I feel better already. Breasts are swollen now, can't really see my tummy because I have compression binder on. Will update again tomorrow. I hope i'm feeling better than today.
  15. Hi all, i just want to share my experinece doing flank lipo, mini tt and a breast augmentation. It is day 1 post op, I did it yesterday in seoul, south korea. Overall the pain management here is so sucky. I had 3 c sect in perth and all was smooth sailing. All I remember from yesterday was repeatedly asking for more painkiller. They sent me home today with only 1 type of pain killer and I have to top it up with my own panadol. I have 225 and 245cc anatomical dual plane placement with trans axillary incision. The only reason why I go to korea is because I want the trans ax incision. Most of the surgeons don't do it in australia. I'm wearing my post op strap and bra now. There was drain as well but they took it pf this morning. I still have drain for my tummy tuck though, will take it off on tuesday next week for 5 days post op check up. I can walk every few hour mostly for toilet business. Can barely sleep, still propped up by so many pillows. My husband has been really supportive helping me up and down the bed, putting socks on, getting my food and snack. I will update again tomorrow, just wanting to write my experinece while it's still so fresh. People say I will forget it in 3 months time when I see the result. Nobody ever told me that this incapacity is greater than the pain itself. I'm so scared that the result will not meet my expectation but I'll try to be as postive as possible.
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