six weeks post surgery and getting worse

had problems from the start with blood flow to one side. Developed into wound which would not heal. Some invasive work and stitched back together, now seeking hyperbaric oxygen treatments. Scared it won't heal and I may lose my breast. first pic is 4 weeks more

Anonymous 16/07/2020 New Zealand

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1 year post op. Could a chiropractor adjustment help left breast drop ?

As of May 13th, It’s been a full year since I’ve had my breast lift w/ implants under muscle. My left breast ( facing your left) is still slowly dropping.Before my surgery, I was having muscle upper left back pain that radiates to my chest. Come to find more

Anonymous 17/05/2020 NSW

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Wound not healing help

I have not had any success with this healing dont know what I'm doing wrong but I could really use some advise . Surgery was on Nov. 14th

Anonymous 08/12/2019 NSW

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Need help! What is wrong with my breast!?

Hi I had surgery breast lift and implants 11days ago. I am now experiencing this under one of my breast. Is it an infection do I need to be worried? It doesn’t hurt just the colour is freaking me out. My surgeon said keep apply antibiotic cream and should more

Anonymous 13/11/2019 Australia

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I had full uplift with implants

I'm 3 weeks post op and this morning I noticed this has happened does it look infected and how can I speed up recovery

Anonymous 12/11/2019 Australia

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Am I a candidate for a areola reduction/bennellini?

Hello I've breastfed 2 kids and my breast feel saggy. I do NOT want implants (so please do not suggest this because I firmly do not want them) but rather interested in a small lift. Can i get away with a bennellini lift only as my breast do not sag an awful more

Anonymous 10/12/2018 Australia

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Lift or No Lift?

Im wanting a natural, full breast D-DD. Im currently a 10B-C Will I be able to achieve a natural looking breast without lift? I am not concerned with a small amount of sagging. Thanks.

A Barber 08/06/2018 ACT

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Do I need a breast lift or another procedure

Original breast implants 1993. After two years, left breast implant spontaneously ruptured, and was removed and replaced. Following this second proceudure, the left breast was mishaped, and both breast implants then revised in 2013. This did not correct more

Anonymous 19/02/2018 WA

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What can I expect from implant removal in conjunction with a lift? wish breasts and mine while breastfeeding baby2 2016.

Had implants placed above the muscle at age 18, 10B before surgery and 12DD after. They have been in for almost 6years and I have struggled with severe rippling and radiating pains approximately 3years. Was in a DV relationship for 7 years and pressured into more

HollyRose 25/01/2018 QLD

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Breast lift and anesthesia

Do you need general aesthetic for a breast lift? I have a fear of general anesthetic. And hoping there are procedures that can be done with local anaesthetic

Jasmin 21/12/2017 Australia

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Breast lift question

I been getting a few quotes and I'm kinda feel defeated that I'm not going to get away with having the scars that come with getting a lift. Do I have any other options?? My breasts were done 13years ago in Thailand over muscle. Thu arm pit. I'm quite upset more

Feegee 09/12/2016 QLD

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Will this skin be ok?

Do you think I will lose this skin? It's a bit grey, I'm 3 weeks Po tomorrow. It has been grey for a week or two, the vascularity isn't as good as other areas but does turn white and does go back to the normal colour a second or two later. It's come apart more

Melrihani 15/09/2016 VIC

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Am I realistic in wanting a periareolar mastopexy?

Hi, I'm a little conflicted about my breasts. I've accepted that they aren't terribly unattractive but considering my age (27) and having never had children, I feel somewhat embarrassed about them. They are somewhat asymmetrical, with faded stretch marks more

yo yo 10/09/2016 VIC

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Are there any surgeons in nsw that do breast augs around 8k

Surgeons have said i have grade 4ptosis i am 22 and breast fed 2 children will any be covered by medicare

Sammy-Jo 28/08/2016 NSW

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breast implant removal

Is the anchor technique the most commonly used when surgeons are working with little breast tissue, older client (57) etc Are there any photos available that would give me an idea of scarring in the long term please?I am scheduled for implant removal with more

SLee 09/08/2016 QLD

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What's the best advice

I need a lift but could I have as much info as possible if I was to have a breast augmentation with a lift? I'm 5'5 and 59kg after having 2 kids. No weight loss as such. I hoped I wouldn't need a lift but obviously I need it. Could you please help me in the more

Brissy girl 24/07/2016 QLD

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Do I require a definite lift and how bad is my asymmetry ?

After breast feeding my 7 children my eldest 16 yrs and youngest 18 months (I am 4 months post BF) I am finally going to fullfill my dream of having breast implants im just not sure how much work I will need after sending some pictures to a cosmetic surgeon more

Mummaof7 15/04/2016 QLD

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Lollipop lift with high profile implants?

Do you think it would be possible to get away with a lollipop lift if I also get high profile implants?

Shellie 11/03/2016 NSW

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Is this lateral displacement?

I am 6 months post breast augmentation with peri-areola lift, 255MP anatomical overs, never breastfed, no children. My 2nd concern is: When I lay down, my breasts fall to the side and leave a very large gap in the middle. The distance between my nipples more

MissLucy 26/02/2016 Australia

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Huge areola's post BA

I am 6 months post breast augmentation with peri-areola lift, 255MP anatomical overs, never breastfed, no children. My 1st question and concern is (with photos - limited to 2) : My areola's were quite small pre-BA and I liked them, they are now enormous - more

MissLucy 26/02/2016 Australia

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Is it possible to achieve great looking breasts with a lift with my current boobs?

Hello :) Hoping you can help with my question I'm under 30 years old, 2 children - still breastfeeding my youngest so I'm gathering my breast will look even more deflated after I stop completely. I would say my bra size is a D cup at the moment. more

87kceb 31/10/2015 QLD

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I am getting a BL and BA

Hi, I am booked in for a BL and BA next year. I have told my surgeon that I wanted to go to a DD cup, but I am thinking more E. I am used to large breasts being naturally large. Is there much difference between the two? I am a G now.

Meeks 20/10/2015 NSW

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I am looking to find a reputable cosmetic surgeon in Queensland

I am thinking of having a breast lift and a face lift and would be very grateful if anyone can recommend a cosmetic surgeon in queensland preferably north of Brisbane - Sunshine Coast, Caboolture Nambour region. It is so hard to find anyone on the internet more

Belindabunda 29/09/2015 QLD

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Ball Park Figure

Hello. Can anyone give me a rough guestimate for what a breast lift or breast lift with augmentation may cost in Perth? I have been assessed by TCI as a borderline candidate for a breast lift and would like to know before i attend my PS consultation in more

purplelu 22/09/2015 WA

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Do I need a lift or can I just get a BA?

Hi, Recently I sent images in to TCI to see if I am eligible for a Breast Augmentation and was told I am borderline. In your professional opinion: do you think I need a breast lift or could I get away with just having the Breast Augmentation? Thanks!

October29TCIba 13/07/2015 QLD

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Is a breast lift necessary for me?

Hi, can you tell me if I would need a breast lift if I'm having inplants? I've had quite a number of operations in my past ... all to do with infertility, it's taken me a while to really want to have selective surgery to improve my breast size, but I really more

Goldie72 12/06/2015 QLD

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Do I need a breast lift?

I was interested in beast augmentation. I would like to achieve some more upper pole fullness and a perkier look then I am currently sporting. My question is, do I need a breast lift with breast augmentation or could I have breast augmentation without the more

Fut6ol 05/06/2015 VIC

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What is the best treatment for my scars/incision sites once steri strips are off & sutures are dissolved?

I am day 5 post op anchor lift (no implants) and have been using Bactroban liberally on my incision sites as directed by my PS. I have also been told to start having warm salt baths to soak the dressings off gently. I will be continuing to use Bactroban for more

danni 27/05/2015 QLD

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Is it normal to have an empty fold of skin under the implant?

I'm one week post op and one breast has a weird fold of skin under the implant. I can't work out if it was there from day 1 or if my surgical bra has caused it from being too tight :(

The-new-me 13/05/2015 SA

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