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  1. I went off advice and opinions of professional Surgeons initially. Also it’s depending on what country and/or surgeon you get your enhancement surgery in This may determine some available options you were asking about. If you can, meet with a few surgeons first for their opinion. Great journey to you! Lovely ❤️
  2. Your lips appear to be very full and even. I would not expect you to be requiring filler in your lips. They look perfect. Lovely
  3. Sleep apnea is a lack of proper rem sleep or whatever It officially is as I am no expert. Could be worth getting tested as it affects all ages. Some can offer testing in your own home. Just a thought. also Explant for us section might be the place to view similar issues. Best of luck. Lovely
  4. Wow 5 years 1 month, both breasts seem normal. I have had another ultrasound instead of the mammogram, all appears fine. My weight is still on the incline, its a struggle to keep my waistline and I t’s more suggesting hormonal changes possibly with age. Plus the lack of exercise has not helped, as It’s never felt the same to exercise since my BA . Running or jogging even is still not possible but a brisk treadmill walk is enough for me. I wouldn’t change a thing, still love them ❤️ And hope you all still love your new additions as well. Lovely 😊
  5. 5 years since surgery and I polled the same size, 10A/B to 12DD As for me it was sufficient. It’s annoying at the gym or with rapid movement I must admit, I’m hopeless at running as I want to hold my girls firmly to prevent damage. Not that it would, it’s just me wanting to protecting them. I’m 54 and don’t want them saggy.
  6. Adoring my breasts 5 years 1 month 💛 It was a quick decision prior to me booking my procedure, I read everything in this forum by the time I had a few consults and researched everything for the month prior to the date booked. No issues, no regrets.
  7. Congratulations - Whoo hoo look at you!! You made it! ....wow nice new additions "Whitney (l) and Britney (r)" you have there, they are looking fabulous for day1 to day5. Keep resting, you know the drill by now and enjoy your own journey of healing. You got to be smiling as they are Just Perfect Jinx369 !! Thanks for sharing with us all. XX Lovely
  8. so Jinx369, what's your breast width, clearly the two are totally different results, side boob/closer cleavage (500UHP @13.2)compared to main projection forward(535's@12). What are your dream booby pics, hehehe? I agree, 460cc won't be a lot if your a currently deflated c. Your clearly used to decent boobs previously. You would need 500's to fill to perk them up again at least. I only ever really had a B cup at best, and I was a tight fit with my 460cc at 49 years old as my originals were still quite firm but with downward leaning nipples only from breast feeding. Also with a lot l
  9. Hey There Jinx, awesome your sizers look fine, 535cc is nice and meaty, thats over a kg extra weight on your chest. your pics look suitable, they are going to just pop when in a low cut dress wow good pick. If your getting them go for big I say, on your frame there natural big.(meaning not freakish big)lol. If Dr Cheng does Keller style ..sure.. but why the Smooth, smooth would be a concern me, specialy with such a big bag of silicone flopping around in there. Would hate to have them finish up under your armpit. Is Dr Chen an avid user of smooth? Lovely
  10. Yes it seems ludicrous huh, but if your instructed to not tan for 4 weeks prior, there may be a surgical reason why its best not too. Adhere to your surgeon recommendations. Lovely
  11. Congratulations on your booking for October 9th. @wishingforcurves. We have a similar start and size btw but have 460cc. I liked Dr Richardson at my consult with him back in 2015. Plus its hard to not hear any of his current Nova radio advertising over 2016/2017. Best of luck with your re-do next month @lychee . I had a vectra 3d imaging done by only 1 of my 3 consults and that was with Dr Scamp on the Gold Coast. Meanwhile Dr Richardson said to me in my 2015 consult with him, he had no need for one as he felt they were not that accurate. The Surgeon I chose (Dr Broadhur
  12. (BA April 2015 Ladies) Hello and welcome, if you are looking for more immediate assistance, not posts from 2015, please search forums for current posts or content. Good luck and happy journey Lovely
  13. Note: (BA March/April 2015 - ) Thread Only Hello and welcome but If your looking for help more recently than 2015, May I suggest a 'current' topic or thread elsewhere in forums. Lovely
  14. Thanks Ladies for reading and for most of all showing me your appreciation and posting so. I will say I do recall your journey Jinx369 and hello again. Altho upon reading I'm surprised you have not dived into surgery to gain your new boobs as yet. All in good time i'm sure. Yes - I have had my breast augmented as your all aware, and still to this day I don't regret this decision. But: There is no way I could of waited long for surgery, my main choice was due to being able to booking as soon as possible. I knew in myself I would of cancelled or changed my mind or made
  15. UPDATED: 1st September 2017 (Note: no relevant order) Pre-Breast Augmentation (Before) 1) Join a forum & make mutual BA friendships near your own surgery date. 2) Pick a surgeon that you would be confident enough to phone and ask random questions. 3) Shopping supplies for 3weeks if possible as dog food and groceries are heavy 4) Comfortable Clothes and with button fronts a must as its awkward for minimum one week. 5) Pre-Cooked meals and stored supplies for 3 weeks or youfoodz/frozen supermarket foods. 6) A Massage service days prior for the com
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