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Point Me In The Right Direction

I have lost approximately 15kg and have another 10-15kg to lose. What sort of TT would I be looking at? I also want to get a BA/BL done before the end of the year to regain the fullness after two pregnancies.

Maine81 06/06/2016 NSW

  • Answer
    Congrats on the weight loss.The best strategy is to:-do the BA and BL at the same time as you have your tummy tuck-hard to tell what sort of tummy tuck...but you may need a full circumferential-undergo surgery once you have reached your stable weight and maintained it for atleast 6months.This ensures the best long term results.
    I hope this helps and good luck.

Can you request an overnight hospital stay after breast augmentation?

I'm looking into getting breast implants (straight forward case) and have noticed that some surgeons make you stay overnight whereas others send you home. I would prefer to stay overnight in hospital after surgery for peace of mind. If i choose a surgeon that doesn't require me to stay overnight, can i request it anyway? (and pay more obviously)

Elisabethd88 21/05/2016 NSW

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    Thanks for the questionOf course you can stay the night, but not necessary as breast augmentation is generally a day surgical procedure.If you are an out of town patient, most surgeons have a reciprocal arrangement with a local hotel and you can stay there. Much cheaper, better facilities and for your peace and mind you are next to the hospital should you need any care.At East Sydney Private Hospital we send our patients to The Boulevarde hotel, off the top of my head I think it is around $180/n. (better than $1000 at the hospital)
    I hope this helps and good luck.

Can I avoid a breast lift with implants alone??

I am only 24, no children and very much hoping to achieve a full DD, high, round look without a BL! I want to avoid the scar from the nipple downwards and would love feedback on my best option to go about this.

Sam Sandra 20/05/2016 NSW

  • Answer
    In short yes you can "get away" with an implant alone but the breasts won't look that full, high or perky,  
    The left breast is too saggy to achieve the goals you are after. The right is ok for an implant.
    I would recommend a breast lift and implant to achieve a more predictable result.

    I hope this helps and good luck.

Looking for a Plastic Surgeon who is experienced in Facelift surgery.

Hi, I'm a 57 year old female who looks in the mirror and sees an old lady looking back at me. The skin on my face, jawline and neck is saggy and wrinkled, mainly due to many years of unprotected sun exposure when I was younger. I'm now wanting to make the outside look how the inside feels. Specifically, I'm hoping to find a Plastic Surgeon who has extensive experience with face and neck lifts and is extremely competent in this area. Having had a number of BA surgeries and upper eyelid bletharoplasty in the past I understand it's not an exact science and even the best laid plans can go slightly awry. Having said that I'm also acutely aware that this is my face and the results are not something that can be hidden under clothes. Hence my search for a master in this particular field. I've searched this site and curiously there is very little information on these procedures as compared to breast surgery, although I can understand some would be reluctant to share photos of their face. Hoping you can help me or at least point me in the right direction of a highly recommended surgeon in this area. I live in northern NSW /Qld border area but am happy to travel for the right surgeon. Many thanks for taking the time to read this.

Cathy 18/05/2016 NSW

  • Answer
    Thanks for sharing your story.57 is generally the age where patients start contemplating a facelift.Your first port of call should be the original surgeon that did your breast augmentation and blepharoplasty. Unless he/she wasn't a plastic surgeons, then they wouldn't have the skills to perform a facelift and by the sounds of things you are looking for another surgeon.
    Most plastic surgeons on this forum are more than capable facial plastic surgeons but if you are after the most experienced facelift surgeons in Australia, then Melbourne has Dr Bryan Mendelson and in Sydney Dr Warwick Nettle.
    I hope this helps and good luck.

Multiple Surgeries Following Weight Loss

After dropping 50+kg, I am needing a few surgeries. Tummy Tuck Thigh Lift Arm Lift Breast Lift with some fill Some lipo possible also. I have had 1 appointment with a surgeon who agrees with what I want done. Time is my issue. I am wanting to speak with a surgeon who will perform all of the surgeries over a few days, or use 2 surgeons during the same theatre time (I have a friend who is having this done in WA, but I don't really want to travel). Full private health, and some (fingers crossed) will be Medicare applicable due to the weight loss issues. I have a period of time where my business pretty much stops for 4 weeks, so to be able to do it all then is ideal.

Honey Summer 10/05/2016 NSW

  • Answer

    Thanks for sharing your story.Generally speaking most plastic surgeons are happy to perform 3 body parts in 1 operation with the help of an assistant.Should you want 4 body parts, i.e. breast, body, arms and thigh, then it is a good idea to have 2 plastic surgeons and 1 assistant.This is the safest and most cost effective approach.Dr Phoon and I do these together at East Sydney Private Hospital, here is a video of one we did last year for the show "Changing Faces"
    I hope this helps and good luck.

Tubular breasts

Hi everyone:) I'm starting my BA journey and I came across this forum . I have a few questions if anyone could help ? First of all is there a plastic surgeon who specialises in tubular breasts ? From my own research I believe I have moderate tubular breasts , I'm 164 cm tall size 10b or 12b and live in the Newcastle region . ive seen a few YouTube clips from a surgeon in England who specialises in tubular breasts and he recommends cutting the band just above the fold to give it more natural look ? Has anyone had this or heard of this here ? Thanks

Lib 01/04/2016 NSW

  • Answer
    Thanks for sharing your story.Without seeing photos it is impossible to give you advice.Tuberous breast deformity is a spectrum of conditions from mild to severe.Any surgeon who offers this surgery is by definition someone who specialises in it.What I mean is that "cheap clinics" generally don't have the skills or expertise to correct tuberous breasts so don't offer it. I would see 2-3 plastic surgeons and see which surgeon you are most comfortable with and who will give you the best result.
    The surgeon in the UK, isn't doing anything unique, what he is doing is standard for all tuberous breast surgery.
    I hope this helps and good luck.

Feeling like im a lost cause

Hi there, I have been contemplating a mummy makeover, but I am really concerned that my body is just too far gone and so the surgeries wont beckon me the results i desire. I am 25 years old now and birthed my third and final beautiful child a few weeks ago. I have never been comfortable in my own skin and have a really negative self image (im crying like a baby while i spill this out), i feel like surgery would really make me into a person ive never been before, one with confidence. I know that even with successful surgery my body will never be returned to its pre baby glory, but i really want to have a feminine silhouette and to feel sexy enough that i can be comfortable showing my body to my husband and even myself! Is all of this possible when my stomach skin is so loose and i have that flap of fat over my belly? Also my breasts (im currently breastfeeding, i go down to about a B cup when im not breastfeeding) are uneven and sag? I dont want to get to the end of my life and have hated my body image the whole way through. I really think it would change my life to correct these problems but i dont even know if its possible. Please let me know if its achievable. And if by any chance my belly button could be fixed?

jadesc 01/04/2016 NSW

  • Answer
    Congrats on the birth of your 3rd.By the sounds of things you would benefit from a tummy tuck and a breast lift and your goals sound achievable.
    The best thing to do is wait atleast 6months after you have finished breast feeding and your weight has stabilised.Then you can embark on corrective surgery.
    I hope this helps.

Any surgeons who do tummy tucks under medicare?

I have a big apron and endometriosis in the caesarian scar which is very painful both as a complication of twins pregnancy. I am really trying to understand how much this will cost me. I don't have private medical insurance and if I am to get private insurance, which one should I get. What would the procedure cost altogether if I don't get private insurance? Is it true that the medicare contribution ceases or tapers after the childs 7th birthday?

yello 31/03/2016 NSW

  • Answer
    Thanks for getting in touch.The short answer to whether medicare covers tummy tucks is no.There are 2 aspects to this answer.1) NSW Government guidelines won't allow tummy tucks to be performed in a public hospital.2) As of January this year the medicare item number for tummy tucks was removed from the medicare registry. Which means standard tummy tucks won't even be covered by private health insurance.You may still qualify to use insurance (if you ever get it) but you have to meet certain criteria which your PS can discuss with you.
    With all that in mind, the total cost for a tummy tuck, including  hospital, theatre fees and all charges can vary between $15,000-20,000.
    I hope this helps and good luck.

Lift or just breast enlargement?

After breastfeeding for 4 yrs in total I've lost a lot of breast tissue and am looking at having Breast augmentation surgery. I'd like the enhanced look without looking overly "fake". I'd like to go up to a full E cup. Thank you in advance for any responses!

Forever88 21/03/2016 NSW

  • Answer
    Thanks for getting in touch.You do have some asymmetry with the left being slightly larger than the right.None the less a simple breast augmentation without a lift will be enough to achieve your goals.You may require asymmetric implants to achieve this.Tear drop implants most likely in a high profile style.
    I hope this helps and good luck.

I am 1 year post Op and I'm now suffering from severe Nerve Pain?

I am 1 year post op, I went from a b cup to now implants the size of 525cc. I'm having problems with them and need reversion sugery, I have a constant numbness ride down the side of my back and body on the right side. I have a lot of random throbbing pain every so often on and off and recently I have been getting a very sharp burning pain in random places in my boobs, I think this may be nerve pain? I went to The Cosmetic Institutie and they have done such a bad job!! My scars are horrible looking and very painful every after 1 year and very noticeable. I'm quite concerned with the random pain I'm getting even tasks like lifting is painful for me. What are the long term effects these pains could have in my life and future?

ashkate 21/03/2016 NSW

  • Answer
    Sorry to hear you have had such a bad experience.
    I can't explain the numbness you are experiencing. Your first port of call is to see the original doctor who did the procedure and ask him/her for advice.If you are not happy with their answer then a 2nd opinion is easy to get.Go to the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeon's website and find a board certified plastic surgeon.

    I hope this helps and good luck.

can an implant be done without a lift?

Hi. I have severely sagging breasts. I was wondering if implants without a lift would be possible? My breasts look large front on but side on there is nothing there. I am hoping to achieve a more 'boob' type shape but a lift is well outside what I can afford. Would any implant 'lift' or fill the area underneath my breasts as it's quite empty, all my volume is on top of my breasts. Would implants just make the shape worse?

jenC 21/03/2016 NSW

  • Answer
    Thanks for sharing your images and your story.Without doubt you need a lift.An implant alone will make the breasts look worse rather than better.You look like you have enough breast tissue, so the best option for you is a breast lift without an implant and using a concept called "auto-augmentation" to give you volume.
    I hope this helps and good luck.

Lift? Or slightly bigger implants?

Hi, I'm super confused after having very different consultations. I want super natural and was thinking 275cc anatomical as a good size. 300cc felt too big in the sizers. First surgeon: 250-300cc anatomical Overs Second surgeon: Periareola lift (I was devastated) Motiva 295cc rounds Dual Plane I do not want a lift, I just don't think I'm prepared mentally for the extra procedure and scars. I discussed this with Surgeon 1 and he agreed I was borderline which was why he was pushing me to 300cc. He feels I will get a good outcome without the lift. I am worried the 300 are too big. To be honest, all the the sizers felt big! I'm just not used to having boobs I guess. I really don't know what to do. I want to stay within a c cup, but am worried I'll end up too big. I'm not expecting perky boobs of and 18yr old, but am scared I will have the 'snoopy boob' look due to the sag and low nipples? HELP

Kiwikat 20/03/2016 NSW

  • Answer
    Thanks for sharing your images and story.Your decision is a no brainer, you need a lift.The only way you may get away with an implant only is to use a high profile implant, but even then I wouldn't be confident it will give you a very good result.
    I hope this helps and good luck.

Do I need a breast lift for a natural look?

Hello I would love some guidance on what surgery I would need to get a youthful natural look. Would I need a breast lift and augmentation or simply augmetation by itself? I am not interested in a sexy/glamour look, I really don't like the look of large, round implants, I am after natural size and shape. Also during or just before my period my breast change quite significantly, they increase by a half - full size and feel much firmer. I was wondering if I should see a surgeon for a consultation at a particular time or is this something most surgeons would consider? I am 26 with quite droopy and small breasts, probably due to the fact that I was overweight during puberty when they were forming (I am now 5'5 and 58kg). Thanks in advance Lillian

Lillian123 13/03/2016 NSW

  • Answer
    Thanks for sharing your images and your story.On the views you have sent it is difficult to accurately advise whether you need a lift or not. Your photos needs to be directly front one not from above.Especially seeing that the left nipple and lower pole breast mound looks 10mm lower than the right.If this is indeed the case then you may require a short scar lift on the left side and/or asymmetric implants used to achieve symmetry in volume. 
    I hope this helps and good luck.
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